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Adidas PureBoost DPR: Best Running Shoe That’ll Make Wearing Comfortable

Adidas PureBoost DPR

As one of the most comfortable running shoes, Adidas is constantly trying to up its game in the running shoe department.

Adidas is constantly trying to up its game in the running shoe department. It has had a lot of wins, as far as topping running shoe charts in 2016. The Adidas PureBoost DPR is likely a step-up of predecessor Adidas running shoes, the Boost.

Since these kicks dropped in May, Adidas PureBoost DPR reviews have been popping up and giving props where its due. Most reviews have been positive about it. It’s a typical city shoe that wants to stay on its tippy toes between aesthetics and functionality, and it manages to do just that. Lace up and see whether you agree with the hype.

So without any ado, let’s get to the Adidas PureBoost DPR:

Design & Appearance

Out of the box, the Adidas PureBoost DPR has a pleasant streamlined look. Designwise, it is almost an ode to another Adidas top seller, The Boston Boost. It feels super light when you hold it, just the right weight for your average running needs. At first glance, you cannot wait to slip these puppies on and take a quick sprint. The shoe uses a minimal approach to the layering. They look like your average casual sneaker, but they perform well for runners.

It features a mesh-style knit upper, white 3000 TPU midsole and lower offset. However, the upper side is solid and secures the foot comfortably. In the meantime, a lower midsole drop and a wider forefoot platform give them a close-to-the-ground feel on city streets. Adidas really came through for the wide foot bros with the comfortable toe box.

The ventilation work in the forefoot and midfoot pores is exactly what you need to let the toes breathe during those city runs.

It laces up well, although you may have to make a lot of adjustments with the tongue. With this version, Adidas went for the detached tongue. The tongue is sewn at the bottom, and it might keep shifting to the sides. This may make you get an ab or two with all the bending you will do to fix it- if that sort of thing bothers you.

The Adidas label is embossed on the tongue, just in case you encounter counterfeit copies, and you don’t know where to check.

Supporting Performance

This shoe fits like a cotton sock. It is roomy enough for wide-foot wearers but still manages to have enough toe support for the more average footed man. It scores a huge win with the heel. The heel’s Fitcounter provides anti-chaff lockdown, great news for the avid street runner.

The most support comes from the forefoot. 16mm is just above the comfort threshold for street running shoes. Your sprints feel more stable without the footbed shifts. The low 8mm heel drop gradient is a thing of beauty that you will not find on most Adidas shoes.

It has minimal arch support. It might feel comfortable, especially with full lacing, but even on flat ground, most runners will feel off. It has a broad base that offers excellent support in the casual running shoe category.

The tongue placement leaves a lot to be desired. If the tongue had a full attachment, perhaps it would increase support. However, there are 2 extra eyelets that boost support. Typically, most runners don’t use these higher up eyelets, but for mild everyday city runs, they might come in hand.

Cushioning Performance

The cushioning in the Adidas PureBoost DPR is perfect for runners. Using Adidas Boost Technology, it stays just light enough to provide comfortable shock absorption. This gives you excellent feedback and energy return, ideal for treadmill runs.

You also get smooth transitions if you hit the road heel first. You will experience a minimal loss if your step ends at midfoot or forefoot. You will also love how durable the Boost is as it doesn’t break down easily and retains its form.

Staying in line with response sensitivity, the Stretchweb technology is another point of cushioning. The rubber outsole offers exceptional traction and flexibility. Its energy return is outstanding, especially if you are looking for an additional spring in your step or sprint. This, it achieves by relieving foot strike pressure. It makes running on flat surface feel like you’re wearing bubble wrap socks.

The grid pattern design on the outsole cushions your foot from awkward foot strikes by moving in a flexing motion. All this, the DPR does without compromising on weight. However, you might feel delayed transitions from heel strikes. The rubber sole handles rather well on wet tarmac.

Abrasion Performance

As good and as solid as these shoes look, they are not abrasion resistant. However, for their intents and purpose, they perform very well on the abrasion scale. The secret is in the knit on the upper. Inside, the knit is seamless. That translates to less friction and irritation even without socks.

On the outside, this shoe is designed to withstand wear and tear. It is slightly raised at the toe box and at the heel to keep it from tarmac abrasion. The Stretchweb outsole protects the shoe from excessive abrasion.


The Adidas PureBoost DPR is your average city running shoe. With a price tag of about $150 from the manufacturer, it’s reasonably priced. However, if you know where to look, you can find shoestring budget versions of it for as little as $90. It’s not exactly what you’d call frugal spending, but it’s not exactly luxury living.


Adidas attempted an improvement to the Boost line. The Boost DPR lives up to its Deconstructed Pure Racer name, and if you are looking for a good looking lightweight running shoe, pick these up and give them a try. For the seasoned runner, pick these for occasional runs.

These shoes are designed well enough to rack up a substantive amount of miles in the city. With Adidas patent technologies, you get a stable shoe ideal for jogs and the treadmill. If anything else, they still make for a colorful addition to your casual shoe collection. Great aesthetic work has gone into this shoe.

For a beginner runner, this is a perfect launch shoe. Excellent support, comfortable fit, and superb traction should make any starter happy. For the price, it is a shoe that will give you great service for a long time.

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