30 60th Birthday Gifts To Show Them How Much You Care

Sixty is now the new 40, so saying life begins at 60 isn’t entirely wrong. It’s a new chapter that leads to new adventures and surprises. Celebrate this milestone of the elderly folks in your life in style, and honor their 6 wonderful decades. Whether it’s a huge or small celebration, it doesn’t matter as long as those who matter the most are present. With that in mind, here is a list of thoughtful 60th birthday gifts perfect to celebrate their upcoming birthday, and at the same time, reflect their interests and personalities.

60th Birthday Gifts

Lovepop Birthday Flower Bouquet

Flowers don’t last long. Create magic flowers that last forever with Lovepop. Elderly folks, especially mothers, will love these enchanting flowers, which will surely be the best surprise on their 60th birthday. Special people deserve elegant presents for an important occasion. These cards are 10x the fun when they pop up and transform into beautiful flower bouquets. The flower is 10.25 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide when it explodes which is the height of a normal bouquet. Best of all, they last and won’t wither. You can also tuck it away so whenever they see the bouquet, a smile will instantly show on their faces.

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Coca Cola Mini Fridge

When you are 60 but have the heart of a 16-year-old, everything looks fresh and young. Don’t let your elderly folks feel that their days are slipping away. Bring back their heyday with a reminder of what they love in their younger years. The classic Coca-Cola mini fridge is an iconic piece you can add to their collections. The famous polar bear graphics on the mini-fridge is a staple design that will not go away anytime soon. On their 60th birthday, good memories with their favorite beverage will come flashing back. The retro cooler can hold up to 6 standard cans of soda, enough to quench the thirst away.

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David's Cookies Pack

What’s the best item to pair with a good tea in the afternoon? For any day of the week, make each tea time special with soft-baked cookies and brownies. And it’s great if there’s a variety of flavors to choose from. For your mom’s 60th birthday, give her a treat with all-natural, no preservatives David’s Cookies.

David’s cookies contain 32 fresh soft-baked cookies and 14 individually wrapped brownies. It comes in 5 delicious flavors all packed in a reusable tin can. Beautifully packaged to fit the special occasion. You can never go wrong with this delicious treat to warm the afternoons while sipping on hot tea.

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Heating Back Stretcher

Age does something to the body and bones where everything becomes fragile. Pain and muscle tensions become much more evident. To show your love and care for their 60th birthday, give your folks a back stretcher to relax the lumbar. It stretches the spine and combines heat to relieve pain and sore muscles. The infrared rays can permeate even the deepest tissue and muscle for that instant relief. Rather than going to a therapist or spa, the back stretcher provides immediate respite wherever they go. Adjust the settings to meet their needs, restore their health, and ease the pain and tension all over their body.

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Anywhere Travel Guide

At 60, elderly folks have more time on their hands. And one of the things they end up doing is traveling to various states or countries all over the world. Get them on their feet and explore the world with this travel guide they can take everywhere.

The guide comes with 75 cards with various actions and prompts for an exciting adventure. Travel the world in style and with an explorative mind. They can challenge themselves to do stuff they have never done before such as asking a stranger what their favorite place or street is. Go out and explore the earth with a new perspective. Experience things you have not tried before with the help of it.

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59 + One Middle Finger Glass

Beer drinker or not, the 59 + 1 beer glass is the most suitable commemoration gift for those who have just turned 60. This is an item that will go down in history as the timing has to be perfect to bear significance. And what else could it be but your folks’ birthday as they turn 60? Like their youthful spirit, the 59 + 1 design imprinted on the glass will not fade or lose its glow. Its classic style makes it a great decor on the bar or the shelf. Use it for their favorite craft beer or other beverages.

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Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Who wants soggy cereal? No one does. End all those dreaded soggy cereal stories. For the first time in their 60 years of existence, breathe life into their favorite breakfast. Bring life to every breakfast with the cereal bowl that will keep the cereal crunchy until they are ready to eat them. The bowl separates the cereal from the milk that’ll allow them to enjoy the crunchiness to the last bite. It is also versatile as it can be used for salads, soups, snacks, and the like. Stack it safely with other bowls.

