29 Best Bike Accessories to Conquer Any Mishaps

Bicycle enthusiasts know that gearing up your bike doesn’t only revolve around modifying the bike. To get the best experience in any ride, you need to equip yourself with high-quality bike accessories. However, finding the right ones is not very easy – what you have to do is narrow down on how you usually use your two-wheel ride: leisure, professional racing, or going to work. This will help you identify which accessories will fit your lifestyle. Drill down on what you need to make each riding experience an unforgettable one. Here are some best bike accessories to choose from:

Best Bike Accessories

VentaPak Ventilation Backpack Spacer

Staying fresh while biking down the street may sound like a distant idea. But it is achievable with VentaPak. For cyclists who always have their knapsacks at bay, VentaPak is the accessory you never realized you need. The ventilation spacer allows air to flow freely between your backpack and back. Made from mesh and neoprene, it makes wearing a backpack comfortable because it provides relief to the lower back and corrects posture.

The ventilated space provides maximum airflow keeping your back cool and fresh. Ideal, not only for biking but also for traveling, hiking, and camping. Simply attach VentaPak to your backpack and adjust it to fit your bag. Easily detach and switch to another backpack any time of the day.

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Universal Smartphone Bike Handlebar Mount

Cyclists who can’t leave without their smartphones will love the HandleBand smartphone mount. HandleBand provides a great alternative to setting up your smartphone next to the handlebars. Instead of ravaging through your bag, it allows you to check your phone in a snap.

It is compatible with most handlebars because of the flexible silicone strap. Put your phone where it is visible and accessible so you can check the maps and apps while on the go. Bonus, the base can also operate as a bottle opener. Position your phone, horizontal or vertical, to whatever suits you. Stay hands-free while enjoying the ride and keeping your phone at bay.

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KNOG Oi Classic S Bicycle Bell

Ditch the old-school bell or horn and swap them with the modern ring bicycle bell. Small yet powerful, the bicycle bell makes a big sound despite its size. Only 15 mm in width, it can even go unnoticeable on your handlebar. Thus, it doesn’t ruin the design of your bike or obstruct your movement.

Get on the road and let those bells ring. Attach one to each handlebar and get the wheels turning. Follow the instructions properly on how to install the bell. Once done, you can hit the road and be noticed while biking. No passersby or automobile owners can ignore you with those sounds. Signal when needed to stay safe while pedaling on the highway.

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Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

No one should be allowed to ride a bicycle without a helmet. The Thousand adult bike helmet is a must-have accessory for every cyclist. For some, putting on helmets can be troublesome but the Thousand makes you want to wear one. The reason is simple – you can personalize your helmet to suit your style.

No more dingy-looking helmets. Look chic while staying safe. The Poplock feature ensures it stays safe even when left outdoors with your bike. Never again will you have to settle for the size. Customize the size to the fit that suits you. Also, you can adjust the tightness to what is comfortable for you. Stay protected without compromising style.

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Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Cyclists who love to travel even at night should not go out without a bike light. Don’t get the cheap ones, instead invest in light with advanced design. Replace battery-operated lights with USB rechargeable ones to ensure that you can use them for a long time.

The Ascher bike light set comes with everything you need, a headlight, and taillight like a car, all accessible with a one-touch switch. The mount straps make it easy to install on the handlebars, seat risers, and even on the backpacks without the need for tools. Use for other purposes such as flashlights or nightlights while camping.

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Hornit CLUG Bike Clip

Running out of space in your home or office for your bicycle? Worry no more because Hornit will make the space for your beloved two-wheel buddy. Hornit CLUG is the smallest bike rack that you can ever find. It can be mounted to any vertical surface or wall. And voila! Your bicycle is finally home.

Search for the size that fits your bike. Choose from the following sizes: Roadie, Hybrid, MTB, XL, and XXL. Best of all, you only need one CLUG per bike. All the installation hardware is included in the set with an easy-to-follow instructional video.

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FoldyLock Folding Bike Lock

When you finally have your two-wheel ride, the last thing you want is to have it robbed by thieves. Now there’s an anti-theft solution to keep your bicycle safe and sound. ZoldyLock is an award-winning security bicycle lock that will safeguard your priceless possession from crooks.

