19 Cool Bedside Lamps That’ll Create a Statement in Your Bedroom

A bedroom doesn’t feel complete without its signature bedside lamp. Also known as a nightstand, it is what transforms the ambiance in a sleeping quarter. The quintessential bedroom lamp has a vase-like body with a tube, a lightbulb, and a lampshade often in a neutral shade. However, times have changed and bedside lamps have evolved over time. With a wide variety to choose from, finding one that suits your taste and needs is interesting and fun.

Unique & Cool Bedside Lamps

Heng Balance Lamp

Get playful with a Heng balance lamp. Unlike the standard nightstand with lamp shade and lightbulb, the balance lamp challenges gravity using magnetic wooden balls. Its charm doesn’t end there as it operates using the balls.

The concept in itself is amazing as something you rarely see in lamps. By lifting the lower ball to connect with the upper ball, the light turns on. To turn it off, you can pull down the wooden ball. It emits a dim light that can be adjusted in 6 settings. Decorate the space with the warm hue from it and create a magical effect like no other.

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Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

Three-in-one appliances are always a delight especially if you have two unlikely combinations such as a lamp and speaker. The Ampulla bedside lamp is not only a nightstand but a wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker at the same time. All jam-packed in a naturally elegant lamp that can fit perfectly on a bedside table. Maximizing small spaces is a game-changer for young adults moving to their own place or students in college.

Connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speaker with a soft tap on the controls. You can also charge your smartphone under the lamp without the need for a charging cable. Reading a book while listening to music is effortless with a multi-functional lamp next to the bed.

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VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Lamp

Defy gravity with a floating lamp that suspends in mid-air. Amaze young and old alike with the magical forces of the magnetic levitation technique. It makes a great conversation piece for the members of the household, especially for the curious children who are in awe of the elegant piece.

Make science interesting and fun for the tots and the curious mind through the lamp that is powered via wireless transmission. Delight elder folks with its simple, industrial design that is both fancy and unique. Look cool and chic as you turn on the lamp with a base that doubles as a wireless Qi phone charger.

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SkyeyArc 4-Circle Dimmable Lamp

In the circle of light, anyone will be mesmerized by its beauty. The modern design is a sight to behold and creates a statement in any room. Create a good impression on anyone who sees it for the first time – not the typical lamp but an artistic dimmable modern round one.

This lamp with circles stacked on top of one another is a decorative art by itself. When the moon comes up and it lights up, its charming hue can transform the cold into a warm night. Change the brightness to match your mood or to set the tone in the space.

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Vocevos Modern Table Lamp

Do you want a variety of colors popped up in your room? Be unique but cool with the RGB bedside lamp to accompany you throughout the night. Why settle for white when you can have a multicolor lamp? Break the monotonous white lamp and swap it out with an RGB lamp that changes the hue with a swipe.

The plug-and-play feature makes the seemingly complicated lamp fun and user-friendly. Switch it up from the relaxed mood to party mode in a snap. The unique design with the multicolor light adds a youthful ambiance perfect for kids and the young at heart.

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Bay6 Design Gravity Flip Lamp

For people who want to keep the relaxed and warm ambiance in the bedroom, a minimalist lamp is the way to go. The lightning in a room can make all the difference as it can induce sleep or make the eyes pop out all night. Bay6 lamp provides a minimalist design with a twist. It is cordless and flexible as it can be flipped around.

The gravity flip lamp gives off ample light to brighten up any space, compatible for reading or looking for something under the bed. Dim it off to transform it into a nightlight for those who fear the dark. When the light is out after 48 hours, simply recharge it in the afternoon to last throughout the night.

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Handcrafted Calcite Table Lamp

Set a stone on fire and watch it with your naked eyes. It may sound absurd but it is the experience you get when you power up the Phiestina Calcite table lamp. Bring nature inside your bedroom through the soft and warm light coming from authentic natural calcite.

Nothing less but nature’s goodness delivered right into your sleeping quarters. Experience the warm light from the bedside lamp made from natural calcite. And because it is handcrafted, each piece is one of its kind. Nature’s beauty can not be replaced as it always carries a warm earthy feeling that relaxes you in an instant.

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My Cinema Lightbox

For an avid moviegoer from the 70s to 90s, nothing is as exciting as checking the title of the movie available for viewing on the Cinema Lightbox. Bring the excitement home through the “My Cinema Lightbox.” Create your own message or copy a quote on the board that doubles us as a night lamp.

It is a replica of the old cinema boards in the early years. The miniature design can be propped up next to the bed. Zest it up with a simple message that’s heartwarming and beautiful for the one you love. It is the last thing they see before they hit the sack and the first thing they see as they open their eyes.

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Wooden Book Light

Bookworms will be ecstatic at the sight of the folding book lamp. Inspire readers to keep reading through the enchanting folding book lamp that will blow anyone’s mind away. It is as if a magical world is waiting between the pages for whoever jumps in. Writers and other artists can draw inspiration from the out-of-this-world lamp.

Without the light, the wooden book is a work of art. At night, it creates a world of its own. Set it next to the bed for the ambient light that will lull you to sleep and dream of wonderful things.

