28 80th Birthday Gifts That Will Make Them Feel Extra Special

Each moment in our life counts, not to mention such a huge milestone. Eight decades of existence on Earth means they have experienced a lot from war to financial depression to pandemics. For your grandparents or parents who are reaching 80, show your love and appreciation with these 80th birthday gifts that will truly warm their hearts, resonate with their interest and ambition. Most importantly, make moving and living easier for them. People who live to tell the tale at 80 deserve all the love and support from family and friends. Start planning now and make their 80th birthday party the best one.

80th Birthday Gifts

Foot Pain Relief Slipper

Folks who get to live until 80 know that walking and moving are challenging. Bones have been fragile and elders are susceptible to pain all over their bodies. Get them instant relief from the pain and muscle cramps at home with the red light therapy. And they don’t have to go to a regular visit at the spa or physical therapist. All they need to do is slip their feet into the red light device that looks like a regular sleeper. Within 20 minutes, their body will relax and ease the pain they are experiencing. It is safe and comfortable to use, and at the same time saves them tons of money. Even healthy professionals and doctors highly recommend it.

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Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Reflexes weaken as a person grows old, eighty-year-old seniors are no exception. They are the ones prone to accidents because their bodies respond slowly. The bathroom is one part of the house that can be dangerous for seniors, especially with the absence of safety tools. As a precaution, install a bath mat to keep them from slipping and bumping their head.

The bath mat is made from heavy-duty rubber that will last for multiple uses. Feel secure knowing that the no-slip suction system will hold their weight. And stays in place every through soapy situations. Seniors will no longer be threatened to enter the bathroom. They can bathe in peace and come out young and fresh.

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Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Clean, flossed teeth are one secret to long life. But not everyone gets to floss their teeth effectively and quickly. Doing the manual way of flossing isn’t ideal for 80-year-old folks. Make it easy and effective through the Waterpik Aquarius.

Waterpik uses the power of water to remove up to 99.9% of plaque, thus improving gum health in just 1 minute per day. Flash those white teeth, free from tartar, through a water flosser. They can clean hard-to-reach teeth and gum without causing any discomfort or bleeding. Whether seniors have implants or are using dentures, Waterpik will work perfectly.

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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

Afternoon tea time is best celebrated with fresh tea leaves. Tea is a superfood that most seniors can enjoy and benefit from. When you brew from tea leaves rather than the packed ones, there is more depth in its taste. And you are guaranteed that it is all-natural and safe. For your beloved older parents, get them a baby Nessie tea infuser. Parents will love how they are thrown back to the early years while waiting for the tea to set. Get the baby Nessie to sit in their afternoon teatime. Share freshly brewed tea with a taste that is out of the ordinary.

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Baffin CUSH

At 80, seniors deserve to be treated like kings and queens. Having been on Earth for almost a century, they have walked through different paths and made them stronger. Safeguard those weary feet and give them the ultimate comfort. Baffin quilted slippers can do all that. The quilted slipper makes seniors feel like they are walking on the clouds. With the drawstring closure, it secures the shoe in place. Tying laces can be a huge ordeal for seniors. So, having a drawstring closure will make things easier for them. With the anti-slip outsole, they can move and walk steadily and with ease.

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Blink Outdoor + Floodlight

Seniors shouldn’t be left by themselves. But, if there are no options, it always pays to have a security gadget in place. The Blink floodlight is the best electronic device to set up outdoors. It has multiple uses that seniors can use daily and in emergencies. Featuring 700 lumens of high-quality LED lights, the motion detector triggers the light, and the camera provides 1080p HD live view and two-way audio which can be accessed via the app. Through this, they can enable alerts and light to monitor everything via smartphone or laptop.

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Chesapeake Bay Candle

A quiet and relaxing atmosphere is the best setting to go home to for elderly folks. To set the mood, the scent and lightning make a difference. Why activate only one when you have a scented candle to capture the right ambiance. Essential oils add fragrance to the colorful candle. Smell the relaxing scent and watch the flicker of light behind the soft-colored frosted jar. Let it burn for approximately 50 hours. Have several scented candles ready so they can put them in various locations in the house. Your folks will love getting home to a welcoming place.

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Toilet Bowl Night Light

Your grandparents will always have funny bones in their system regardless of age. It’s only a number that will not stop the spread of the happy virus. Wouldn’t it only be fitting to give them a funny but functional item they can use every day? Here comes the Rainbowls toilet light. No! It’s not the light above the toilet bowl. But, inside the bowl.

Even in the wee hours of the night, they can claim their throne rightfully. No more blinding lights or accidents. Release the rainbows with every dump. Change the color to match their mood for the day. Set the color to freeze or change and never worry about the water getting into the device. Bring out those childlike traits even at 80.

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Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep is very important for all human beings, especially seniors aged 80 and above. At their age where their bones are more fragile than before, they need to have great support to sleep at ease. For their 80th birthday, surprise them with Elviros, a memory foam pillow that follows the natural curve of the body. With Elviros, their spine and cervical vertebra are aligned. Thereby, reducing the pain on the shoulders, neck, and back. It caters to both back and side sleepers. For back sleepers, they can use the higher side. And for the side sleepers, the lower side of the pillow.

