Army Toys for Nerf CS Battle 60mm Caliber Foam Soft Bullet Launcher

Boys love war, this is a fact. They love playing with knives, guns, bombs and pretending to be the brave, strong sergeant leading their underdog platoon to victory against all the odds. They love playing pretend combat with their friends and are often asking for toys that could be considered “violent”. If you have a macho man kid, we have a perfect, fun toy to give him for the next birthday: The Goshfun replica army toys!

The incredibly cool army toys for Nerf CS Battle will allow you to launch soft foam bullets with this really cool mortar! No assembly, no hassle and no batteries needed: this set comes with everything you need to get to playing right away, without having to build anything, and the rounds can be shot by using the spring in the back of the mortar, so you don’t have to bother with batteries! 

This 60mm Caliber Foam mortar toy is also really sturdy and strong, so even rough play won’t damage it, and the foam bullets are soft, malleable and completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt if they end up getting hit by one. However, the foam bullets and the mortar are made for each other and can’t be used with any other army toys: the foam bullets don’t work with other mortars, the mortar doesn’t work with other bullets.

In conclusion, this absolutely fun, cool, crazy toy will have your kid screaming and jumping with delight while pretending to be a commander of the US Army! 

8.2Expert Score

Looking for army toys? Add a great fun on your wishlist with the foam bullet launcher.

Easy to launch

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