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My Bucket List Journal

Having a bucket list is not dependent on the age of an individual. It’s based on the spirit that lives within wanting to explore and living life to the fullest. And it is never too late to start one, even at the age of 60. When your folks have given everything they got in their 6 decades of existence, let them live their life the way they want to. Give them a bucket list for the next few decades of their lives.

The journal is full of fun prompts. It doesn’t give them a list to follow. Instead, the first two blank pages are where they can write their bucket list. And each page gives them a chance to expand each adventure further.

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ChefWave Dairy Alternative Vegan Milk Maker

Is your folk lactose intolerant but loves milk? If this is so, there’s a solution for them. Get them to drink non-dairy milk. They are now in convenience stores and groceries. But the last thing you want them to do is run late at night to the store to get some milk. Get them a ChefWave, instead.

ChefWave makes it possible to create non-dairy milk at home in under 20 minutes. Go for plant-based milk such as coconut, almond, soy, oat, macadamia, or cashew milk. All it takes is to use roasted or raw nuts and transform them to milk. Dump them in the ChefWave and let the machine do its magic trick. Have a fresh batch of milk at home every day.

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Nostalgia Diner-Style Steamer

Elderly people are quite sentimental. Often, you’ll hear them reminisce about their good old days. Let them remember their heyday with a smile on their face over breakfast. Mealtime is always the best time to talk about those years that have passed. Bring back the vibe from the diners in their younger years with the Nostalgia breakfast maker.

The classic, old-school design of the breakfast nook will whip up great memories from the past. As they wait for their meals to be served, they can chat away, smiling and getting teary eyes from all the memories. Let the cooker do its job of steaming anything from hotdogs, sausages, dumplings, vegetables, and more. Heat some buns and brew coffee while they are at it. The hard days have passed, it’s time to enjoy good food and wonderful moments together.

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2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag

Who says you can’t have romantic escapades at 60? It is at 60 when one finally settles down with the one they love, where relationships are built on meaningful conversations rather than out-of-this-world and roller coaster adventures. What better way to add some spice to those long conversations or sitting next to each other in stillness but going to a picnic. A legacy picnic set is the best companion for old folks still in love.

Celebrate 60 years of love and friendship under the moon and stars, or by the beach with a glass of wine. Surprise your folks with the Legacy picnic set made for 2 people. Give off the vintage-romantic vibe while on a picnic date.

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1500 Piece Puzzle Board

Solving a 1500-piece puzzle may take forever but not for elderly folks who have more time on their plate. However, completing such a huge puzzle can be bothersome if you don’t have a designated space to do it. With this puzzle board, unfinished puzzles can be stored in the 4 sliding drawers. A magnet ensures the drawers won’t slip at all. The board can even be converted as a game table when not in use. Easier to move things around because of the smooth surface. Elder folks can share the table with family and young ones.

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Shiatsu Neck Massager

Bones become fragile and muscles tighten as the time ticks away. This is what people usually call signs of aging which is predominant in folks 60 years old and above. The frequency and intensity increase with years. Show your tender loving care to them, and save them a trip to the spa or hire a therapist with a neck massager. It features 4 sets of massage nodes to choose from to match their needs. Unlike other massages, the neck massager imitates a ten-finger massage. So, they feel like a human is kneading and pressing the muscles instead of a machine.

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Back to the Roots Water Garden

Do you know that you can plant on top of an aquarium? Yes. It is possible. And the funny thing is you don’t need to water the plants anymore. Plus, they get instant nutrition from the waste of the fish. This is what you can do with aquaponics, a simple and easy gardening system that even the elderly can take care of.

The aquaponic system is a great way to plant various herbs and vegetables indoors. With the water garden set, everything they need will be included in the box from the tank, seeds, water conditioner, growing medium for seeds, fish food, and water de-chlorinator. It is low-maintenance as there is no weeding, no watering, and no need for fertilizers. And because the plants absorb the waste of the fish, the water stays cleaner, and fish are happier. They get to eat fresh fruits and herbs every single time.