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Sagely Weekly Pill Organizer

Seniors usually have maintenance medicines that should be taken at specific times of the day. When you are not there to remind them of their daily medicine intake, get them a pill organizer. Items that cater to the senior’s health and wellness are the best present to give them on his birthday. The 7-day pill box fits various sizes of medicines. It can easily be converted to a 14-day pill box if they only drink one pill per day. They will not have a hard time opening the box either because of the flexible lids. Safe for everyday use. And sturdy enough to last for a lifetime.

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Lifelike Interactive Companion Pets

Celebrate an 80 birthday with someone to be with for the rest of your senior’s life. A companion that will bring joy and happiness for the remaining years is what matters the most. The realistic puppy will be his best friend for eternity. Every last detail is well-thought-of as it mimics the real deal. From the sound to the movement, it gives the feeling that he actually has a dog. The cute freckles only make it cuter and lovable. What’s best, it’s low maintenance but provides great comfort to every senior.

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Microwave Pasta Cooker

Your 80-year-old grandmother may be the best cook in the world. But age can stop her from whipping up her delectable recipes. Make things easier for her with kitchen tools. Even with a microwave oven, she can create wonderful dishes.

Grandma can still concoct wonderful pasta dishes with the microwave pasta cooker. No more overcooked pasta. No more pasta sticking in the pot. All she needs to do is measure the spaghetti using the lead. Then, add water. Set the timer to 13 minutes and she will have pasta cooked to perfection every single time. She will be saving a lot of time and energy cooking the carbs. And focus more on the sauce which is the essence of the dish.

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The Beauty Footrest

The elderly can still look glam and fashionable at 80. Don’t let classy stylish looks die down with age. Get her the salon step so she can still paint her nails. The footrest comes with various features that will make painting her nails easy and beautiful. No more back pains due to bending or stretching. The ergonomic design of the step provides a comfortable position to get the nails done. It doesn’t slip which makes it a safe footrest. Also, it comes with storage for all nail tools plus a LED light and fan for the utmost comfort.

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Electric Jar Opener

Arthritis may cause seniors not to get things done properly. What is easy for others may not be the same for elderly folks with weak reflexes. Surprise them and don’t let them starve with a jar opener. With the automatic jar opener, they can open containers without a fuss. All they have to do is place the jar on a table. Put the opener on the jar and it will automatically attach to the jar. With a few clicks, the machine will turn and pop the top open. No more broken glasses everywhere. They can eat whatever food they want.

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Tablift Tablet Stand

As one gets older, he gets more free time for himself to watch videos and chat with family and friends. Even folks at 80 now possess their own tablet for this purpose. While it is fun chatting, reading, or watching from the tablet, holding it is another story. For their upcoming birthday, surprise them with a Tablift tablet stand. The tablift can hold an Apple iPad or any tablet that is 10mm thick. Mount the tablet on the stand, set it up on any surface. It can work on any surface from sofa to table and even on the bed. They can lie down in bed while watching their favorite show.

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Liberty Lift Standing Aid

Standing up may be an easy thing to do for other folks. But not for your 80-year-old grandfather. Getting him a tool that’ll help them up on their feet is crucial. Your love for him is shown when you take note of the smallest detail. The Liberty Lift is a tool that can make things easier for your loved ones.

It is the ultimate standing aid for folks who can’t stand on their own. With the comfortable non-slip grip, he will gain more confidence holding on to something while pulling themselves. He can bring this anywhere and ask someone for help without physically touching each other.

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AncestryDNA Test Kit

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out where your ancestors are from? You will be surprised at the variety in one’s ethnicity. Give the elderly in your life a memorable present they can pass on to the next generations. Finally, after 8 decades, she’ll discover her roots. The AncestryDNA does that and more.

A family tree can be made based on the information gathered from the AncestryDNA. The procedure is simple. Download the ancestry app on your grandma’s phone. Swab her saliva and send it back to the high-tech ancestry lab. Wait for the result. And from there, build a family tree to showcase your diverse background. For all she knows, she is related to Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe.

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Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

With no actual schedule every day, sleeping can go haywire easily for elderly folks. Help your grandparents get the sleep they need with a Philips SmartSleep, the therapy they need to wake up properly every day. The wake-up light is clinically proven to create a great atmosphere for sleeping and waking up.

With a sunrise simulation to help them naturally wake up each morning, the alarm doesn’t go off as other alarms do. It gradually increases to give the body a full wake-up experience. Your mood in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If your grandparents woke up with so much energy, then everything else will fall into place.

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Body Buddy

When was the last time you scrubbed or put lotion on your back? Most probably close to zero because it’s difficult. If it’s hard enough for you, more so, for folks who are 80 years old and above. Help them put lotion on their back on their own through their body. The non-absorbent lotion applicator is the best tool to use for hard-to-reach areas of the back. For medically recommended cream, this is heaven-sent for people with rashes. Never waste lotion trying to splash cream on their back ever again. No need to ask other people for help because they can do it themselves.

