20 Best Apple AirPods Pro Cases

Take listening to music or podcasts up a notch with AirPods Pro and never be caught in a tangled situation again. When you invest in a delicate piece, it is only proper that you give it some tender loving care to stand the test of time. An Airpods Pro case is the perfect solution to safeguard and add a touch of character to your accessories. Find the case that suits your style, taking into consideration function and aesthetics. 

Things to Consider When Buying An AirPods Pro Case


If you are shelling out $175 to $200 on one piece of accessory, logic says it must be protected at all costs. The last thing you wanted is to see it drop on the floor with parts chipped off or completely damaged.

Adding a layer of protection through an AirPods case will give you peace of mind and comfort. With that being said, you’d want a case that is scratch-free and can withstand any fall. Nowadays, you can get cases in various colors and materials. Among the materials often used are Silicone, metal, plastic, leather, and textured fabric. AirPods Pro cases made from silicone, leather, and hard cases TPU are generally favored over materials made from plastic.

Loss Prevention

Some may find the size intimidating as one can easily damage it. Or worse, lose it. The size of the Airpods, plus the fact that it is wireless, is one reason why people shy away from it. This goes to users who are prone to losing their possessions. As such, having a case that has a lanyard or carabiner clip that you can hang on your backpack or keychain will solve the issue. Find a suitable case that offers this small detail that makes a huge difference in how to safe-keep your AirPods Pro.

Portable and Lightweight

Having a charging case on the go is one of the biggest charms it should bank on. AirPods Pro, by themselves, are featherweight and compact. In keeping up with this feature that has captured most consumers, you’d want to use a case that keeps them in the same state. Cases shouldn’t add significant weight to the earbuds. Silicone cases are ideal due to their weight and non-slip feature. The slim design makes it easy to slide in your pocket, hang on your backpack, or clip to your keychain.

Design & Style

Functional features are important but so are the design and style of the Airpods Pro cases. These are what sets them apart from the rest – you need to be able to express yourself even in your accessories. A unique and cool design adds a personal touch to your earbuds. Opt for a style that reflects either your love for minimalism or perky colors. Cases come in many shapes and forms including personalized skin to match your interest.

Here are some AirPod Pro cases that come in many shapes and forms including personalized skin to match your interest.

Best Airpods Pro Cases

VRS Design Modern Sand Stone Case

When you are after a minimalist look with a scratch-free surface, the VRS design is for you. Look sleek and sophisticated with the hard case with a grip. This is the perfect AirPods Pro case for anyone who prioritizes function and quality over everything else. Small items such as a case are kept in the corner or inner wallet of the purse which makes them prone to scratches. The scratch-free design makes it stand out aside from the fact that it provides an instant fit for your earbuds.

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Mini Car Case

Any car and music lovers in the house? If you are one of them, this mini car case is for you. Who could even resist an accessory when two of the things you love the most are rolled into one? This is why it is special. Protect your earbuds in a classy but chic case shaped like a miniature car. “Refuel” the case before heading out to recharge the AirPods Pro before you head out. Turn on the headlight of this mini car and get ready for a musical road trip. 

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A tough man doesn’t break even in the toughest storms. Gear him up with the Urban Armor and he will be the king of the world. This is the ideal AirPods Pro case to match the adventure-loving and risk-takers around the world. Urban Armor is tough on the outside but soft on the inside like your favorite fried chicken. The exterior is made from hard TPU, protecting the earbuds from scratch and drops, while the soft-touch silicone interior cradles the accessory safely inside.

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MONOCARBON Carbon Fiber Case

Who says AirPods Pro cases should be plain and boring all the time? Add some personality to it. Bring in the aesthetic of the glossy finished with conformable patterns. Do not underestimate its cute exterior because the shell is bulletproof and made from the same materials used for spacecraft and the like. It is scratch-free, lightweight, and slim. Wireless charging is a breeze with this case without having to remove the box.

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elago AW3 Silicone Case

Marry the old with the new in a fun way through the elago AW3. For the avid Apple fans out there, this is the best accessory that will complement your AirPods Pro. Bring back the days when you have the old monitors of Apple to house the newest product acquisition you have under the same brand. Keep the earbuds protected from shock and dust by enclosing them in a fun nostalgic case. Worry no more about your earbuds because they are safe and sound in the elago AW3 through its anti-slip feature.

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Speck Presidio Clickflip Case

Often found yourself dropping or losing AirPods Pro? The solution is to get a Speck Product. Feel secure knowing that your earbuds are safely tucked with your pouch or keychain through the attached carabiner. The case features a secure lock to keep the earphones in place. Safeguard your precious earbuds from dust, fall, and scratch through the case that offers 360-degree protection. Its matte, grippy outer texture makes it easy to hold. Charge right up before hitting the road through a wired or wireless connection.

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Bellroy Pod Jacket Pro Leather Case

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have a case with character. Bring in the leather to add a touch of elegance to your Airpods Pro and take its aesthetic up a notch. Leather-made products stand the test of time which makes them a viable investment for the long run. Its tailor-fit design secures the earbuds in place, ensuring you will use and enjoy your earphones for a long time. The Bellroy Pod Jacket comes with a lanyard which you can attach to your pouch or keys to never lose again.

