Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Oven Steam Cleaner

If you’ve ever had to clean your microwave, you know it’s way more annoying than it has any business to be: by the time you want to clean it is full of flour, dust, gunky old cheese glued to the door, soup and tomato sauce everywhere… you have three choices: scrape it very well and do your best to enjoy the task not to dread the next time you’ll have to do it, be more careful and start microwaving things properly (we know you are not going to do this) or… the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner ! 

With this amazing little contraption just add vinegar and water and microwave it for 7 minutes, the steam comes out from mom’s head and the gunk would become soft and easy to wipe! No need for a stain remover. Easy to use, just remove mama’s hair to put the vinegar and water inside, and you are ready to go! No need for toxic chemical stain removers!

The angry mama microwave cleaner can be a perfect little gift for your child that is leaving the nest soon, for the bachelor friend that would rather his entire microwave away instead of cleaning it, or even for the mother that doesn’t like doing the chores, this cute, funny little gift could fit any house and be a great addition to just about any kitchen !

8.5Expert Score

Easily Clean the Crud in Minutes with the clever and fun microwave cleaner.

Easy to clean
Easy to use
Value for money

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