Beer Koozie Nana's Boobies and Beer Holder

It is well known that the best friends of a man are boobies and beer. They love both, they would die for both, they would scream, jump, and sing sea shanties out of happiness if they could combine both, somehow. Well, worry not because we have found a way: this boobie beer koozie.

This boobie beer koozie is not only really, really cute but also practical: made out of crochet, it helps you keep your hands warm when holding a freezing beer (while also keeping the beer cold, isn’t that amazing !). Also, don’t worry: this firm, supple knit tits will always stay in shape and deal with the ravages of time perfectly: don’t worry about them looking like two fried eggs hung from a nail after a handful of years.

In addition, this tiny little crochet gadget is really cute in addition to being really dirty: it legitimately looks like your granny spent hours painstakingly knitting it for you!

This beer koozie could be a fun, great gift for all those that have a dirty mind and a great sense of humour, for white elephant parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings, bridal showers, Father’s day gift, gifts for family members that have just become of age or are going to college… all in all, this funny crochet boobie koozie is a great, funny gift that will just about anybody crack up and ask where did you get it.

9.1Expert Score

If you want attention, then this is it! The best gag gift ever for wine enthusiasts.

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