30 Epic 30th Birthday Gifts They’ll Appreciate for The Next 10 Years or So

What happens when you turn 30? A lot! It somehow is a magic number that makes adults feel anxious about their future. This is the time when people start shifting from living carefree to a more settled lifestyle. It is when talks about marriage and retirement become more in-depth. In truth, nothing is threatening about the number 30. So, celebrate this big 3-0. It is 2 days short of being kicked off the calendar. This is a great time to evaluate, plan, and enjoy each moment as they come. Give folks the celebration they deserve. To cap off the party, surprise them with these epic 30th birthday gifts they can enjoy for the next 10 years or so.

30th Birthday Gifts

Name A Star Custom Star

Imagine getting a star named after you, wouldn’t that be amazing? Not the usual 30th birthday present but the most epic one. It is a legacy you can pass on to the next generations. For the special person who sparkles and brings light to your life, the Star Registry is the most unforgettable memorabilia you can give. It comes with an “Our Place in the Cosmos” booklet, which talks about astronomy so you can find their star easily. Aside from this, a 12′ X 16″ personalized parchment certificate will be given which includes the name of the star. At night, they can always look up in the sky and know that their star is shining over the entire world.

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Huzi Infinity Pillow

Live life at 30 — eat, travel, and shop around. Get your buddy who is on the road all the time to experience the joy without foregoing sleep. At 30, bodies can start to feel the restraint and sudden fluctuation of energy. When the mind speaks, the body must adhere. The infinity pillow is a great travel buddy to get the rest needed at any time of the day wherever they may be. The 360 support is what makes the pillow unique and amazing. It’s so versatile, one can sleep in any position as the pillow cradles their neck and chin comfortably. Take a nap anywhere and feel great, ready to crash the day.

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Surprise Cake

Are you bored with the regular cakes at birthday parties? If you are looking for a birthday treat that will catch the celebrant off guard, the surprise cake is highly recommended. Get your friend a regular round birthday cake from the grocery. Then, slide in the actual gift in the popping stand. Put 30 wishes or small items to commemorate their birthday. Or anything that can fit in the 2.8″ diameter x 6″ tall Gift Pod. These are hidden in the transforming cake, and will only pop out after the music stops. Capture everyone’s attention, it will be one of the most memorable birthdays ever.

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Hidrate Spark 3

Folks tend to become busier as they reach 30. So, if you know of someone who has been running all over the place nonstop, let them stop and drink for a while. Looking after someone’s health is one of the best things you can give a person you truly care for. Ensure they are hydrated all the time to stay in tip-top shape.

Hidrate employs advanced technology to help individuals stay hydrated. Busy folks need this smart water bottle to track and remind them of their water intake goals. Link it to the Hidrate app to enjoy all its features. The app triggers the bottle to light up when it’s time to drink. And it also keeps track of the water intake for the day.

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Garmin vivosmart 4

If your brother has been complaining about his health, get him a fitness tracker for his birthday. The timing is perfect as at age 30, he can manage his lifestyle by being more active. Fitness trackers do not have to look awful, let him wear the Garmin fitness tracker, instead. Stylish and functional, the swim-friendly wearable is the best companion to track his daily activities to promote health and wellness.

It will encourage him to live an active lifestyle with enough rest as he hit the big 3-0. Every activity is monitored closely and he can even set timers for his cardio and strength training routines. Also, he won’t miss any calls or messages because the tracker will send vibration alerts every single time.

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Wacaco Pipamoka Coffee Maker

Thirty-year-old adults often need instant energy boosters throughout the day. And it is difficult when they are on the road all the time. For your coffee lover friend who is turning 30, Wacaco’s all-in-one nomadic coffee maker is perfect for him.

The all-in-one nomadic coffee maker lets him brew and drink his favorite coffee anytime. Get freshly brewed caffeine at work or on the field within two minutes. No need to run to a cafe. Or, settle for a coffee vending machine. All he needs is hot water poured in the mug and he is good to go. The mug is equipped with a reusable filter so no waste is generated. The brewed coffee-on-the-go is what all coffee lovers must have.

