29 18th Birthday Gifts To Celebrate Their Entry Into Adulthood

What’s great about turning 18? Of course, you’ll be on your own. Do you think your teenager is ready for the next big thing? Time will tell. But, this is the best time for them to explore new things and learn while they are at it. And as family members and friends, your main task is to support them in this new journey. Entering into the new phase of their lives, find them 18th birthday gifts that suit their personality and needs. Nothing will better prepare them for the adulting life than jumping into the actual challenge. Get ready for the roller coaster ride. Here are some unique 18th birthday gift ideas you can give to show your support to welcome them to the adulting life:

18th Birthday Gifts

Adult 18th Birthday T-Shirt

The best way to welcome teens to the reality of adult life is with an adulting T-shirt. Every day of their lives, they will be reminded of the new life they will be living. Wrap it up beautifully for their 18th birthday because there is no better time than the day of reckoning. The graphical representation on the shirt shows how the adulting progress bar increases on the day they turn 18. Get them ready for the responsibilities and realities of life as an independent teen in a comfy shirt. Roll up the sleeves of these teens as they start taking charge of everything.

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Grow the F*ck Up Birthday Edition

A thoughtful 18th birthday gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Cheap and funny gifts often have the most impact because of their practicality. Teens who turned adults will know how challenging adulting is. Before they dive right in, get them this book of life — Grow the F*ck Up.

Definitely not for the young and soft-hearted because of the vulgar words. But this hilarious gift will teach them things they have not learned at school, nor from dad or mom. At this age, they are expected to learn basic things such as changing the tire, doing laundry, job application basics, fund management, and other how-tos of adulting.

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Fitbit Inspire 2

When parents are not around, it is easy to slack off and let things be. You, as parents, would not want this to happen to your kids. No matter what their age is, they remain as kids in your eyes. So, get them a Fitbit to be the nagging digital alarm for them. Fitbit monitors and tracks every activity of the new adult. Whether they are living a sedentary or active life, Fitbit will track everything. Remind them to stand when they have been seated for so long. Check their heart rate during heart-pumping activities. Monitor the quality of their sleep. These are just some of the things Fitbit can do. Be at least assured that they have something that reminds them to be healthy when mom isn’t around.

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Easy Folding Cup Pong Tables

Study and work hard to play hard. Adulting is all about balance. All work, no play will leave them dry until they run out of all the passion in the world. So, incorporate some fun into their weekly routine. Gather friends up for a cornhole game. Bring in the portable cornhole boards that can be easily set up at the local park or schoolyard. Throw all the stress away and score to win! Squeeze these 24″ x 18″ waterproof plastic cornhole boards in their trunk all the time. Ready to grab when they need some time to chill and relax from the adulting life.

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Can You Solve The Crime?

Tons of projects and part-time jobs can make anyone dull. Sharpen the brain of these new adults with a mystery game that will bring out their wittiness and acting skills. The Unsolved Case Files game will make each Friday night unpredictable and entertaining.

Find out who is the suspect behind the death of Jamie Banks through their murder mystery game. With the game, they can take on different roles to uncover the mystery. Solve some puzzles to get some clues of the culprit. And make use of all the documents and photos like a real-life case. Squeeze out all the juices from the brain cells and watch how the night quickly shifts from dull to a lively atmosphere.

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Umbra Mappit Wall Decor

While you’re young, go where your heart tells you. Eighteen is the time of exploration and self-discovery. Often, it takes stepping outside of your hometown or country of residence to experience and learn about life. For free-spirited teens who turned 18, the graphic map is a one-of-a-kind present to mark the places they have been to.

Traveling is fun and exciting especially if one can track all the places they have been to or plans to visit. Use the magnet as either a footprint or the next travel goal. It is easy to install and set up in their dorm or studio. Also, the map adds flair to the room, reflecting more of the occupant’s achievements or dreams.

