29 40th Birthday Gifts for the Milestone That Is Meant To Be Celebrated

People often stop counting their age at 30, forgetting that 40 is the new 30. Actually turning forty is a milestone, not an ordeal. Celebrate it and not be shy away from it. This is the best time to drop all pretentious as adults who reach this age don’t really care about what others have to say. If you don’t have any idea what to give these folks, check the list below. The most memorable 40th birthday gifts to give are those that revolve around the raw, unfiltered personality and interests people in their late 30s have. 

40th Birthday Gifts

Orgone Chakra Healing Pendant

Adults in their 40s are all about self-awareness and healing. Items that promote wellness and health are a hit like the Orgone pendant filled with 7-chakra stones. These stones aren’t the ones on the street or beach that you pick up. Chakra stones included in the pendant are citrine, red carnelian, green aventurine, blue aventurine, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and red jasper.

All stones are handcrafted to perfection, where a variety of ingredients are mixed such as metals, chakra stones, and resin. With the cord necklace being adjustable, they can position the pendant right next to the heart. The chakra stones emit positive energies as it raises their vibrations and promotes renewed confidence. Protect them from negative entities and promote a healthy spirituality. This is the best item to help people in their 40s create the best out of the remaining years of their lives.

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The 40th Birthday Game

The big 4-0 is a milestone that is meant to be celebrated. Don’t let the number pull them down with a fun card game that will bring out the wittiness in them. Because life begins at 40 and the best is yet to come from here, then forward. For your friend’s big day, ensure they get this hilarious card game to send everyone at the party laughing their hearts out.

Designed for people turning 40, this unique deck of cards will let them have fun answering over 140 questions. Find out who among their friends has embraced their age and who has not. Have fun and learn from each other while giving the celebrant a blast.

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Aged to Perfection Beer Carrier

The big 40 is just a number. Let the men feel they have “aged to perfection” with the best draft beer you can find. Label each bottle with cheers to 40 stickers to celebrate the event. Beer lovers who have reached this age with all the splendor and glory deserve these dashing beer labels and carriers. Including 6 bottleneck labels, stickers, and 1-six pack beer carrier, here’s the fun fact: the six-pack abs came from the 6-pack beers, which on the contrary when one drinks too much, they only get one enormous pack. Share good vibes with this beer carrier that doesn’t age.

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Escape Fitness Deck

No excuses for those who wish to go back in tip-top shape. For men and women who are nearing the end of their 30s, getting into shape can be challenging. But not when you have a fitness deck looking back at you. Make sure your sister or brother embraces an active lifestyle with the workout platform.

Escape Fitness isn’t only a step platform. It also includes a storage lift for all their workout gear. This is the tool perfect for various activities, such as weight training, step, boot camps, and more. The platform has 16 configurations where they can alter the ramp to fit their need, whether it’s for strength training or cardio workout.

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Gardyn Indoor Vertical Garden

Going green is a good move towards a healthy lifestyle. As age moves from 39 to 40, having a healthy lifestyle should stay as one of the top priorities. Take care of your loved ones with a special present for their health and wellness. To embrace this kind of life, set up an indoor vertical garden to get fresh and organic food right inside the comfort of their own home.

Gardyn smart growing system allows up to 30 indoor plants to grow indoors. It utilizes the vertical hydroponic gardening system to grow various vegetables, herbs, and fruits. No weeds, pests, and chemicals were added to the plants. Guaranteed to get delicious, fresh produce every single time all year long.

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May the Forties Be With You T-Shirt

Star Wars fans who grew up with the movies will love this special present t-shirt just for them. When they turn forty, this T-shirt will bring a smile to their face with the label “May the Forties Be With You” in Star Wars font. Even if you don’t say anything, they will get the reference. Let them wear the cotton shirt loud and proud that they are turning forty. This shirt makes them embrace and flaunt their age because it is just a number. Even non-fans who are counting the time before their 39th year ends will giggle at it.

