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Your entire life changes when you have children, as they become your absolute first priority, even before yourself. And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as babies are completely helpless and dependent on the parents for absolutely the most basic things, like being fed, being cleansed or being bathed. 

However, there are times for every new mom when your little ones refuse to take a bath and you have no ideas what to do. Your love for your babies makes you want to give them everything they might ever need or want( even if they want the stars, I know many of you are doing this). But they just keep doing what they want to and ignore everything you tell them, quite frustrated, right? Well, if you want to keep them entertained while you are bathing them, you should probably consider getting some extra cute baby bath toys. 

This baby bath toys come in different colours and feature different animals to stimulate your baby’s senses and creativity. They have plenty of uses: put them underwater so they get filled up, and you can use them to squirt water, hide them to play hide and seek, pretend to hatch them from their cute little egg…but they can also be educational by teaching a kid what happens when you fill them with water, why do they float and sink, help them distinguish colours among many others ! 

As a little one’s attention is easily distracted, these funny baby toys help them concentrate on the game while you are bathing them. On top of that, since the toys’ target audience is kids, they are made out of completely safe materials, and they are free of phthalates, PVC, formaldehyde and other chemical compounds that might pose a problem for your baby.

They are also free of small parts that might get swallowed and completely odour and taste-free in case your baby decides to bite them. Next time you take a bath with your kids, try to get something like these lovely, cute bath baby toys for a more fun and enriching time that will bring you closer together with your baby.

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Make bathtime fun again and enjoy the splashy fun with some baby bath toys.

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