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The Beer Bucket List

Beer lovers must have this one-of-a-kind bucket list that includes over 150 places and events for them. Get the young adult an experience of the lifetime on the 18th birthday with a list of all the great beer places in the world. The list includes old pubs, food, and beer festivals, buzzing streets in the east, breweries, (old and new alike), and hop gardens. They will never get lost again and end up in some pub in a rural area. Every trip is intentional and meant to have a full beer experience. This would be a guide every beer lover will memorize to heart.

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Segway Ninebot Smart Electric Scooter

Staying and studying in the university means being on foot all the time. While it’s good to keep the body active, it can be tiring especially if they are shuffling going to school and part-time jobs. Give them the wheels that will keep them mobile with Ninebot. Ninebot lets them maneuver in style around the university, dorm, and work easily. Keep their balance even on bumpy roads and arrive safely from one destination to the next. Professors wouldn’t mind and parking won’t be an issue either. The additional theft function adds to the plus factor of the Ninebot S.

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Hot Air Balloon Replica

For the 18-year-old adult who wants to fly high, the hot air balloon is a great gift to decorate his new space in the University. This authentic model of a hot air balloon floats in the sky. The room of these new adults may seem empty without family or friends. But watching the balloon floating on his ceiling hopefully will give them hope to keep holding on to their dreams. One day, they can hop on the hot air balloon and watch all their struggles from a new point of view. Everyone else will not think they are staring into a blank space but beautiful decor.

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Echo Frames

For a busy university student, being on the phone or using Alexa all the time is necessary. But it can be rude for others. So, do it discreetly with Echo Frames that ensures they are productive and within reach all the time. The echo frames combine the power of eyeglasses and Bluetooth headsets. It’s the smart glasses that let them listen to music or podcasts, control Alexa, and use it as a typical pair of eyeglasses. Unlike typical headsets, the ears aren’t covered which will allow the wearer to hear his environment. The glasses are so smart they can adjust the volume to the noise of the environment. Sleek, cool, and always updated, these are the eyeglasses of the future.

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Funny Saying Socks

For the wacky 18-year-old celebrant, give them a gift they will never forget. Each birthday suit must be paired with birthday socks. It’s the best socks for girls that will let the whole world know: “OMG! I’M AN ADULT NOW, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY.” Being 18 means embracing a new chapter of her life in a fun, loving way. Make the birthday girl giggle with delight as she wears and flaunts her socks to everyone. The slogan is printed on the sole so putting her feet up is the best way to go. Its quality is no joke though as it will last as long as they are adults.

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Windowsill Herb Garden Starter Kit

Teens who grew up in the countryside or who simply love plants will love Urban Leaf. Moving from the rural area to the city may be very challenging. So, bring a piece of their hometown with them through indoor gardening. Eighteen-year-old adults have jam-packed schedules and may find tending a garden impossible. But not with the Urban Leaf. These self-watering plants will allow them to grow edible herbs and vegetables indoors. It doesn’t need tons of maintenance as there are no weeds and fewer pests on the plants. Watch the plants grow by themselves near the window. And have fresh and healthy produce every single time.

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Cooluli Mini Fridge

Small spaces may limit what 18-year-old adults can bring from their house. Refrigerators stay in the parent’s house. Feel less deprived with the Cooluli classic mini-fridge, which is small enough to fit next to the bunk bed or under the study desk.

It comes with a capacity of up to 4 liters and can be used in a variety of ways. For girls, they can store their skincare, medications, and snacks. While boys can put their beer, water, and food in the mini-fridge. It is the cooler that they can bring anywhere, even on camping and road trips. The small fridge is powered by a USB cord and/or AC and DC power.

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Swiss Champ XAVT

Living in a new space may make 18-year-old adults feel like they lack a lot of things. Gear them up with the Victorinox pocket knife with a universal wrench. It is the ultimate tool that they can use every day and anywhere. Victorinox has a lifetime guarantee which gives an impression of high quality and durability. With 1 pocket knife, it allows anyone to do everything using the 82 functions. It is indeed a class of its own because of its versatility and craftsmanship. Nothing will ever beat a Swiss knife because it is compact but has a great impact. A must-have for those who just stepped into University.