ZoldyLock is a folding bike lock you can stash comfortably in your backpack – strong enough to keep the muggers away while parking in the outdoors. No bolt cutter or saw can penetrate through the premium frame mount. Lock your bike securely to stand racks and bars with confidence as you go about your daily business.

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17 in 1 Bike Multitool

Bicycle owners must know a thing or two about repairing or installing upgrades on their rides. Having tools handy at all times is essential. You don’t need a toolbox to get the tools you need. This repair kit is everything that you ever need.

When you have a multitool, it’s like you have a workshop in your pocket. It is equipped with an Allen/Hex Key, Star Shaped/Hex Tool (Torx) T25 and Phillips Head cross drive, Spoke gauge, Mavic Spline., and Chain Tool. It even has a bottle opener! Stash the multitool in the slim bag, which came with the set. And you can conquer any mishaps on the highway.

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Expandable Net Holder

For the busy folks who look at their bicycles as an extension of their locker, the Delta cycle rack net is the one for you. It comes with a stretchy net and buckle which can accommodate different shapes and sizes of objects. Safely keep your grocery, helmet, jacket, or other items tightly in place on your bike.

The rack net is a must-have for every adventure especially if it is used for mountain climbing or running errands. It can also be used for other vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters. No installation is needed as you can hook and unhook it whenever you need it.

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Brightz WheelBrightz

Pimp your two-wheel ride with glow-in-the-dark wheel lights. Double the fun with both front and rear wheels in full neon light breezing through the night. Feel the energy of zapping along the streets like Flash on the run.

Strolling in the night is less hazardous with your blinkers and wheel lights on. Bring out the child biker in you, regardless of your age. Let those battery-operated LED lights carry you through the dark. Three(3) AA batteries are all you need for a 48-hour of glowing wheels and a fun ride that will for sure capture anyone’s attention. Roll and be seen even in the dimmest of light.

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Tannus ARMOUR Tire Insert

The nightmare of every cyclist is punctured bikes. When you ride your bike frequently, especially away from the suburbs, these unforeseen events can happen. Rather than investing in patching tubes all the time, prevent your wheels from going flat with Tannus Armour.

It protects the wheels from cuts, bruises, and punctures which you will often get on the road. It is a wise investment because the tube is reusable and recyclable. Also, it is lightweight, so you can stash extra tubes in your backpack. Don’t let flat tires slow you down or ruin the ride. Gear up for a smooth-sailing ride.

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Rockbros Bicycle Sweat Net

Avid cyclists know the pain of corrosion on their bikes due to sweat running from their bodies. Sweat is a natural thing and the product of all the hard work put into cycling. However, the last thing you want is to have to clean afterward or damage your bike in the long run. The solution is RockBros sweat net frame guards.

Catch your sweat before it hits the bike or floor when training indoors. Rockbros absorb the sweat from the face and neck. Cyclists can burn all the calories they want and not worry about cleaning after themselves. It doesn’t require washing in the machine. Simply scrub and dry, and it is ready for the next run.

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Myklops Rear View Mirror

When you want visibility while cycling but don’t want to install bike mirrors, what options are there? This is where Myklops steps in as it allows you to wear the mirror rather than install them. Myklops rearview mirror is worn on the wrist, like a watch, not placed on the bike.

Bike mirrors often vibrate so it doesn’t provide the visibility you need. With Myklops, you have a greater field of vision without turning around and removing your hands on the handlebars. The mirror is only 50mm in diameter and weighs 38g which makes it comfortable to wear. Safety is always a priority, especially when riding a bike in a busy urban area. Myklops offer safety features making them cool bike accessories you should invest in.

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Garmin Tacx Flow Smart Trainer

Before hitting the road with your bicycle, it pays to have some training indoors. Even on days when the weather isn’t working in your favor, indoor training is the answer. You don’t need to break the bank for high-quality trainers, Garmin Tacx smart trainer will provide what you need.

Tacx has a wheel-on design set up which means you can use your existing bike. With a few easy clicks, your bike is securely locked in place. Connect with training apps such as Tacx and Zwift to measure and monitor your power, speed, and cadence. It also provides a virtual simulation of an uphill climb for a greater training experience.

