Lunatec Aquabot Sport Water Bottle BPA Free

Aquabot water bottle is a High-pressure water bottle. It allows you to cool off, clean off, hydrate and even have fun. It has shower, stream and mist patterns and sprays over 25-feet. Switch between stealth and pulse modes for more control over your water and pressure.

These bottles are not only perfect for youth sports, military, camping, pets… but also built to be durable and easily maintained. You can easily disassemble and reassemble for repair and cleaning without any tools. Spare parts are available to keep your bottle working a long time. What’s more, It also comes with a variety of advantages including BPA free, requiring no batteries, and ultra-lightweight.

Aquabot water bottle makes any water-related chore easier and more fun, especially drinking. It comes with variable flow control trigger so you can use just the right amount of water. It is simply the most functional and fun water bottle ever. You’ll find Aquabot useful for hundreds of tasks. However, it’s Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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