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Apple iPhone 13

What’s the best birthday gift for an 18-year-old? When their kids are away from home, phones will be the best way to get hold of them at any time of the day. Aside from this, new adults will have a blast with all the features in their new phones. The huge 6.1-inch XDR display of the iPhone 13 makes texting, surfing the web, and watching videos easier. Feel like a pro with the cinematic mode and dual-camera function. Plus, they will also have nonstop entertainment, surfing, and talking to friends and family for 19 hours straight. When they are lost, call SOS to mom and dad back home.

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DJI Mavic Mini Combo

As teens turn into adults, everything turns new. Mom is not around to cook meals and dad can’t pick them up from school anymore. For any 18-year-old, it can be the start of an exciting journey. The best way to document each moment and every place they visit is with the use of a DJI mini drone. The Mavic mini drone is small enough that it can fly without a government registration. Make creative videos in a spur of a moment. Or, as inspiration hits with the compact and powerful camera drone that’s always in their purse. Capture as many videos as they can with up to 30 minutes of flying time.

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Adulting Note Pad

Nothing is easy in adult life. This is a fact that teens will realize as soon as they become. Wishing that they could be back home in their parent’s care. With tons of responsibilities on their shoulders, it is easy to get lost and confused. Get them to jot down all their activities through the adulting notepad.

With too much on their plate, they will be drowning in no time with their goals flying out of the window. The best way to achieve goals is to break them down into manageable steps which they can do via the noted pad. Do one task at a time and tick them off as it gets done. Before they become a hot mess, organize their lives with a notepad.

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Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device

Is your friend itching to get a tattoo but too afraid her parents will scold her? Since it’s her 18th birthday, surprise her with the Tattoo Device. Face painting is for kids. For adults, Prinker is the answer. Personalize their Temporary tattoos with the Prinker tattoo device. She can let the creative juice flow and make unique designs from over 8000 options to choose from. It is 100% skin safe and lasts up to 2 days. So, if her folks drive over the weekend, she won’t have to worry as the temporary tattoos are gone by then.

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Time Capsule

Time slips away fast when you turn into an adult. Give the young 18-year-old adult a gift they can cherish for life. Ask her to put her wishes, dreams, and treasures in a time capsule as she moves on to the next journey of her life.

The 4″ diameter is big enough to hold precious treasures from DVDs, photos, notebooks, posters, and more. The polished stainless steel ensures all the secrets are safe and sound. Even the harsh weather won’t stand against the durable steel. Their future self will remember everything their younger selves wished for. A simple memento that will be forever etched in the heart.

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LEVEL8 Road Runner Carry On Luggage

At 18, your sibling is finally ready to level up. Gear him up with a Level8 suitcase to pack up and move out. Whether they are going off to college or chasing their dreams, having a durable suitcase is a must. In it are very essentials they need to carry on with their chosen life.

Never feel like they are carrying their whole house in luggage. Laptops are safe and sound in the 20-inch carry-on laptop compartment. Packed as many as they can with its 35L packing capacity in an organized manner. Maneuver the Level 8 luggage effortlessly and silently with the 360 noise-free wheels and ergonomic telescopic handle. Locked the baggage tight with a TSA-approved combination lock.

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Huski Wine Cooler

Celebrate new beginnings with wine. And when there’s wine, you should also have a Huski wine cooler. Keep wine and other beverages cold for up to 6 hours while camping out or during a cookout. This is the ice bucket without ice yet beverages stay cool indoors and outdoors. It can carry various sizes of beverages such as 750ml wine and champagne. Adjust the height to accommodate various sizes of bottles. No more wet tables. And, hands stay warm while their favorite beverage stays cold. All this because of the double insulation.

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Gskyer Telescope

Eighteen-year-old adults are often full of aspirations and ideals. Their eyes are beaming like stars in the sky. Keep the fire burning with cool stuff aligned to their interest. For future astronomers, the Gskyer fulfills their dream of capturing stunning images with the 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture. Eyes are safe from harmful exposure and radiation. Find the big dipper without a hitch using the 3x Barlow lens magnifying power. Fine-tune the height and position with ease using the adjustable tripod. Connect the device to a smartphone. Watch the beauty of the celestial charm through a screen.

