Bedroom Lamps A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Have you ever watched the Christmas classic A Christmas story? Then you probably remember the Leg lamp of indescribable beauty, don’t you? The Major Award? It has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the movie, and it has spurred plenty of fanart, costumes, and all sorts of stuff related to it. Would you like to have your own Major Award? Then, here comes the bedroom lamps replica!

This amazing replica of the leg lamp of the movie is not only funny, cool, and quirky: it is perfectly functional. Measuring roughly 21 cms and coming with a completely functional light bulb, this extremely detailed, zany bedroom lamp will light up (heh !) the room of any A Christmas Story fan, and will be a conversation starter for anyone that sees it, not only fans of the movie.

In addition, the heat distribution of this leg lamp is really nice, and no part of it gets too hot, which comes in handy if you have kids in your house (let’s be real: they are going to want to touch the lamp, and kids will do anything they set their minds to. It’s best to stop trying to fight inevitabilities and prevent accidents, instead)

All in all, this fantastically fun, quirky, zany bedroom lamp is a perfect gift for any fan of A Christmas Story, but it can also work perfectly as a gag gift for anyone: the sexy leg peeking out of the lamp’s skirt will have anyone chuckling!

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Get into the holiday spirit with the unique designed bedroom lamps.

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