ABC Books For Kids The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Sometimes, languages can be dumb and nonsensical. For example, in the French word “Oiseaux” none of the vowels is pronounced as they are supposed to, and in Spanish, a little accent can turn your dad into a potato. But if there is a dumb, nonsensical language out there, it has to be English (which is more akin to three languages in a trench coat instead ). If you like reflecting on the dumb idiosyncrasies of languages, we want to introduce you to one of the worst ABC books ever – “P is for Pterodactyl”

This ABC book is not kids friendly because it is not one of those conventional ABC books. As the name indicates, this is the worst ABC book ever as all the letters use an example to illustrate where THAT LETTER IS NOT PRONOUNCED!

Just like P for Pterodactyl or T for Tsunami, you will find plenty of words with letters that are not pronounced or pronounced differently than they should, which will really make you reflect on the nature of English as a language that has taken a lot from other languages (you can think of English as a big Franken Language, it’s OK). 

The concept behind this book is to help new readers and English language learners conquer some of the more peculiar aspects. Isn’t this delightful for kids of all ages? If you are a fan of satirical books, a linguist with a grudge against English or just someone who loves a good belly laugh every once in a while, this book will also be perfect for you!

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A perfect gift for those that like to poke fun at the little absurdities of languages.

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