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Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

A simple, relaxing life is what every adult longs for. This is clear as they reach the big 4-0 when they try to trim down to what is essential. Opt for classic and functional items with many uses. One item that best fits this description is the Masdio bedside lamp.

The right light and sound always create the perfect ambiance to match any mood. As a bedside lamp, it delivers everything and more than a regular lamp provides. The natural glow from the dimming light set on a cherry wood shade creates a classic, earthy tone that gives off a sense of tranquility. The music emanating from the wireless speaker is crystal clear, capturing everything to the core.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Look fabulous at forty and never look back with the Dyson hairdryer. This is a simple tool but works magic on the hair, which is every woman’s crowning glory. Pamper your girlfriend or sister and let them embrace the beauty they have. Dyson has the faster drying power that works for the busiest women out there. Get ready in no time to attend to their family and work and still look stunning as ever. Style their hair to fit every occasion. Or, look fab just because… they are 40!

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Modernist x Gravity Fleece Robe

Do you know you can give a warm hug even when you’re not physically there? Introducing the gravity blanket fleece robe. Adults turning forty may be independent and quiet at times, but they do need a warm hug from time to time. The softness of the fleece robe provides immediate warmth. And the added weight on the collar makes them feel like they are being hugged. Like the gravity blanket, the 3 lb weighted wrap in the collar provides immediate relaxation. After taking a shower, they can put the robe on and feel a sense of comfort and calmness – it’s like someone is telling them “you did a great job today.”

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Menu Wine Decanter

Wine lovers will love the Menu decanter because of its classic beauty and superb performance. Folks at the age of 40 don’t go for trends, they prefer items that have a classic and elegant vibe. And they surely won’t be able to resist this elegant decanter on their bars. Celebrate their 40th birthday by serving wine from the decanter. Show off to their guests and amaze them. The process isn’t complicated either, as it only takes 3 steps to aerate. Everyone will be enthralled as if they are being treated to a luxury treat, and no wine goes to waste as they can still put it back in the bottle.

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Facebook Portal+

When you turn forty, reality can hit you that everyone has their own lives to live. And if they aren’t available for meet-ups, it is because they are also busy looking after their own life. Thankfully, with the help of technology, there are more ways to connect with family and friends. If they can’t meet up, they can always do video calls. Facebook portal+ makes a sensible gift to bridge the gap between friends, families, and lovers.

It makes building relationships easy with one tap of the finger. See and talk to different people, both at work and home, via Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoom. Aside from this, it allows them to watch news and shows, listen to their favorite music, check the weather, and more.

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ClearClick Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Looking at vintage items and tuning into old melodies is what adults around the forties enjoy the most. Bring in some nostalgic vibe with the ClearClick vintage turntable. Lure them into assuming it is a decoration when in fact it is a Bluetooth and USB speaker with the retro style. Bring out the haul and let the music fill the air. Your friend who loves music and vintage pieces will have tears of joy unboxing this beautiful item. This is the perfect mix of modern and old, where you get the vintage feel and listen to songs via Vinyl, USB, or Bluetooth.

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Mova Relief Map Blue Globe Cube

Travel the globe right in your own home. This is what you get when you have a Mova relief map. Wanderlusts will go berserk when they see this extraordinary and exquisite blue globe, a traditional world map with a modern twist. A perfect centerpiece in the living room or study, Mova will catch anyone’s attention because of the revolving map. It will stir people’s curiosity as there are no cords or batteries, but the globe is moving, using light to rotate in its place. Be mesmerized while learning about all the cities, countries, and even the flow of the ocean current. Add a statement to every room with this unique piece.

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eachway Shoe Stretcher

Wearing shoes that are too tight can hurt your feet. For shoe lovers, that is one of the worst nightmares they can have. Admittedly, as people get older and bulkier, some shoes they purchase don’t fit like they used to, but they end up wearing them anyway rather than letting them go to waste. Isn’t it nice to give them a treat with a shoe stretcher? With the Eachway, they don’t need to tolerate the pain anymore. Wear the shoes they like comfortably without breaking a bank to have the shoes fit their feet. Be fabulous at 40 in their favorite pair of shoes, and make any shoe wider and longer.

