26 Brave Baby Gifts That Will Improve Your Adventures Together

Looking for aaaw-worthy baby gifts? Babies are born adventurers. They came into this world to explore new possibilities, learn what it’s like to be human, find playfulness in everything and spread joy to all the adults who dare cross their path. The super flexible bodies, the powerful cries (that can be heard miles away) and all those cute smiles, they have come to conquer this world with the power of love.

If you’re a parent, you might have noticed that while your baby is growing so are you. Whenever you play with your kid, don’t you feel like the world is a different place? Have you started seeing things with different eyes? Why is your daughter so interested in that lamp? Why are you suddenly so interested in that lamp as well? As a way to celebrate growth, both for babies and for their parents, check out the best baby gifts that will surely improve your adventures together.

Best Baby Gifts

Baby Boys Girls Cleaning Mop Romper

The expenses of having a baby can be taxing, but you don’t have to give up on the smart vacuum cleaner just because there is a new member in the family! Acquire this baby mop romper, dress your baby as a human mop, and just watch as he crawls around the house, leaving a trail of cleanliness behind! He does it for fun, but consider repaying for the cleaning effort with extra playtime, cuddling or by opening a savings account for college!

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Child Shoulder Seat

Remember the last time you went hiking? The fresh air, a beautiful sun in the sky, the smell of leaves and earth. Sitting in a meadow to eat a snack… Have you stopped doing it just because you had a baby? What kind of excuse is that? With this shoulder carrier backpack, you can take everything you need for your outdoor adventure, and your child will be comfortably sitting on top of your shoulders! The real gift here is you taking your baby to get to know the great outdoors!

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Owlet Smart Green Sock Baby Monitor

We know what you’re thinking. No, these socks will not make your baby smart, as babies are the smartest entities in the world. These socks work in a different manner: while they’re keeping those adorable feet warm, they also read the vitals of your baby and feeds them to an app on your phone. You can now be comfortable knowing that everything is fine, and your baby will be able to put all those smarts into growing up to be a great adult!

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Rechargeable Stroller Lights

Have you seen the Fast and Furious movies? Do you know there is an underground scene of baby stroller racing? Get your babies ready for action with these stroller lights. Style up your ride with multiple-colored LED lights that will command some mad respect in the street, head to the nearest drag strip and compete with other new moms for ultimate glory. Don’t forget to dress up your baby as one of the characters of the franchise!

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Baby Viking Hat

The frightening northern men came in longboats to pillage and conquer faraway lands. They drank, sang songs, longed for Valhalla and were a vicious bunch. Your baby came to conquer your hearts, to spread that adorable laugh everywhere and put smiles on everyone’s faces with an incomparable relentlessness. See the connection? If you have a love Viking at home, get this adorable gift to aid in the conquest!

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Star Wars Complete Yoda Costume

Yoda is one of the shortest characters in the Star Wars universe, and one of the most proficient users of the Force at the same time. We feel that babies are equivalent: they are tiny when compared to adults, but they use their bodies so much better than we do. The connection of these ideas is at hand with this baby Yoda costume! Great to use in day-to-day life or to initiate your youngest in Star Wars cosplay events! When this costume you gift, balanced the Force will be!

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Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Okay, we have 10 liters of milk, 3 packs of diapers, 12 bottles of mashed fruit and a gift set of wooden building blocks. Oh, of course! And a big beautiful baby on top! Strap this baby hammock in your shopping cart and take your baby for a relaxing tour inside a big supermarket. Show all your favorite sections of it, introduce your baby to that nice lady in the bakery, and maybe ask your baby for some advice! Should I take this shampoo… or that one?

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Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder

Did you wish you had an extra hand when feeding your baby? Your wishes come true! This baby bottle holder will keep that bottle fixed over your chest so you can use both hands to tend to your baby. This gift is the true definition of a hands-free baby bottle! Your son will feel more comfortable with both your hands holding him gently.