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Catalyst Waterproof Case

Prevention is better than cure and in the case of an AirPods Pro – total destruction. People with active lifestyles must have a Catalyst waterproof case in their possession while trekking the mountains or sailing the sea. Catalyst is the ideal case to safeguard your AirPods Pro from external elements such as weather conditions. Swim or ride a boat without hesitation knowing your accessories are secured. Clip it somewhere you can see it easily such as your backpack or keychain. Remember to choose your favorite color to match your style.

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Marble Full Body Protective Case

Fashionistas will be elated to find a case they can flaunt around. The GVIEWIN Aurora series brings in an elegant shiny design with gold trimming or borders right into their case. Be mesmerized by the shiny exterior with a marble design capturing a classic, timeless piece that can be used for a long time. Pairing and accessibility are easy, even if you don’t remove the AirPods from the case. Charge comfortably and in style while everyone marvels at the exquisite design.

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Camera AirPods Pro Case

Be tough with harmful elements but soft and easy with your earbuds. Use the Cheeday camera case to add a layer of protection. Plus, the classic design brings back the memories from the 90s that are comforting and fun. Throwback to the days when people enjoy the analog way of life. Pair it with the modern phone accessory that makes listening to music easy and enjoyable. What’s good about Cheeday is that it goes beyond the aesthetic as it protects your earbuds from scratches and drops.

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POCKT AirPods Pro Case Cover

Ditch the usual black and white cases to the colorful POCKT AirPods Pro case. Make your accessory reflect your sunny disposition and stylish personality. A true head-turner that will make others wonder where they have been all their lives. The signature design makes it a must-have for people who love trendy or stylish accessories. Stylish and functional in every single way as it provides the same features other cases have.

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Game Controller Case

Gamers in the house, get ready to flex your obsession with both music and games through the game controller Airpods Pro case. Level up those cases to match your interest, rather than succumbing to the standard design. The 2 pack silicone case is all you need to keep your pods protected in style. It is chic and unique, an accessory that shouts your name even without trying. Best of all, it keeps your earbuds free from dirt, scratches, and fingerprints.

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Hello Kitty Case

Shower the person who brings out the rainbows and sunshine in your life with the cute Sonix x Cosmic Hello Kitty case. Nothing is as satisfying as finding an accessory that speaks for itself. Get on the rainbow to the Hello Kitty world. Captivate the user with all the features she won’t be able to resist. It is made from a hardcover but is still kept lightweight and portable. The non-slip feature ensures it stays on her hand and not on the floor.

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TALK WORKS AirPods Pro Case Cover

Pink can be shockingly beautiful when paired with an AirPods Pro. Make your case showcase your own persona, being soft and tough at the same time. Tough on the outside protecting the earbuds from dirt and shock. But with the pastel pink color, it exudes a feminine soft aura one can’t resist. The shock-absorbent case is perfect for empowered women who love the great outdoors and are ready to take on the world. It even comes with a keychain case that you can easily attach to your belt or bag.

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Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case

Add a pop of color to your accessory with the ice cream AirPods Pro case. Chill with your favorite sounds as you travel or go on with your busy day. Safeguard and charge your pods in this whimsical and fun case that will melt your heart. Beat the summer heat with the ice cream case that’s full of chills and thrills. Worry no more about the dust and shock with its cover made from premium silicone material. It looks soft and fluffy but tough on external elements.

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i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

Just one look and you can tell how exquisite and classy the i-Blason cosmo series case is. The marble pink, gray, and white design give it an edge over the rest. Protecting your AirPods Peo in a stylish way, no other cases can do. It goes beyond beauty, its functional features are as astounding as its aesthetic. Lightweight and compact, it makes an ideal accessory even for formal occasions. The wrist straps let you carry your earbuds without the hassle and are a sure head-turner.

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Case-Mate Protective Case

You will never lose your AirPods Pro again with this bright Fuschia case you can tag along wherever you go. Slide in your pods in the silicon case and never worry about a thing ever again. The outer layer protects the earbuds from shock and dust. Plus, it also provides easy lightning port access and wireless charging so you don’t have to bring the pods out to recharge. With the circular ring clip, you can attach it to your keychain

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elago Duo AirPods Pro Case

AirPods popping out of the case can be a turndown for some. But with elago Duo, you will never encounter this problem ever again. The Airpods Pro fits snugly in the case just like two peas in a pod. When it’s inside the case, you can have peace of mind knowing it is free from scratch and dust. Even if the case drops on the ground, the earbuds are intact. The mint green and brown color give off that yummy green apple aesthetic that will make you warm and fuzzy.

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MARBLEFY Custom Name Case

What can get better than having your name imprinted on your AirPods Pro? Marblefy made it possible to get it customized to include your name on the case. It is the icing on the cake on what could have been almost a perfect case to keep your earbuds case protected all the time. Inside the package, you will get the custom clear rubber case with your name on it, and a detachable keychain and neck running strap which you can attach to your belt or bag. Never mix up your case with other people again especially since it has been personalized for you.

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Spigen Classic Shuffle

Bringing the old but gold classic with the Spigen classic shuffle case. Surprise everyone with a case that might confuse everyone around you. Outside, it looks like the timeless MP3 shuffle but it is actually an MP3. No one can ever go wrong with a retro-designed case that brings memories from the yesteryears. The silicone layer of the case gives extra protection and shock absorption. Keep your AirPods Pro looking brand new with the case, maintaining its scratch-free surface.

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