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Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

When you wish for a massage but don’t have the energy to go out, what’s left to do? People who are stepping into the fourth decade of life know this problem by nature. Grant them the relaxation they seriously need with the SereneLife electric bathtub massage mat, and let them feel that life starts here. No jacuzzi at home? No problem! They can have a relaxing bubble bath right in their own bath. The motorized air pump, set up outside the bathtub, forms bubbles. And the built-in heater creates the much-needed warm water to melt all the stress away.

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Dan the Sausageman's Yukon Gourmet Basket

Care packages laden with food are the best for midlife adults who don’t really care if they gain or lose weight anymore. What counts is they are enjoying the best days of their lives and the best food in their bellies. Go get them a gourmet basket full of sausages, cheese, and seasons. This is an excellent gift for any party and a late-night snack. Or, for those with romantic bones, over a candlelit dinner. Food speaks not just to the stomach but to the heart. So load up those tummies with yummy goodness. They will feel like they are getting the time of their lives.

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Beautyflier Wine Glass Holder

Drinking wine or beer while dipping in a tub, why not? There are no rules for people celebrating the big 4-0. After all, bubbles and beer are the best combos to relieve any tired soul. Make it possible and easy with the Beautyflier glass holder. Don’t let the beer mix with the water in the tub. Let it go straight to their tummies. Treat them to a lavish bath and never mix up beer and bubbles ever again. Stick the glass holder next to the tub. Place a can of beer or wine glass on the holder. Sip and dip like a queen. Bonus, they can even put soap and shampoo when they don’t have a beer in hand.

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

As working folk’s buddies, coffee or tea lovers won’t last a day without a cup of their favorite beverage. Some would even prefer their beverages at a specific temperature, otherwise, it goes down the brain. However, the temperature goes down as time passes by, which makes it less appealing to the taste. Ember solves that dilemma as it heats the mug to the desired temperature with one touch. The best thing is, the thermometer and heater can be managed via an app. So, for the picky coffee addict, save her tons of frustration with the Ember smart mug which controls the temperature for up to 3 hours.

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Purple Back Cushion

Back pain is a common problem for adults reaching their 40s. Most of the time, this is because of a sedentary lifestyle. Much of it is because of people’s desk jobs that require them to sit a full 8-hour shift. The Purple back cushion is designed for people who sit all day. It encourages them to sit properly for the next 8 hours or so. Don’t need to worry about sweaty backs, as the cushion has air channels that neutralize the temperature. Bring it anywhere, use it everywhere, such as the car seat to the office chair at home.

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ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters SuperNest

Throughout their 20s and 30s, adults in their 40s have been working nonstop. Let them enjoy the relaxing life they worked hard for, and surprise them with the ENO Supernest especially made for a laid-back lifestyle. Hit the outback or the beach and lie down on a comfortable hammock. Because that is the life they have been working hard for.

ENO has side storage for phones, books, or beverages. Everything is within an arm’s reach. Made from marine-grade materials that resist degradation, it is guaranteed to last for a long time. Two plush pillows are put on either side of the hammock for the ultimate relaxation. Best of all, the pillows are removable, so they can hug one while resting on another one. The entire structure can be readily removed and folded, which makes it a great travel gear for outdoor activities.

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Rock Me Archimedes

Playing a game is a great way to unwind, regardless of your age. Help them enjoy and loosen up with a few games that are family-friendly and challenging. Folks who love board or mind games will love the Rock Me Archimedes, a unique board game that is great for relaxing. It will tickle the imagination and strategic thinking of players just working to beat their opponent. And if you want these folks to put down their gadgets for a while? Don’t miss it.

