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Adidas Solar Boost: A Go-To Shoe Designed for Long Distance Trainer and Fashionista

If you are an avid Adidas’ springy boost shoe fan or are looking for a shoe out there that is best for training, then you might like the new Adidas Solar Boost.

The Adidas solar boost is one of the best running shoes in 2018. It is the latest generation utilizing the best technology that forms an amazing blend of fashion and function.

It is fashionable in the sense that Adidas made an aesthetically pleasing and a technically advanced shoe while the function is centered on a smooth, soft and semi-responsive ride.

When creating the Adidas solar boost, Adidas was inspired by the NASA design standards and the colors and energy created by the sun. Check out some of the Adidas running shoe reviews below:

Design and Appearance

The solar boost has a smoother interior body design that makes it smooth and more comfortable for the foot.

The upper part of the shoe is made of neoprene material designed to securely wrap the foot with the aim of accommodating various foot shapes particularly those with medium and wider feet.

The shoe also has tech fit overlays attached to neoprene that are lightweight and elastic. The main function of the tech fit overlays is to provide a more natural adaptive foot.

Adidas also featured two common technology on the midsole – the solar propulsion rail and the boost.

The solar propulsion rail provides the feet with a more stable running experience while the boost delivers a bouncy and reactive ride while providing comfortable protection of the underfoot.

The midsole of the solar boost also features a torsion system that allows for free foot movement with improved stability.

The outsole features the continental rubber popularly known for its durability. The main importance of the rubber layer is to provide sufficient grip for both dry and wet surfaces. Despite the outsole being sturdy, it is very flexible.

Supporting Performance

The solar boost features a lightweight fabric that keeps the foot supported over the foam. It also features a new construction that supports the heel at the midsole designed to help the Achilles move comfortably giving the runner the comfort they need.

The shoe provides a reasonably impersonal platform and coziness to make you run longer with less discomfort.

The stability of the solar boost is also something to fancy. It is as stable as needed by every runner due to torsion system shank. The shank ensures that your foot is comfortable at both high and low speeds since it provides for easy landing and midfoot support at a push off.

Cushioning Performance

Adidas has invested heavily on rear foot cushions to improve durability and impact attenuation.

The torsion sole system technology is specifically designed to support the midfoot and allow a toe to heel stride. The sole system technology makes the inner sole flexible and most notably supports the midfoot reliability with its two-cleft design.

The cushioning system of the solar boost is made of soft materials like EVA foam, gel and air and helps you absorb shock when running.

If you are the type of runner who doesn’t pronate (your feet moves inwards when running), then this shoe is for you. It prevents most of the stress placed on the feet when running on pronation especially the toes, the ankles and the heel. This makes your running safer and more comfortable.

The cushioning system also helps prevent back, hip and knee pin since it improves body mechanics.

Basically, the cushioning of the Adidas solar boost is a level three cushion type that features great lightweight cushion, offers flexible response and makes you feel energetic and quick.

Abrasion Performance

The solar boost offers an impressive abrasion performance for a running shoe even on slushy or snowy roads.

It features a continental bottom on the outsole rubber that provides enough grip on pavement and off-pavement like no other shoe in the market.

It is currently the leading shoe regarding abrasion performance with every stride you take. Since your feet are less secure when running particularly on rough terrain, the continental traction outshines and assures you that you are less likely to slip in any stride.


The solar boost weighs approximately 10 ounces for men and 8 ounces for women. The weight is a plus for the solar boost given that it is lighter than most running shoes.

It focuses on the running distance while giving you enough comfort.

Unlike other running shoes that focus on distance running only, the solar boost allows you experience the feeling of being light while also giving you enough material that surrounds your feet and prevents the minor injuries associated with running.

In general, Adidas solar boost has a good mixture of protection and lightweight.


Breathability is an important aspect of a running shoe and Adidas didn’t disappoint on that.

They designed the breathable materials on the upper unit of the shoe in such a way that air flows freely throughout the shoe keeping your foot dry and cool every time you have a jog.

Having sufficient flow of air inside your shoe occasionally is essential since it makes you more comfortable.

The solar boost also has fabric liners designed to improve dryness of your feet. This allows you to exercise more in a dump or hot weather without worrying that your feet may be unstable due to moisture in the shoes.

The fabric liner also eliminates the odor that occurs when you take off the shoes.


The Adidas solar boost doesn’t come in cheap but worth every penny considering the quality of the features it possesses. The shoe goes for 160 SD from the Adidas official website and most online shops.


The solar boost has the look of a casual shoe yet the quality of a running shoe. It has enough essential features to be considered a versatile shoe and can keep you comfortable for its versatile uses by providing better support, better cushioning and ventilation.

If you are looking for a soft, stable and comfortable running shoe, then the Adidas solar boost is the perfect shoe for you. The stylish and comfortable Adidas solar boost is no doubt one of the best running shoes 2018.

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