Everything You Need to Know About Adidas Energy Boost?

Best price Everything You Need to Know About Adidas Energy Boost?

The Adidas Energy Boost was one of Adidas’ attempts at creating flexible and energy preserving training shoes. These shoes combine responsive cushions with a tight-fitting design to allow their users to run further while staying comfortable and energized.

Their sock-like uppers hug the shape of your feet, keeping them comfortable, while the heel’s overall design helps to support long and comfortable strides.

However, the real value of the Adidas Energy Boost is its midsole, which is designed to energize each stride and footstrike. This effect is further enhanced with moulded heel counters and Stretchweb outsoles to help to keep the feet comfortable during each footstrike.

Given these features, the Adidas Energy Boost is ideal for marathons and long distance events, but it’s worth mentioning that they are not suitable for everyone. Despite their positive features, they are best suited to certain styles of running. So if you would like to buy these trainers then here’s what you need to know.

Design and Appearance

The Adidas Energy Boost comes in a simple brown box covered with the Adidas logo. When you remove the lid, you will find the shoes neatly packed and covered in black tissue paper.

Appearance-wise, these trainers look unremarkable, so don’t expect anything special. The heels look a little larger compared to other trainers, but other than that there’s nothing special about these shoes.

It’s when you wear the Adidas Energy Boost that the magic begins. A special “energy rail” is present along the soles of the shoes to stabilize the feet during running, while “stretchweb” and rubber outsoles allow them to adapt to the shape of your feet and make each foot strike smooth and comfortable.

Another important design is the foot-hugging upper, which also features zoned elastic support to keep the forefoot comfortable and prevent feelings of tightness.

The most crucial feature, however, is the midfoot construction, which allows the feet to conserve most of its energy in each footstrike. This is done by cushioning the feet and distributing the energy of each foot strike evenly across the foot.

Wearing Experience

There two things that you’ll most likely notice when you wear the Adidas Energy Boost for the first time.

First is the impression of tightness, which somewhat goes away once you start running. Despite this feeling, however, these trainers are very breathable and you won’t feel your feet being squeezed even after you have reached your top speed.

The second impression is the difference in height between heel of the shoe and the toe of the shoe. The heel feels very elevated, and this is because these shoes are designed for midfoot and forefoot striking. Rearfoot strikes – not so much.

These shoes won’t make you feel like running immediately, but once you do, you won’t feel like stopping any time soon. They are that comfortable.

Supporting Performance

Adidas claims that the Adidas Energy Boost was designed to give their wearers 15% more energy return than any other set of shoes. The reason is due to the Boost’s midsole, which feels like polystyrene, and which Adidas claims extends the energy of each feet.

As mentioned before, the Adidas Energy Boost’s design makes it a good choice for midfoot, forefoot strikers and bad for rearfoot strikes. However, the elevated heels of these shoes actually make them feel more stable, but only when you’re on a flat surface.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that although the Adidas Energy Boost is designed to fit like a glove, it is also flexible and stretch easily, especially when you’re moving. However, if you’re used to trainers that offer a little extra room then you should choose a size that offers few extra inches or so.

Cushioning Performance

The Adidas Energy Boost feels very cushioned, but this feeling changes when you start to run. At that point, they begin to feel firmer and more responsive, and you won’t notice the cushioning at all.

Also, these shoes feature soft linings that feel like socks. They add comfort to the shoes and make them more responsive to the movements of feet.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Adidas Energy Boost is lightweight, and feels light despite their narrow design.

Abrasion Performance

The Adidas Energy Boost is very durable, and can withstand damage even after several miles of running. So there’s no need to worry about damages if you plan to use these shoes for a marathon.

It’s also worth mentioning that these are not minimalist shoes, and they are designed to remind you of that fact. When you run in these trainers, you’ll barely feel the ground beneath your feet because the soles will absorb most of the energy that come from each footstrike.


You can buy the Adidas Energy Boost for $160, though you can get it for $80 to $100 on sale. It’s not the cheapest pair of trainers out there, but they still offer a lot of value even when you compare them to some of the newer pairs of shoes. Their midsoles and tight fitting design also sets them apart from many other Adidas running shoes.


All in all, the Adidas Energy Boost delivers on its promises. It’s comfortable, it helps users run further and it is durable enough to be used for extended periods of time. It’s also somewhat easy to clean, which is a good bonus if you don’t like high maintenance trainers. So if you want trainers that will help you run further or faster, then this is a good choice for you.

Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that these trainers are not for everyone. They won’t help you jump, so they’re not a good choice if you want trainers that will help you play sports. Also, their elevated heels may not feel right to those who prefer heel striking to other forms of running.

So if you think these issues apply to you then you’ll probably won’t like the Adidas Energy Boost. If not then they are great trainers, especially if you’re looking for footwear that can help improve your ability to run longer distances.

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