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byACRE Ultralight Rollator Walker

Walking is a simple task for everyone but not for seniors and babies. Surprisingly, like the cycle of life, you get back to waddling and hanging on to bars to walk. Surprise your grandma on her 80th birthday with a byACRE walker. With this, she can walk again on her own.

The byACRE carbon ultralight rollator walker will give her the mobility she needs to move from one place to the next. It also comes with an organizer bag for her essentials. This is like the adult version of babies’ walkers but more durable and stronger. Grandma can easily adjust the height with one push of a button.

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Tile Mate

Memory fades as people grow old. They would have lost or forgotten a lot of things, and looking for them may annoy you at times. But, rather than constantly looking for their lost items all the time, give them a Tile Mate. Attach the tile mate to valuable items such as wallet, keys, and phone.

The updated version of Tile Mate has so many features more than just an item locator. With the app and plan, it can do a lot of things the “forgetful ones.” When the item they lost is nearby or within Bluetooth range, the app can find it for them. When it’s outside of the range, they can locate the last location on the map. With a plan, they get notified if they forget anything in the house when they step out without them.

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Future Call Picture Phone

Forgetting someone you love and care about is frustrating for both parties. This is especially if it is your parents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. When they are living miles away, it can be a source of concern for children. For seniors at the age of 80, the Future Call is a great tool that will help them communicate easily.

Future Call has a special feature called memory dialing. Seniors with cognitive decline may find it hard to remember names and phone numbers. The future call has pictures on each keypad that is connected with their phone number. With one touch, they will be instantly connected to their loved one and even 911 (using the red button). The mind may forget but the heart never will. Pictures will help them remember what their mind has forgotten.

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Cadenza Rechargeable Sound Amplifier

Seniors at 80 can experience hearing loss, which is understandable at their age. Give them hope to hear again with the Cadenza hearing amplifier. Nothing is better than them hearing their children, partner, and grandchildren whispering sweet nothings in their ears. Let them enjoy these special moments because they deserve to hear them.

The Cadenza hearing amplifier can reduce the noise and improve sound quality. It can be recharged after it has been used for at least 10 hours. The device is small enough that it looks invisible behind the ear. And yet can give back the hearing capacity that they wanted.

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Premium Bathtub Tray

Pamper your 80-year-old grandmother with a treatment fit for the queen. Melt her stress away while bathing in the tub. And for the luxurious feel, add a premium bathtub tray. She can watch a movie, sip wine, and eat grapes while soaking in the tub. The bathtub tray has anti-slip grips and has multiple slots to accommodate candles, wine glass, or cups. It is expandable up to 45 inches, which will fit most bathtubs. The caddy makes it also possible for her to read a book or watch videos comfortably. Let her relax just like celebrities or royalties.

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Dumbbell Hand Weight Set

Dumbbells for old folks may sound dumb but they are not. Hear me out. Reflexes on both arms and legs weaken with age. But when they exercise these body parts consistently, they will have better grip and strength compared to those who don’t. What they need are light weights (3-Lb, 5-Lb, 8-Lb).

Get a dumbbell with a storage stand to keep it organized. Each weight is color-coded so you don’t need to worry about seniors who can’t read prints. They are durable and safe to use because of the non-slip grip feature. The dumbbells have hexagonal shapes so they won’t run away from the seniors. There are no excuses when taking care of their health.

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A Shape Sorting Puzzle for The Elderly

Scientific studies have shown that when you engage the mind with mental exercises, it can lessen the chances of getting learning disabilities and dementia in adults. Games, such as puzzles, can help trigger the mind and strengthen the brain. And elders who have been diagnosed with dementia can benefit a lot from it. The shape sorting puzzle is the perfect activity for the elderly. Including a total of 18 shapes: 3 boards with 6 shapes each with the same color, it will help elders with dementia to sort without any help.

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Easy Get-Up Chair Support

Let your elderly folks regain their independence with tools that will help them do things by themselves. Simple daily routines such as getting up can be troublesome without anyone’s help. With the easy get-up, they can stand up safely even without any assistance. With a unique ladder design, what it does is helps seniors stand up from their bed or seat with no hassle. The foam grips are comfortable to hold on to. It creates maximum stability to support their weak feet. They can bring it anywhere because it is lightweight. Also, it’s made from sturdy steel that can last them for a lifetime.

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Vive Button Hook

Daily tasks such as changing clothes may be a regular routine for average people but not for seniors. When they reach the age of 80, buttoning their clothes or zipping up their pants can become challenging. Elders want to be self-sufficient. Help them out with tools such as the dressing aid kit.

It makes dressing up easy for folks with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia. No more cringing in pain just to button up their dress shirt. They won’t feel embarrassed anymore because their fly was left open. It comes with a button hook that is comfortable to use due to its non-slip grip, making zipping pants and securing buttons easy and comfortable.

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