Aquabot Water Bottle a Pressurized Mister Camp Shower & Hydration in one

If you love camping, trekking, hiking… you probably know the value of a good water bottle: it can literally save your life in the case of an emergency. Wouldn’t it be nice if your water bottle could not only keep your water fresh and in a drinkable state but also provide many other different uses? If you’ve ever considered this, met the Aquabot Water Bottle, a water bottle so efficient that it will make all your other water bottles get early retirement.

The Aquabot water bottle has a special nozzle that allows you not only to drink like a sad peasant without a special nozzle: choose between four modes (mist, shower, steam or spray), pump the bottle to build a pressure and spray your sweat off, mist your face on hot days or shower your glasses clean.

This amazing bottle can be useful for anyone: no matter if you go camping or if you are in the beach, no matter if you need to clean your pets or wash your hands in the middle of a hike, this BPA free bottle will never give you up or let you down!

8.9Expert Score

Simplify your backpacking trip and make water usage more versatile and efficient.

For traveling
Easy to use

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