Alterrain Pro – A New Way To Keep Fit While Spending Quality Time With Baby

Staying in shape while raising a family is no simple matter. An infant requires constant attention and care, so taking an hour to go to the gym is simply out of the question for many new parents. The greatest service you can do for your child is taking care of yourself, though, and innovative brands like BOB Gear are now making it possible to stay in shape while still spending vital quality time with your child.

Alterrain Pro

At a glance, the Alterrain Pro is a typical stroller. However, the Alterrain Pro is far more than transportation to get a baby from point A to point B. With powerful SmoothShox suspension, this simple stroller is built to provide your child with a peaceful afternoon ride in any terrain. Neither gravel nor grass will disturb your special someone as you go about town! For mom or dad, this SmoothShox suspension means that your walk is no longer limited to a slow steady stroll around the block; put on your running shoes and get back to your daily jog, or hike about new, unfamiliar terrain and breathe in the fresh air. As you whip your body back into shape, your little tyke will be snoozing soundly in the Alterrain Pro.

As with any stroller, the most important features of the Alterrain Pro are those that protect your child from the elements. Should the weather take a turn as you are running errands, a waterproof all-weather canopy protects against rain and sun alike. And, when the clouds do roll in, reflective rims ensure that both parent and child are visible to any passing traffic. Your fitness and your infant’s well-being are always provided for with the Alterrain Pro, ensuring your bonding time never turns into tragedy.

Simply put, the Alterrain Pro is the ideal stroller for short trips to the store or longer adventures outside. Just secure your essential belongings in the sip-top basket beneath the seat, strap in junior, and see where the day takes you! Once the fun is over, slow down with the integrated ergonomic handbrake and fold the stroller away with just a twist of the hand. Your family – and your body – will thank you.