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Back in 1961 Newspaper Poster

Bring your folks “back to the future” with this one-of-a-kind present that will hit them with nostalgic vibes. It’s an 8 x 10 inches newspaper featuring highlights from 1961. Printed on a “worn-out” newspaper that looks like it did come out from 1961, this is a cool, nostalgic, and unique item that is perfect for a 60th birthday surprise. Imagine the shock on their face when they unearth this gem. Frame the poster before wrapping it and it will be a perfect wall decoration to put in their study or living room.

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Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers don’t age. Even at the age of 60, their love for coffee will remain the same. Ditch the old coffee maker and get him the Keurig. In their prime, folks usually don’t need a lot and would prefer simple tools and utensils to help them in their daily routine. This is a compact (less than 5 inches wide) machine that still brings in the brew. So, if they decide to move to a trailer or small space to keep their lives simple, Keurig is the perfect buddy to give them fresh brew every morning. They can brew for any cup size that is between 6 to 12oz. And, even travel mugs that are 7 inches tall.

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Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the best way to live a fruitful long life. The sixty-year-old and above often are more susceptible to illnesses. Having fruit wine or juice at their disposal every time is one of the best ways to boost their immune system. Limit drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks and opt for the healthier option. Master Vintner does that for them.

The kit includes everything for those needing to make their fruit wine from scratch. Even if they do not have any experience in making wine, the recipe book included will make things easy for them. The kit comes with a 1-gallon jug where they can concoct their own fruit wine and let it age with time.

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Small Portable Retro Radio

When you get older, all the new and advanced electronic gadgets can be overwhelming. Even with phones, they’d rather use analog phones over smartphones. Younger ones listen to music on their phones but elders will never trade their transistor radio for the new ones. If they are missing their listening buddy, the retro radio will bring them back to the good old days.

The portable radio has excellent reception to capture signals from AM/FM/SW. They can listen to their favorite station indoors and outdoors. Its vintage design also gives the nostalgic vibe 60-year-old folks are looking for. As such, a wonderful treat for their 60th birthday.

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You're Only Old Once!

The only doctor your old parents need in their life is Dr. Seuss. A laugh a day will chaste all the blues and sickness away. Get them roaring in laughter with these witty anecdotes from Dr. Seuss’s book. Celebrate their 60th birthday with a unique item to add comedy to the parade of medical madness older folks had to go through.

Join the journey of an elderly patient at the “Golden Years Clinic on Century Square for Spleen Readjustment and Muffler Repair.” The picture book brings them back to their childhood with the humor of older folk. They can read this together with their grandkids and laugh together at Dr. Seuss’ antics.

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Six Decades Necklaces

Commemorate the big 60 of your beloved mom or sister with this simple yet elegant necklace. The circles represent each decade of her glorious life on Earth, anticipating new and better things to come. Made from 925 sterling silver, it’s hypoallergenic and one that she can use for a long time. Express your admiration and love as she reaches another milestone in her life. Safe to wear every day. It can also be adjusted to her preferred length. The necklace comes with a gift bag, tissue paper, and a notecard you can personalize for an awesome lady. It is a present that she will cherish in her lifetime.

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Bedsure Faux Fur Blanket

Who doesn’t want to spend their days tucked in between soft sheets while watching TV and sipping your favorite tea? This is the life everyone envisions when they turn 60. Make this vision come true. The Bedside fleece blanket will let them sink further into their seat and bask in the quietness of their surroundings. The velvety-soft texture of the blanket mimics the luxurious softness of real mink. Enjoy their favorite show or sleep snuggly in bed with the irresistible softness that will hush them to sleep. With its tie-dye pattern, the faux fur can also become a throw blanket on the sofa. It will create a bold statement in the living room.

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NutriBullet High-Speed Blender

Take care of your older folk’s health with items that make prepping fresh food easier and tastier. The Nutribullet is a great way to start their journey towards healthy and satisfying meals. For their 60th birthday, give them the Nutribullet to whip up amazing, healthy, and delicious smoothies straight from their kitchen.

