Beard Bib for Shaving and Trimming

If you have ever lived with a man or if you are one yourself you already know that they look great when they shave their beard, but the aftermath of this task is gruesome: hair on the sink, hair on the floor, hair on him, hair on you… and if you don’t clean properly you are going to end up with a clogged sink and stray hairs all over yourself and the house for weeks if not months (and let’s be honest, cleaning the stray hairs can be an absolute pain in the rear end). However, fret not because the clean up after shaving has just become 20% easier: meet the beard bib!

The beard bib is a gigantic bib designed to catch those stray hairs that happen when you are shaving: attach the neck-straps, hold the end of the bib and attach the suction cups to the mirror for an easy post-shaving cleanup experience. Incredibly convenient, this bib will save you time and annoyance by cutting your cleaning time in half.

Once you are done shaving just hold the ends of the bib and empty I of hair on top of a trash bag, and that’s it. The beard bib is made out of high-quality materials, and it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. Perfect for lazy bachelors that need to take care of their beards or for the frustrated wives of those men that refuse to clean up after themselves.

6.9Expert Score

Groom without leaving a mess of whiskers behind!

Easy to use
Suction power

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