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Baby Airplane Bed

If you have to travel a lot by plane or maybe just need to fly to your hometown to have the rest of the family meet the newcomer, this inflatable baby airplane bed is the ultimate solution. It is conveniently portable as you get inside the plane; once there, inflate it and put it in the foot space in front of the middle seat; and now you have a very spacious area for your baby to lie down and rest during the flight. A really ingenious gift that will make air travel more comfortable for babies around the world!

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Newborn Comfort Cushion

Does your baby have trouble after eating? Those nasty colics? That can be solved very easily with this gift. Technology comes to your baby’s aid with this comfort cushion: just strap your baby on top and turn on the gentle vibration and heartbeat sounds to create a womb-like experience that feels familiar and safe to your young one. After a while, the digestion will ease and you both will be able to rest!

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Tactical Baby Carrier

Eagle One to Hawk One. We are now securing the payload in the tactical carrier. It is made of 600D Tactical Polyester, ensuring maximum resistance and durability, and features a series of straps that adapts to the baby as it grows, allowing him to face your chest or the outside world. Hawk One do you copy? Thank you for this gift, over!

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Baby Soft Play mat

This adorable baby play mat makes the perfect gift. The mat comes in a choice of three patterns and is ideal for allowing a baby to spend some time playing in complete comfort. New parents often require somewhere safe to allow their baby to explore and play and this mat is the answer to this problem. The product is reversible and toxin-free, not to mention being super easy to clean which is great news for parents! The design is simple yet intriguing and is one of the most useful baby gifts you could give.

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Bedside Sleeper

One of the most inconvenient things about being a new parent is having to get up many times during the night and go to the baby’s room when they cry out for you. How much easier would it be if you could give a gift that totally eradicates the need to do this? The bedside sleeper attaches to the parent’s bed and allows mom and dad to be close to the baby if they need them during the night. The bedside sleeper is mobile and adjustable for added convenience and is super comfortable so that the baby gets the best night’s sleep possible.

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Blooming Bath Lotus

Coming in a choice of nine colors, the blooming bath lotus is one of the most beautiful looking baby gifts you could give. Many babies find it stressful being put into a bath of water and this can make bath time a frustrating experience for both the baby and the parents. However, using this innovative bath lotus, the new parents will be able to bath their baby in comfort and safety, providing a nicer experience all around. The bath lotus comes in a soft material and folds away easily in between uses which is great for those with smaller spaces, as we all know baby things take up a lot of room!

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Newton Breathable Crib Mattress

This super soft and comfortable baby crib mattress makes an ideal gift for the new baby. Having somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep is absolutely essential for any new baby. One of the big things that need to be brought when preparing a nursery is a baby crib mattress, and by giving one as a gift, you are not only providing a useful present but are also saving the new parents from having to buy one of the bigger items.

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Shoulder Saddle Carrier

On the same note as the aforementioned gift, here’s a shoulder carrier seat for the regular days in town. Wear it over your shoulders, secure it well, and then secure your baby there on top. Now you can go anywhere in style, be it shopping, opening a bank account, watching a football game, sitting in the park… the sky is the limit!

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Silicone Suction Placemat for Babies

Mealtimes can be messy and unorganized but with the busy baby mat, you can rest assured that the baby will remain entertained in between courses and whilst waiting for their food to be cooked. The mat features a variety of teething toys which can have toys attached and comes in two stylish colors to fit in with the decor of the home. The mat also has suction cups to keep it in place whilst baby plays and is super easy to clean which is an absolute must for the messy baby at dinner time!

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Baby Teething Toys & Pacifiers

Many babies have a tough time when it comes to teething and this is why these teething toys make an excellent gift for a baby. The product comes in a choice of four designs which are all amazingly adorable and is designed to have teething and pacifiers attached. One of the most notable features of this one is that it is much longer than many similar products meaning that it can be used in a more versatile way.