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Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher

As people age, they prefer quiet time for themselves and their families. Some of them would remain home doing house chores and taking care of the household. For the home buddies who are stepping into the big 4-0, throw her a birthday surprise that will make household chores fuss-free. Farberware dishwasher is a cleaning tool that will preserve her energy and make her stress-free. It gets the job done, especially in cleaning and sanitizing baby accessories. Besides, it’s travel gear perfect for families who are camping out or on a boat. No complicated installation is needed as all you need is a water hose hooked up to a faucet.

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Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Pillow

Adults in their early 40s can’t deny their bones are becoming brittle every day. Often, they would wake up each dawn with back and shoulder pain. For their birthday, offer them something to lessen these discomforts. The orthopedic pillow is created for side sleepers to diminish the pressure on the back, hips, and knees. Regular pillows can be troublesome and cause thigh sweat. Not with the Countour. With air holes that promote air circulation, side sleepers can relax easily in any position they prefer as long as they have the pillow between their legs. Then, wake up each morning feeling good and rejuvenated, without a single aching bone or muscle in the body.

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Urban Accents Movie Night

When you are in your 40s, you learn to appreciate the things in life in their plainest form. While watching movies at theaters is good, relaxing on your sofa bingeing on your favorite movie or show is still the best. Movie lovers can never forego a bucket of popcorn on their lap. The popcorn kernels come in different seasonings: chili lime, sizzling sriracha, sweet and salty, white cheddar, and buttery caramel. Sprinkle the seasonings to the popcorn for an added spice.

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StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag

When a hardcore beer lover means business, know that you can’t go wrong with a cooler bag. Look cool without looking like a fool with a suitcase full of alcohol. No one will ever notice what’s inside because of the cool aesthetic of the case. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, by its bag. Cold drinks stay cool even without ice because of the foam insulation. The case itself is lightweight, so they will bear the weight of the liquor. Each bag can hold up to 10 beer cans or 3 wine bottles.

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Umbra Tuck Jewelry/Storage Box

It is always good to give value to what they treasure. Women at 40 would have collected several jewelry and accessories of their own. Ditch the usual jewelry case and go for a natural look like the cube-shaped jewelry box. Made from natural wood, the Umbra Tuck is the best box to fit in small spaces as the containers are stacked one after the other. Making use of the vertical space adds simplicity and elegance to any space. No worries about getting a scratch on the accessories as each compartment is lined with fabric.

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GoSports ScoreCaddy Set

When you are having fun, it’s easy to lose track of everything that is happening. Especially when there’s alcohol involved in playing Cornhole and other yard games. So, don’t let games ruin the mood because no one has been tracking the scores. Get your buddy a ScoreCarddy.

Upgrade any backyard game with a unique scoreboard that doubles as a caddy. Bring the board at the campground, beach, or anywhere where they will be playing any outdoor game. It only takes 10 minutes to assemble. Plus, the two tables are a great addition where they can put basically anything. It even has 4x cup holders for glass wines, bottles, or cans.

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Sunbeam Heating Pad

Work and personal life can bear weight on the shoulders of an adult. Most especially for someone who is busy juggling between their career and family. Soothe those stiff necks and tensed shoulders with the Sunbeam heating pad. Unlike other heating pads, Sunbeam is completely hands-free. They can have relaxing therapy by simply wrapping the pad around their neck and shoulders. It will not slide off as the magnetic clasp keeps it in place. The pad has a super-soft micro mink outer cover, thus, it doesn’t irritate the skin. With the use of the digital LED controller, they can choose the setting that works best for them.

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iSteam Steamer for Clothes

For adults who wash and iron their own clothes, power tools that make their lives easier are heaven-sent. Traveling oftentimes adds creases to the clothes they painstakingly ironed at home. Help these folks iron out all those creases with iSteam. This is the best wrinkle remover clothing accessory any adult can have.

Change the trajectory of his life to wrinkle-free days and years. ISteam lets out strong steam to smooth out, even hard-to-reach, areas of the clothes. The clothes stay dry even with the steam, and there are no water spots left either. Steam anywhere and look presentable every single time.

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