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Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

Power up your bike with the same energy you apply through your pedals. It takes good-quality bike pedals to transfer the same energy without wearing you down. Shimano PD-R8000 is a class offering superior performance for all bikers, whether you are a pro or not.

Shimano provides uniform load distribution making it easier to maneuver the bicycle. You can even customize the pedal feel to what suits you best. Make each sweat count and power up while providing a stable platform while riding up and downhill. Invest in the right pedals and see visible results in no time.

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CYCL Wing Lights

Turning signals are necessary especially when riding the bicycle at night. Get yourself Cycl WingLights for your safety. Shine like fireflies breezing through the street in the night. Each light indicates where you are turning and where you are located in the busy streets. Thus, avoiding any mishaps on the road.

WingsLight comes in sets of 2, with 4 extra bright LEDs per indicator. Installation is a breeze which only requires removing the handlebar plug – replacing it and adjusting the nut bolts to secure the lights. Press once to turn and once more to stop. When not in use, you can unscrew, clip them together, and transform them into a keyring.

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LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

Looking for the hottest trend in bike lights? Zackees tops the list with award-winning cycling gloves. No more installation and disposable batteries are needed to brighten up your bicycle. The cycling gloves offer 4x the brightness and are theft-free.

Get the turning signal feature of cars in our hands. Activate the ambient light sensors to advise other drivers on the road when you are making a turn. No more installation is required as the rider wears the gloves. Thereby making it theft-free. Recharge via USB when the light wears out. Wash and wear for another day on the road.

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Don’t get left behind with all the smart things in the world. Convert your two-wheel ride to a smart bike in your smart home. What’s great is how endless possibilities can come from a minimalist interface. This is what SmartHalo offers to all bikers.

Enhance your bike with SmartHalo and connect it effortlessly to your smartphone. The device can be placed on the bicycle helping you in various ways from navigating the road to protecting your bike. Your google map-on-the-go provides turn-by-turn signals. It also serves as a headlight to drive safely at night. Safeguard your ride from thieves. And, staying on top of your health goals, monitoring your progress and performance while on the road.

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Ohuhu Bike Cover

Safeguard your two-wheel pal from the harsh weather with Ohuhu bike cover. Don’t let nature tear your bicycle apart in a short time. Lengthen its life with the appropriate TLC to accompany you on the road for years to come.

Ohuhu covers can withstand rain, snow, dust, and other environmental elements that can bring harm to your bicycle. Measuring 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inches, it’ll fit most rides up to 29” maximum. Toss it on your bicycle, snap the buckles and it will stay in place despite the heavy rain and wind.

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Chamois Butt'r Original Anti-Chafe Cream

Cyclists, whether Pro or not, experience the drawback of wearing cycling shorts all the time. Although comfortable while on the bicycle, it can lead to chafing. For immediate comfort, apply Charmois Butt’r. Tight athletic gears like cycling shorts rub against the skin all the time. It can lead to irritated skin that can be harmful when not treated properly.

With Charmois Butt’r, you can soothe, lubricate, and soften the skin to relieve discomfort and avoid chafing. Apply directly to the irritated skin for a pain-free movement. Never go on a long ride again without this miracle lubricant that’ll make each biking adventure smooth and worry-free.

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Velmia Bike Seat

A high-quality saddle will give you the biking ride of your life. Bike lovers know that a high-quality bike seat can enhance their driving performance while staying comfortable. This is available with the Velmia bike seat. Pimp your two-wheel ride with the most comfortable bike seat that makes you feel good while on the highway.

No more pain, experience comfort while letting the cool air pass you up and down the biking trail. Personalize the saddle to fit your riding style and position. Choose the best width from 5.7-9.0 inches. Get your gears up immediately as the installation is a breeze. Increase your biking miles with a comfortable bike seat.

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Conquer Cycling Trainer Desk

Indoor training is made easy with the Conquer training desk. When biking outdoors is not suitable, doing it indoors is still possible with the right equipment. The training desk provides the best workstation for all your workout needs.