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Puj Flyte Baby Travel Tub

Bathing baby when in a location other than the home can often prove to be difficult but with this compact and highly useful travel baby tub, this problem can be resolved. It can also be used within the home to make bath time a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The baby travel tub comes in two different colors, so you can choose either white or grey to fit in with the parent’s preferences and is the perfect size to fit snugly into most sinks. The product is designed to protect and cradle the baby whilst he or she bathes and gives them a sense of pure comfort.

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Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

One of the first questions that new parents are asked is how much did their baby weigh? They are then asked this question many times over the coming months as friends and family are keen to find out how the baby is progressing. But the parents may not always have access to a baby scale, this is where the smart changing pad comes in. Not only is it a great and comfortable place to change your baby but with a built-in scale, the new parents will always know how heavy their little angel is.

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Bentley 6-in-1 Baby Stroller

If you are looking for extra special baby gifts then why not truly help out the new parents and give this beautiful stroller which comes in a beautiful range of colors to suit every taste. With baby’s safety at the forefront, the stroller comes with a five-point seatbelt system and rear brakes as well as a single front wheel for greater control for the parent.

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The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller

This compact and attractive looking stroller is great for times when the parents need a good stroller for things such as vacations and travel. It comes in a good selection of colors and claims to be the smallest foldable stroller in the world. Perfect for those with limited space in the home or car. Despite being small, this stroller is highly durable and will withstand a lot, making it one of the most useful baby gifts that you could give.

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Baby Hipsterkid Gentleman Mustachifier

For those who are looking for baby gifts which will bring a smile to the face of the new parents, then this hilarious pacifier fits the bill perfectly. It comes in a variety of designs including the cowboy and the gentleman and gives the appearance that the baby has a mustache at the same time as providing the baby with the comfort that a pacifier can bring.

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TempTraq 24-Hour Intelligent Baby Fever Monitor

Making sure that the baby remains as healthy as possible is every parent’s main priority and so giving this fever monitor as a gift is a great way for parents to stay on top of their baby’s health. Fitted with an alarm to alert parents via their smartphone when the baby becomes too hot, they can always make sure that any fever is dealt with quickly and effectively. The device is single-use but lasts for either 24 or 48 hours and so is ideal for overnight use when the baby has not been well.

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Dumbbell Baby Rattle

Babies have a way of making us smile and laugh, even when they have no intention of doing so. For instance, when they pick up the dumbbell rattle, a child’s only goal is to enjoy the fun sound the toy makes. For new dads and moms out there, however, the image of his baby with a dumbbell in hand is downright hilarious. Looking for a gift that can put a smile on the faces of both dad and baby? This one is the gift for you.

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Baby Bathtub Toy

Your love for your babies makes you want to give them everything they might ever need or want. But they just keep doing what they want to and ignore everything you tell them, quite frustrated, right? Well, if you want to keep them entertained while you are bathing them, you should probably consider getting some cute baby bath toys.

This pop up egg comes in different colors and feature different animals to stimulate your baby’s senses and creativity. They have plenty of uses: put them underwater so they get filled up, and you can use them to squirt water, hide them to play hide and seek, pretend to hatch them from their cute little egg… As a little one’s attention is easily distracted, these funny baby toys help them concentrate on the game while you are bathing them. 

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Your entire life changes when you have children, as they become your absolute first priority, even before yourself. And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as babies are completely helpless and dependent on the parents for absolutely the most basic things, like being fed, being cleansed or being bathed. So why not making your adventure a bit more interesting with some unique baby gifts?

Whether you are thinking of buying a gift for your own baby or maybe someone who you know has just brought a bundle of joy into the world and you want to get a gift to welcome them, there are a huge range of choices though. For those struggling for the best gift ideas for babies. In this article, we have put together a list of some of the most interesting and beautiful baby gifts that you could give. Next time you make the decision, try to get something like these lovely, cute , and awesome gifts for babies for a more fun and enriching time that will bring you closer together with your little ones.

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