NutriBullet comes with a 600-watt motor that can blend and extract the essence from their favorite food like nuts and berries. It even includes a recipe book so they will never run out of new ideas for breakfast or snacks. Cleaning is also easy as 1-2-3. Remove the blade and wash it off in the water and they are done. Ready for another set of good and healthy meals.

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iRobot Robot Vacuum

Make household chores easier for your mom with the iRobot. The older your parents get, the harder it is to move around and get things done in the house. If your mom is a clean freak, the iRobot will make her loosen up and enjoy life more. iRobot will take care of the dirty work in the house for your mom. It’s a treat to celebrate her 60th year on Earth. Finally, she is taking a break from the tedious life of cleaning the house every minute. iRobot lifts and suctions all the dirt from the floor, including human and pet hair.

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VAHDAM Tea Gift Set

Elevate the tea time experience of your mom or sister with this unique tea package that will make her feel like a queen. Treat her to an exclusive and luxurious tea experience with fresh tea packed from India. At 60, women usually spend more time with close friends or alone sipping warm drinks in the afternoon. Tea is a favorite go-to drink for those intimate moments. Vahdam tea set includes 3 gold tin caddies of luxurious tea to level up afternoon tea parties. It’s a superfood item that must be readily available in the pantry. But for this special set, it is best shared with the people she truly cares for.

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Funny Old People T-Shirt

For your pops who never fails to brighten your day, give him a funny shirt to make him laugh the whole day. Instead of being sentimental, gag gifts will certainly give him an instant serotonin boost laughing at the message on the shirt. Comfortable to use every day, he can pull it off any time of the week and get everyone else laughing with him. And even if he doesn’t ask for it, he will get one: no one will be able to deny him a discount. Show off your dad’s witty side even to strangers with this funny shirt that will bring a smile to everyone he meets.

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Echo Show 10

Advanced technology is daunting for folks who are 60 years old and above. But no one can deny the features that could help them make their lives simpler and easier. If your parents live miles away from you, the Echo Show is an item that will be perfect for them. Give this on their birthday so the entire family and friends can video call even from miles away.

The Echo Show has a 10.1” HD screen, connected to Alexa, giving them access to recipes, shows, and video calls. Never stare at the ceiling again while making a video call with your parents. Ensure they stay in the frame the whole time. Even without social media accounts, they can display and share their favorite photos on the screen.

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Ring Video Doorbell

Staying in touch with your folks via phone or video call is amazing. Ensuring they are healthy and secure is what matters the most. Because at the end of the day what you want to know is if they are safe and sound. Give yourself and your loved one peace of mind with the Ring video doorbell.

When connected to the Ring App, it can do more than a regular doorbell. The 1080p HD display lets you see, speak, and hear anyone who is knocking on your parents’ house from your smartphone or laptop. It also comes with a motion detector and night vision to see if anyone is lurking around the front door suspiciously. Alert your parents and the police station, if necessary, for their safety.

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Umbra Picture Frame

Pictures and artworks are not only wall decorations but they also evoke certain feelings and emotions in anyone who sees it. When people get older, they become more sentimental and enjoy breezing through old pictures and arts. As your dad or brother celebrates his 60th year of existence, give him an Umbra picture frame to display all his favorite pictures and artworks. Umbra has a gallery-style frame where he can display 9 different 4 x 6-inch photos and artworks. Why only show 1 frame when you can display 9, right? He can change the pictures easily to whatever matches his mood and style.

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Happy 60th Birthday Toilet Paper

Are you looking for a gag but weird gift for the 60th natal of your funny father or father-in-law? Give him something that will make him roll on the floor. Watch his shocked face as uncover the roll of toilet paper. Each sheet has the message “Holy 💩 You’re 60!” imprinted on them.

No one will be able to deny that the toilet paper is made for him. Whether he uses it or not, it’s up to him. Most probably, it goes to the emergency tool kit, to be used only when there’s no other option. It can last him for one year, as long as he uses only 1-2 sheets per day. There are 500 full sheets in each roll perfect to share or keep for himself.

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