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Philips SmartSleep Light

Who doesn’t want to sleep when the sun sets and wakes up when the sun rises? The busy lifestyle has made it almost impossible to attune the body to nature’s clock, but technology has made it possible to adjust the environment to your sleeping habit. Simulate the same experience to fit your lifestyle through the help of the Philips SmartSleep lamp.

Connect the Philips Wake-Up Light to the SleepMapper app to customize the time when it simulates the sunset and sunrise. Waking up as the sun rises is scientifically proven to give a boost of energy in the morning. Improve your sleep by making the most out of it.

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Lepro Smart Table Lamp

With Alexa, everything in the house can be customized to meet your needs, that includes the light fixture in your bedroom. Go hands-free in controlling the setting of your Lepro smart table lamp to match your mood for the day.

The Lepro smart lamp can be connected via an app to make Alexa do the work. Control it anywhere to create a relaxing ambiance as soon as you get home. Or, set a schedule to turn on or off the light to match your preferred time. Change the setting anytime you please from energizing daylight to amber night light.

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Stone Table Lamp

Simple doesn’t need to be plain or boring like a cheap lamp. Bring the zen-like feels to your home with the ceramic stone table lamp. Shades of gray can be wholesome and peaceful, thanks to the stone table lamp.

It mimics stones set on top of each other, painted in a variety of black and gray hues. Paired with a matching gray tone lampshade, it transforms the bedroom into a serene landscape by the beach or by a Japanese Zen garden. Simple Designs Shades of Gray Lamp fits well in a black-themed or monochromatic bedroom as a single or in pair placed on either side of the bed.

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Tiffany Style Bedside Table Lamp

Reserved for individuals who have class and elegance, these Tiffany lamps are the luxurious belles in a household. Perfect as a housewarming gift for the VIPs in your life – your mom or best friend. Decorate any home in style with a retro, earthy feel.

Even Tinkerbell will be thrilled at the stained-glass flower-shaped lampshade. This is set on top of a body that replicates a branch with leaves. Each piece is handcrafted to reflect the timelessness of stained glass-designed home decorations. Suitable for Victorian-style bedrooms or shabby chic rooms that are fit for a princess living in the countryside.

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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is more than a lamp that sheds light, it’s a healing lamp that changes life. In decorating your home or searching for the most suitable present for a loved one, d’aplomb natural Himalayan salt lamp is a must.

Redefine the purpose of a lamp through the crystal rock salt lamp. A true gift of nature that delivers the warmth and comforting power of the great outdoors home. The rose-shaped lamp beautifies not only the home but also uplifts the health of the owner. Cast a shade of yellow-orange to any space while emitting negative ions to ease fatigue and for better sleep.

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3D Printing Lunar Lamp

When you can’t catch the stars, aim for the moon instead. Capture the moon in the palm of your hand through the moon lamp. Delight the young ones in your household with this out-of-this-world lunar lamp.

Let not darkness scare the kids to sleep. The lunar light casts warm and cool white in the stillness of the night to accompany them in their slumber. It creates a magical illusion of the actual moon’s surface as the details are based on the photo captured by NASA. Learn while sleeping in the most interesting and fun way ever. Inspire your kids to dream of the stars and moons, maybe one day they will set foot on the moon.

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Tenergy Lumi Bloom Lamp

Who says bedside lamps are only made to light up a dark space? What if it can light up your imagination too? Tenergy Lumi nightstand does just that. It sparks creativity and lights up the night. Tenergy comes with 8 warm white bulbs propped in a branch-like body. When overhead light is daunting, switch to the Tenergy Nightstand for your bedroom to create endless possibilities.

Stimulate those creative minds to transform the branches in various ways. And use it for other purposes such as a jewelry holder or as a decorative stand for ornaments. Connect with a smart outlet to control it via Alexa or directly plus it to a wall switch.

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Brightech Halo Split Floor Lamp

Individuals who don’t like having a nightstand may opt for a floor lamp in their bedroom. The Brightech Halo Split is the best option for the bedroom that has a set sofa or armchair for reading and watching movies.

Its sleek, modern design creates a minimalist effect in a room while casting a soft white glow. It comes with a dimmable setting operated via a simple touch. No need to grapple in the dark to find the switch. Its touch switch can turn it on and off, aside from changing its brightness. Have more space for other items due to its slim design.

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Bandwagon Designer Headboard Lamp

Studio apartments or tiny spaces may not have extra space for a nightstand. Worry no more because you can get the benefit of a bedside lamp through the Bandwagon. You don’t need a table, all you need is a headboard to make this work.

The Bandwagon designer adjustable lamp can be attached to the headboard using the wires provided. No installation is needed, simply hook it in place. For people who love to read in bed to induce sleep, this is the perfect partner. Maximize the space in your tiny apartment without sacrificing functionality through the headboard light.

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Umbrella Pleat Design Lamp

Complete the Asian-themed bedroom with pleated lampshades. Rather than the usual nightstands, opt for the umbrella lamp. It mimics the parasols used in Asia, creating this Zen-like ambiance that will make the bedrooms stand out from the rest.

Sleep in style with these posh, retro pleated lampshades that can transport you to Asia in your dreams. The bendable body is an interesting feature that allows for endless design styles. Made from sturdy fabric, its pleated shades can withstand heat. Add a touch of simple elegance to your room by putting one umbrella on either side of the bed.

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