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Pivo Pod Silver with Remote

College life can be overwhelming for young adults. Get them to interact with family members and friends with a Pivo camera. Also, it’s a gadget that can help them discover new talent in content creation. If they have been wanting to start their own TikTok or YouTube account, equip them with the best camera.

Never be out of frame again with the auto-tracking feature of PIVO. As it is AI-powered, they will get auto zoom and target exposure which makes taking and editing videos a breeze. Link with their favorite apps like Zoom, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Do live or recorded broadcasting with ease. It is compact, recording is easy on the go with a stable camera stand. Create on the go and never worry about not having enough content.

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A Cookbook

The world is a jungle for adults. Help these young adults survive in the journey. Survival skills 101 of a newly independent adult requires the knowledge of cooking. A must-have in an adult’s life with zero experience in the kitchen is a cookbook. Save them from starvation while being practical. While the canteen may be their refuge during the weekdays, let weekends be a time to whip up some delectable meals. The book teaches no-recipes recipes using whatever they have in the pantry. Or, some items they can grab easily from a store. Cooking is easy without complicated recipe and cooking techniques. Get into the freestyle way of cooking that is relaxed, easy, and fun.

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Never Have I Ever Party Card Game

Being 18 doesn’t mean all you need to do is work and study. Play is important to break the routinary schedule in a week. Gather friends together for some drinks and games. The Never Have I Ever is a game they can share with their newfound friends.

Dare to share the most ludicrous decisions where friends will laugh, not mock. Get everyone cracking, giving unthinkable answers to every question. Break the ice with a board and card game that will make friends reveal hilarious facts others don’t know about them. This is the game that will make each Friday night memorable and something to look forward to every week. Get to know friends like never before. And have fun discovering each other.

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Can Holder Drinker Hat

Straight out of high school, 18 years olds can have the best time of their lives. This is the time to break stereotypes and get crazy while they are still young. For your wacky friend who just turned 18, celebrate their life ahead with the one-of-a-kind gift, the beer helmet.

Spongebob fans will go crazy with the coolest party wear ever. Get the Patrick buddy and put on the hat that even Spongebob and friends will be envious about. They can drink their favorite soda or beverage without using their hands. What’s fun is that they get to drink not one but from two cans at once. With the regulating valves, they will not choke from drinking too much all at once. And sip like a king or queen.

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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

Who says you can’t play when you are old? With Lego, age is but a number and playing is normal even for adults. Bring back the good old days with the LEGO brick Nintendo Entertainment System. Build the television from the 80s with the classic Super Mario game on the screen. And, there’s more because of the handle-operated scrolling screen.

With the 2,646-piece model building kit, 18-year-old adults will turn into boys and girls just having a great time. They can get their buddies to join in the fun and solve the huge puzzle. Maybe even play Mario Brothers by the side. Decorate the room with the funky, retro Lego puzzle adding zest into the space.

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18th Birthday Wall Art Poster

Can’t find the best 18th birthday gift for someone who has everything? Get personal with a unique birthday poster where everyone can pitch in and sign. Ditch the guest book and get creative with the poster designed exclusively by Katie Doodle. Decorate the wall with the 18th birthday poster where guests can doodle or sign before they leave. It’s the decoration that will not be thrown away after. Because it will be a keepsake they will cherish for life which they can check a few years on the road when they miss some friends and their younger years.

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LED Lighted Money Tree

Time flies when you reach adult life. Be the cool parent and give your child memorable gifts they will cherish for a lifetime. Display 18 years of their life with a photo from each year on the money tree. Arrange and clip each picture on bendable tree branches. Add some gifts cards, letters, and money which will surely brighten the day of the birthday celebrant. Turn on the green LED light to get everyone’s attention. Set it up as a centerpiece on the party table where guests and the celebrants can gather around. It’s a great conversation starter. And memorabilia that will stand the test of time.

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