AirBar Touchscreen Sensor

Have you ever wanted to turn your non-touch notebook into a touchscreen one? Wouldn’t that be super amazing for many things such as scrolling, drawing and tapping images to make them bigger? You might have thought this fantastic feat of science was impossible, however…there’s a gadget to do exactly that! We would like you to meet the AirBar touchscreen sensor. 

The AirBar touchscreen sensor works well for your laptops, especially on the windows system. and it works in a quite simple manner: plug it to your Windows 10 notebook, attach it to the magnets in the back of the screen of your computer and the device will emit an invisible light field over the screen of your notebook that will sense your touch! The compatibility in this tiny, lightweight, portable device is also incredible.

It works with pretty much any notebooks running Windows 10 with 13.3” screen size, isn’t that cool! And by the way, it will recognize your touch, you can use it when wearing gloves, use it with a paintbrush, with a stylus… go wild and test its capabilities! As to Macbook, actually it works on the MacBook, but when it comes to precision, It is not exactly what we would call pin-point.

However, keep in mind the product officially on the back states the compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Chrome OS.

By using the Airbar touchscreen sensor, you can tap, swipe, pinch, zoom and rotate, so it has basically the same functionalities of a trackpad… only you can do it by touching your screen! If you aren’t convinced that you need this in your life, this device works especially well for professional writers, web developers, or anyone who likes to read or watch videos on their notebook!

7.9Expert Score

Actually, it works much better on windows with super precision than on Macbook.

Easy to install
Easy to use
Touch Screen

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