Anki Overdrive AI Intelligent Battle Racing Super truck

Toy trucks are amazing. It is incredibly fun to play with them, make them run over mounds of dirt, have them carry sand,.. you probably remember with nostalgia those days playing with your toy trucks, alone or with your friends, having the grandest time of your life, isn’t it? What if we told you it is possible to get that emotion once again? If you want to play with new, renovated toy trucks meet the ANKI Overdrive!

This line of oversized truck toy is also remote controlled for the most amazing, fun experience you could ever have, as they are controlled by an AI that you can teach and help grow, so the Anki overdrive develops its own game strategy! In fact, they come with an exclusive game that includes New Commanders and a new way to battle (Rage Mode), so you can make them confront other super trucks and become the reigning champion!

To have the Anki Overdrive function, you need the Starter Kit, and a compatible mobile device so you can install the app and start managing your devices! It doesn’t matter if you are a child, a child at heart or simply a truck geek: this amazing gadget is going to make you become excited to play with it and see it change every day! Log on into the app, change its strategy and Commanders, and see your truck change and grow into its own thing!

8.2Expert Score

Whenever you drive, they will chase you. And the better you play, the better they become.

Battery life

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