No more excuses for missing your training because it lets you work out wherever and whenever. Foldable and movable, the 3-wheel feature makes it easy to maneuver the desk to your preferred location. Stay on task while biking through the adjustable height. Get more from riding your bike indoors by setting up your laptop or mobile app on the training desk. Have fun while training indoors and never miss another biking session again.

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Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Boys will turn into men when they ride their bicycles with these outstanding Turbospoke. The sound of a motorcycle is thrilling for any passerby. Imagine hearing the same sound from a regular bicycle. It’s going to be the talk of the town. Let your boys experience the feel of a “beast” with the system.

It comes with twin pipes that can be installed on either side of the bike within 5 minutes, together with 3 x 2-stage Motocards which provide powerful sounds. Each card makes a distinct sound that you can switch to anytime. The pipes serve as waterproof megaphones which will amplify the sound on the street. Make heads turn as you drive your bike with the full power sound of a big bike.

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Voilamart Electric Bicycle Wheel

If your goal is to cruise smoothly on the road without pedaling too hard, the best way to go is to convert your bicycle to an e-bike. Biking doesn’t have to be exhausting all the time. Feel the breeze against your skin with an e-bike. Voilamart E-Bike conversion kit will make things possible for you.

Everything you need to convert your bike is within your reach. It includes the front wheel, motor controller, bag, twist throttle, brake handle, pedal-assist crank sensor, cable ties, and plastic coil. Plus, the manual to set everything up. Breeze through the highway at a maximum speed of 24mph (38km/hr) without breaking a sweat.

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Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack

If you are into any type of cycling, a carry-on bag is a must. Essential things like your smartphone, multi-tool, patches, and a miniature first-aid kid should come in handy all the time. Topeak velcro pack is one of the finest mesh bags to house these items.

Topeak can be instantly clipped under the bike seat. Instead of putting on a backpack, this pouch frees up the biker’s back. Keeping him cool and relaxed while biking down the trail. Made from 1200-denier Cordura material, it’s durable and long-lasting. Plus, it has enough room for all your essentials, a 3M reflective strip, and rear light as added safety features. Secure it using the snap-on buckles and velcro strap, you are good to go.

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JBL Clip 3

Biking with headsets on may be hazardous for any rider. If you can’t live without music, get a JBL clip as an accessory for sounds on the go. Blast off your favorite playlist or take in calls hands-free through the dynamic Bluetooth speaker.

JBL clip can play up to 10 hours using a built-in rechargeable battery. Recharge using the USB charger to accompany you on your next ride. Enjoy crisp sound from your smartphone while streaming your favorite tune. The echo-canceling feature makes it convenient to take in calls even while on the road. Elevate your next ride with music from JBL.

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Mens 3M Reflective Jacket Coat

Look sleek while riding at night with the 3M reflective jacket. When you thought reflective jackets were those worn on the construction site, think again. Made from 70% reflective fabric and 30% polyester, it is a waterproof zip-up jacket with a hood. Also, it has two front pockets where you can store some of your essentials while biking. Looks gray on the day but a shining diamond when the sun goes down. It makes you stand out in the night. Thus, it serves its purpose really well. It can also be used for strolling and jogging at night.

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CO2 Inflator

Why settle for one when you can have two features, a mini-pump, and a C02 inflator, all in one? Every rider, whether solo, group, or in a race, must have this bike accessory at their disposal. CO2 Inflator serves various functions whenever you need a quick fix on your tire.

Invest in the award-winning product that delivers fast inflation. Rather than picking up cheap alternates, that won’t last long. The unique lever design ensures the right amount of gas flows into the tire. Quickly get your gear up and running without a fuss. Save you from walking back home, feeling sorry for your two-wheel ride.

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Polar Bottle

Quench your thirst after a long ride through the lightweight cycling polar bottle. Designed for bikers and their rides, it has been customized to fit securely in bottle cages. It is 100% BPA-free and reusable, it’s safe to use, and also, it is environmental-friendly.

The sleek design makes it easy to grip while biking. No spillage because of the self-sealing cap. Thus, no water is wasted. Twist and pull the cap and valve to clean the bottle. Ready to be used for the next ride. Stay on top of your game while staying hydrated. Replenish easily so you can bike longer and faster.

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