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Echo Buds

Whether the birthday celebrant is a music lover or on a phone call all the time, Echo buds will be their best buddy. The echo buds provide a crisp, balanced sound while canceling out background noises that can interfere with the sound. Super small and light, others will not even know they are using one.

Echo buds can be connected to Alexa, doing this will mute the mic for privacy and security purposes. He can play music or talk on the phone for up to 5 hours and up to 15 hours with the charging case. Compatible for smartphones with Android 6.0+ or iOS 12 and above. No more messy wires as they simply plug in the device in their ear and they are good to go.

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LEGO Art World Map

Puzzle and map lovers will love this new LEGO Art world map. Certainly not for kids because of the small puzzle pieces, but it’s still challenging enough for 30-year-old adults to solve. To date, this is the biggest LEGO set. Adults can let their creativity flow when assembling all the puzzles together.

The Lego world map is fully customizable as they can use colorful brick-built pins to identify certain places that bear meaning to them. Let their mind rest from the stressful life outside. Relax with the massive building kit that will look great on display once finished. The kit even includes an audio world tour which they can listen to while building the map. Enjoy and learn new things with the stunning map set.

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The Kong 2.0. Portable Can

A 30th birthday party will not be complete without beer. If your boyfriend loves a cold beer on a hot night, ensure he has this in his possession. He will never look at beer the same way again with his new buddy. The Kong beer bong is the best way to have a cold can of beer any time of the day. It is lightweight, small, and can fit a 12 oz can or bottle. Plus, he can use the lanyard to hang the beer around his neck. No one will throw or drink his half-empty can by mistake. Made from EVA foam, his hands stay warm while drinking cold beer or soda.

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Mini Magnetic Desktop Dart Board

Thirty-year-old men can start with a man’s corner before moving on to their man cave. And a great piece to put on that corner is a dartboard. Unwind with a beer and some darts to melt the stress away from a busy workday. The miniature dartboard only measures 4.5″ x 5.” So, it can be set up easily on the corner. Or, even on his workstation. It comes with 3 magnetic tipped darts so no walls will be harmed in the process. But, he can always imagine the bull’s eye as his unrelenting boss or hard-to-please client. The game will give him an instant respite from his busy life.

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Busy bees at 30 isn’t an excuse to skip breakfast or any meal in a day. Get your girlfriend the breakfast maker so she stays healthy despite being busy. It’s an easy fix that can be prepared while she is doing her makeup. Packed a breakfast sandwich to eat on the road. Or, have a quick breakfast before sitting down on her workstation.

The sandwich breakfast maker takes only 5 minutes to get everything done for a healthy and delicious meal on the go. It only takes 4 steps to make one. Each layer is dedicated to various ingredients to make a sandwich. From the bottom up: bread and meat or ham, egg, lastly, the 2nd slice of bread. This is the standard but she can always customize the ingredients to her preference.

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The Happy Planner

When you reach 30, people usually start trimming down to essentials. To manage their short and long-term goals, planners are necessary to put these goals into small, easy steps. Leave everything behind and face 2022 with a fresh outlook. The horizontal layout always has a soft spot for journal lovers. Its classic design sparks imagination and gives room for creative juices to flow. The dated planner covers months from January to December of 2022. It has 12 watercolor-designed dividers plus laminated covers and plastic discs. Writers and journal lovers will love this 12-month planner to plan the year ahead.

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Bamboo Laptop Desk

The virtual life of adults usually picks up at age 30. The laptop becomes an ultimate companion to work, play, and socialize. For some, it means having their laptop with them all the time, from the living room to the bedroom. Free up their lap and give them a laptop table so they can move freely.

If you are still living in a cramped space at 30, it’s okay. When you have limited space, multifunctional furniture such as a laptop desk is a good investment. Good for working, reading, and even eating. The flower-shaped hollow and USB cooling fan makes it easy for heat to dissipate from the laptop. Plus, it is 100% environmentally friendly as it is made from a sturdy bamboo board.

