Batman Blanket Adult Comfy Blanket DC Comics

Remember the funny, hilarious, ridiculous Snuggies commercial, and how it became a meme? If you don’t, for the love of all that is dear, go see it: it’s hilarious. If you do, it’s possible that you low key want a blanket with sleeves as it is peak comfy to be able to lay in the sofa super warm and still have your hands free to snack on some Doritos. However, you might be put off by the design of the classic blanket with sleeves as it is a bit sad and not appealing. This is where the batman blanket comes as a rescue. 

This fantastic contraption will kick your lazy evenings in the sofa up a notch by making you super warm and super cool. Made 100% out of polyester and 48 inches for 71 inches, this batman blanket is not only insanely fashionable and cool, but also really comfy and warm.

Meanwhile, it can be machine washed and put in the dryer, which will really help you not have to do much when those lazy evenings turn into lazy weeks where you aren’t up for much. (Disclaimer: if you offer the batman blanket as a gift, it might have the side effect of working too well… which will end up with the gifted not wanting to ever again wear anything else which is kinda annoying but oh well, it happens to the most of us).

9.1Expert Score

Show people that the dark knight also has a lazy evening in the sofa...

Gag gift
Easy to wash
Super soft

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