Backwards Clock 12'' Reverse Clock Runs Counterclockwise

Are you a bit of a “troll”? Have fun confusing your friends and family alike? Are you one of those terribly evil bosses that frequently appear in American movies and enjoy making the poor employees as miserable as possible during work hours? Are you simply into quirky, crazy, kitsch fun decor? Then this Backwards Clock is the perfect, fun crazy gadget for you!

This hilarious backwards clock is not only printed the other way around, but it also runs in reverse for extra confusion! It measures 12 inches, and the black numbers on a white background make it really easy to read (you know, to take away from the fact that it RUNS BACKWARDS). Easy to hang and low consumption, this backwards clock only needs 1 AA battery to work, and it is sturdy and durable in the case of falls.

This backwards clock is perfect as a gag gift, a metaphor for the passage of time, a reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey, Alice in Wonderland photoshoots and to confuse, upset and frustrate your pupils by hanging it in the classroom if you are one of those teachers that love to see the despair in the eyes of those you are teaching.

However, you have to admit, that it’s actually also really helpful to teach kids how to read a clock (even if it runs counterclockwise) and help them develop reverse thinking mode, reverse engineering, lateral thinking skills, transposition thinking and teaching them how to become ingenious and creative.

9.3Expert Score

Sometimes we just need to look back and think differently.

Value for money

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