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Nebula Capsule

Movie lovers are fond of escaping the busy life by living in the capsule of fantasies and romance. For your friend who loves watching movies or series so much, give her the Nebula capsule for her 30th birthday. Unlike the old-school projectors, the Nebula capsule transports viewers to remarkably bright videos and omnidirectional 360 speakers. Movie bingeing at home has never been this fun. It gives all the great features one can get from the cinema right in the comfort of their own home. Aside from this, it is super portable. They can bring the magic of watching from a big screen everywhere and share it with family and friends.

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Dirty 30 Tumbler

The thirtieth birthday comes once in a lifetime. So, find something special to commemorate this special event. For the fab 30, the Dirty 30 mint tumbler is a fun piece of memorabilia they will remember for life. Turning 30 is indeed a milestone that deserves a special tumbler with the “dirty 30” engraved on it.

Made from stainless steel, it is durable and safe to drink from. With the double-wall insulation, drinks stay at the right temperature. Beer stays cold and Espresso stays hot. Just like the dirty 30 celebrants who are having a blast. This is the cup that will stand the test of time and bring them back to the Fab 30 they are.

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Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle

Who says 30-year-old adults can’t play? Things have changed these days as gaming has become more than a pastime but a way to earn money. So for gamers who want to go pro, the Amazon Luna controller is a nice treat. Thirty is the new 20, the best time to switch gears and make things happen.

Switch gamers from banging their phone to the Luna for a great play. Get their game face on as they connect to the server. Ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience, easily switch to various gadgets such as PC, iPhone, Mac, and select Android phones, no more excuses for losing because of their phones. Let the true competition begin.

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SushiQuik Sushi Making Kit

Care for Japanese cuisine in the comfort of your own home? Asian food lovers don’t need to travel far to get a taste of their favorite cuisine. Get your partner who is turning 30 a tool to level up his kitchen skills. Turn him into a Japanese kitchen hero with SushiQuik. Make delectable sushi right at home without breaking the bank.

SushiQuik is the best tool for beginners who want to dive into sushi making. Many give up the first time trying their hand at this Japanese staple. But not your partner who will be whipping up perfect sushi every single time. The kit includes everything he needs to make restaurant-quality sushi right in your kitchen.

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Polaroid Originals Onestep+

Nothing beats the classic way of taking pictures. Make your friend’s dream come true. Journal lovers will surely love to have the Polaroid film camera. The best time to start capturing each moment and lay them down in a journal. Being 30 comes only once. Fire the camera away and share some of the memorabilia with friends and family.

The upgraded Polaroid camera can be connected via Bluetooth to an app. Add some filters and edits before printing them out to create unique pictures. Traveling on their own? No problem because it comes with a self-timer for that perfect selfie picture. Switch lenses from portrait to standard to get the best quality.

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1/50 Beverage Delivery Truck

Collectors who love hoarding realistic items will fall in love with this coke figure, an officially licensed replica of the delivery truck for Coca-Cola. It comes in the iconic bright red color with the brand name imprinted on either side of the truck. The 6.2 inches replica is the perfect scale model with 4 removable cases. Even if what was replicated is a modern-day truck, it still carries a nostalgic vibe bringing family members and friends together. Just one look and one can get that refreshing feel. In celebration of their 30 years of existence, send some love their way in a Coca-Cola style.

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10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set

One thing 30-year-old folks learn from experience is that you work hard to play hard. The hardworking lad deserves to kick back and relax with a game table specifically for him. Let the man-boys come out to play on the combo game table. Yes! That is 10 games in 1. He will never get bored shuffling from one game to the next. He might need to put a time limit for his friends who are coming over. To make sure everyone gets their chance to play. The tabletop can be interchanged with foosball, billiards, bowling, checkers, table tennis, backgammon, slide hockey, shuffleboard, chess, and cards.

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Freedom of Speech

Birthday parties don’t need to end like a staring contest. Or, guests slowly leave the place after dinner has been served. Get everyone on the table for a round of fun games to celebrate the big 3-0. Everyone will enjoy every minute playing the Freedom of Speech card game. The kit includes a deck of cards with 400 hilarious cards and a button timer. To win, they have to guess as many words as they can. One person will describe what is on his card without saying the word itself. Race against the timer. Find out who is the most creative and witty person in the group.

