AirBar Touchscreen Sensor - A Touchscreen Sensor That Makes Your Screen Come Alive!

Apparently, AirBar Touchscreen Sensor attaches to any laptop and turns the screen into a touchscreen. Any laptop! It comes in a few different sizes, available for Windows (13.3″, 14″, 15.6″) and Chrome OS notebooks.

How to install the AirBar Touchscreen Sensor?

According to the Instruction manual, it’s so simple. but I have to admit, the guide is so funny… let’s see.

  • Attach, you can’t go wrong. (when you plug in, is it hard to miss?)
  • Plugin. hard to miss. (Is there an innuendo happening here?)
  • Touch, just go crazy.
  • Use any object. Your finger, or with gloves, and even a paintbrush. (what? can’t believe it!)
  • Enhanced User Experience. Pinch, sweep, zoom and scroll without glare and battery drain.
  • Compatibility. Airbar works with most notebooks. Running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Chrome OS operating system.

Running On the MacBook

Anyway, we give it a shot too, and fortunately, it works with the MacBook. However, when it comes to precision, It is not exactly what I would call pin-point.

To conclude, For MacBook, It’s fine for hitting icons that are huge, But if you’re trying to get in on something that’s really small, It is quite frustrating actually. However, keep in mind the product officially on the back states the compatibility:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Chrome OS.

Generally speaking for items and accessories that exist like this, in my experience, Can function on Mac OS, but sometimes maybe, with a little bit less polish.

Running On the Windows

Next, I’ll show you what the difference is between a laptop and a MacBook now! I can tell right away when I line up the Airbar, that fit is PRECISE!

Actually, this is WAY better than on the MacBook – Way, way better. and It’s super precise. No matter when you grab the little scroll on the side of the laptop screen, or when you use touch input for the text, or even for the painting, it works so exactly.


Not functioning so well on a MacBook Pro, But that’s not what it’s designed for, so who cares? Here, beyond my expectations, it works so well on windows with super precision. I can see a number of different circumstances in which, touch could be a cool thing to experiment with, maybe for artistic endeavors. The only problem you shall worry about is – don’t get addicted to it!

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