Baking Cups Muffin Tops Jean Style Cup

Have you ever heard of the term “muffin top”? It is pretty spot-on, isn’t it? A bit of fat spilling over the sides of your pants because you are chubby, just like muffins tend to spill on the sides of the paper cups they are made in because they grew. If you are a baker or a fan of muffins, you are going to giggle like a schoolgirl as soon as you see this: meet the muffin top baking cups!

These tiny baking cups replicate the look of your regular mom jeans so you can get a literal and figurative muffin top when you put your favorite cake batter inside them, isn’t that grand! These little jean muffin baking cups are made out of food-grade silicone, so not only are they microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, but they are also health hazard free! No phthalates, no BPA, and easy to clean, to boot! What’s not to love about them !? In addition, they come inside a little fun and colorful box so you can give them as a gift. 

These little muffin top baking cups are perfect for the chubby baker in your life, for anyone that loves to bake, people that are into funny puns and gag gifts or anyone that is into absolutely adorable gadgets because of looking at them! They are so cute you could eat them up! (Which technically you can if you cook by using them ! They are absolutely brilliant, aren’t they ?)

9.3Expert Score

Make cakes look like never before! Replace your ordinary baking cups and turn it into a funny muffin top.

Easy to clean
Budget friendly

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