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30th Birthday Candle

Celebrate your friend’s birthday with a unique gift that will make her burst into laughter. Blow out the birthday candle to signify the end of her 20s. Each milestone deserves a celebration and good laughter. Perfect commemoration as the candle has a label that says “I regret to inform you that your 20s have expired.” Made from 100% all-natural soy candles, it is wrapped beautifully in ready-to-give packaging. The perfect addition to anyone’s room making the space smell fragrant and nice. It can burn up to 60 hours. By the time 60 hours are up, she’d be ready to face the harsh reality that she is no longer in her 20s.

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3D Magic Castle Notepads

Surprise your best friend who has been working nonstop in her adult life with a cute magic castle notepad. This is the only notepad that she will not throw away after consuming all the memo pads. Once she removes all the pads, the beautiful 3D castle will display right before her eyes. If that is not enough, it even comes with a vivid and mysterious aura from the LED lights.

This is a beautiful and functional desk accessory that adds a touch of elegance to the workspace, small enough to fit on any table. Yet, grand enough to capture everyone’s attention. Bring life into her workstation with an office accessory she can use every day.

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Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit

For wine enthusiasts, nothing can surpass having a wine tool in their bar. Nothing less for the fab 30 who are celebrating another milestone in their lives. Have 5-star luxury at home with the Rabbit 6-piece wine tools. Unscrew the big 3-0 and let the wine whizz for all the guests to see. No more scrambling or almost breaking the bottle with the foil cutter and corkscrew wine opener. With the opener, they can unscrew the wine in 3 seconds. After opening the wine, preserve what is left with the champagne sealer.

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Nintendo Entertainment System

Turn your 30-year-old grown men back to 13 with this Nintendo entertainment system. Despite all the new game consoles in the market, nothing will beat the nostalgia that an NES classic edition can bring. Unwind over the weekend and finish all 30 games on the console. Invite family and childhood friends to relive the moments of playing Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros until dinner time. It comes in the old-school, grey-colored controller. Even the AC adapter has the same color. Bring back the smile on these adults’ faces longing for the simple and less complicated teenage life.

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Galaxy Z Flip 3

Bring back the flip generation with a modern twist. Right when people think that the generation of flip phones is over, think again. The flip phone is making its comeback with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a state-of-the-art electronic gadget. Flex some muscles while showing off the Flex Mode. No more phone stands are needed to get their best picture. Unfold the mobile for hands-free picture taking and video calling. Get the desired screen size in an ultra-compact and cool way. Feel powerful getting 2 apps launched at the same time on either side of the screen.

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ShiZap! The Energized Stacking Block Game

For those who love board games, he will not be able to resist ShiZap! The energized stacking game. Level up the tower game kids play with a stacking game with an added twist. It is the best game to kill boredom or wake everyone up at the party. All players can pick the level of pain when they get shocked.

ShiZap can be played at night because of its LED light show. The panic-inducing sound and electric zap make the perfect combo to scare everyone out. To win the game, one must be quick-witted and careful at the same time. They need to pass the tweezers before they get shocked. The loser is not who gets zapped but who causes the blocks to fall down. No one is exempted from the zap. So, get everyone in the family on board.

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The Comfy Original

Why bring an extra blanket when you can wear them? After all the hard work in the office and at home, you need some cozy snuggles at night. Make your loved ones feel cozy with The Comfy wearable blanket, the best companion on a cold night watching TV or reading a book.

The Comfy is luxury within their reach. Never fear being 30 and single with this warm and cozy wearable. It will tuck them into sleep and spread warmth all over the body without the added weight. Go hands-free and still feel warm while moving around. It’s long enough to cover the body. And short enough that they won’t be dragging the blanket on the floor.

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Picnic Time Verona Insulated Wine Basket

Gear up the 30-year-old guy who is man enough to ask her girl for a date. This time it’s no longer just an ordinary date but a promise of a lifetime. What do you need to complement such a romantic night? It’s two bottles of wine or champagne with two elegant wine glasses. Store them in a nice vintage wine basket to add romance and nostalgia to the event. The wine gift basket includes everything the couple would need for a memorable night together. Inside the basket, apart from the wine and glass, they have cork bottle stopper napkins, corkscrew, cutting board, and cheese knife.

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