About us

Think Geartry is another boring website? Well, think again.

Geartry is a free online gadget magazine run by a number of geeks who believe in one thing: even small ideas can make a big difference.

Our mission is simple: we only want to show you the inspiring, uniqeu, and cool gadgets from all corners of the world. Before we display a product, we usually spent at least 72 hours digging through thousands of updates from over 20 world’s popular retailers, magazines, anywhere.

Yes, we have no interest in spamming you any boring ideas – this is where you’ll only find something inspiring, innovative, cool – and sometimes, weird.

Here’s one thing you might want to know: we don’t own any of the items listed on our website, nor do we sell anything directly. Some products sold through us may earn us a small commission for referring (learn how we make money), so as to support our website and enable us to keep on doing what we love.

However, this is not the sole motivation for publishing a product, and it doesn’t affect our selecting process whatsoever, some stuff we’ve complied absolutely returned us no compensation at all.

Whether you want to buy some unique gifts for friends or families but don’t know where to start, or whether you are looking for some awesome stuff to be the coolest one among people surround you, for whoever’s on your list, you are sure to find the idea that will make people say, “Wow, that’s so you!”