Best Dehumidifiers of 2019 – Buyers’ Guide

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to make your home livable when you experiencing humidity –– the muggy, horrible and heavy feeling that fills the airs.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically remove excess moisture from the air by investing in one dehumidifier — an electric gadget that sucks in moist air and blows dry air back into the room again.

How does a dehumidifier help?

Generally speaking, dehumidifiers work in one of two ways—by refrigeration (cooling air to remove moisture using similar technology to a refrigerator) or by absorption (where moisture is absorbed into a drying material and then removed). We’ll look at each of these in turns.

Refrigeration Dehumidifiers

  1. A fan on one side of a dehumidifier collects moist and warm air from the surrounding area and draws it inward.
  2. As the air passes through, it comes into contact directly with the cold pipes which are designed in snake-shape to ensure a thorough contact with cooling coils.
  3. With the help of cooling coils, the collected moisture turns back into liquid water.
  4. Liquid water drips into the water tank at the bottom of the machine.
  5. Now free of humidity, the heat recovery system reheats the air to its original temperature.
  6. The Dehumidifier exhausts warm, dry air back into the room through grille on the other side.
  7. The last thing you need to do is to empty a dehumidifier reservoir.

That’s all there is to it!

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Different from refrigeration dehumidifiers, the desiccant dehumidifier operates in a much easier way. Most of desiccant dehumidifiers work by “mopping” the water out of the air with a water-holding material such as silica gels and then “squeezing” the water away to remove it.

(Water-holding materials naturally absorb moisture — that’s why you’ll find little packets of silica gel in your new electronic gears. )

It is because of the different working principles that allow both the refrigeration dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers to have its own competitive advantages and create a separate entity for itself.

For example, refrigeration dehumidifiers surpass most of her rivals in removing the humidity, while desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to be more lightweight, portable, and relatively cheaper than others.

How is a dehumidifier different from an air conditioner?


You might think dehumidifiers will be replaced by air conditioners in the near feature, since they both help to remove moisture…

But in my experience, there exists vast differences between each other.

Comparatively speaking, most air conditioners are more expensive than dehumidifiers.

Since a dehumidifier is focused on gathering moisture (which also turns out to be more efficiently), it has an absorption rate much higher than most traditional (disposable) air conditioners on the market, especially during a rainy day, or a warmer, more humid seasons.

A dehumidifier is more energy saving than an air conditioner, which makes the dehumidifiers more environment-friendly.

Most air conditioners are permanently fixed in one place, while a majority of dehumidifiers are designed portable and movable with wheels so that we can place them in a basement, or a closet, bedding room, bathroom and wherever you want.

A dehumidifier is easier to use for most people, which is due to the different working principle between each other.

In conclusion, when it comes to fighting moisture and mildew, there is a clear and convincing evidence that dehumidifiers offer superior performance than most of the air conditioners, at a cheaper price with a more natural way.

This has allowed the manufacturers like hOmelabs, Frigidaire, Eva-dry, Pro Breeze and several others to push better and better dehumidifiers into the market, allowing their consumers to have a sense of choice when it comes to finding the best product that caters to all their needs from the market available.

On the other hand, people are often get confused with lots of choice, right?

That is why we have created a list of best dehumidifier 2018. After researching online and spending days in testing these dehumidifiers, I have shortlisted the best dehumidifier 2018.

Bold promise? Definitely.

But stay with me.

Best Dehumidifiers 2019

Eva-dry E333 Dehumidifier

Our choice as the best dehumidifier for a safe gun or a closet
Best For Closet

If you are looking for an excellent dehumidifier for a safe gun or a closet, Eva-dry E333 will be the best option. Not only because it does exactly what it says it will do and seems to do it pretty well so far, But also because it offers you a super competitive price that not many rivals can match up to. I have looked around to see if there is a fancier dehumidifier that does offer such a lower price, for me, Eva-dry is unbeatable!

The Eva-dry E333 is manufactured small-sized(with a dimension of 2.8 x 9 x 8.3 inches, a weight of 1.2 pounds), and instead of having a complicated design and large size, it uses a simple, tiny design, which means you can put it everywhere you want, under your kitchen sink, in your safe, bathroom, in your closet and more.

However, what struck me most is the small hook on the back that allows it to be hung from a shelf easily, so sweet as it is!

Where it lacks in size, the Eva-dry E333 makes up by equipped with superior performance and the highest industry standard. To make it easier for the readers, I’m enumerating all the features below.

There is an indicator window that contains crystals, as the Eva-dry E333 dehumidifier absorbs moisture, it will change from yellow to blue(yellow for dry, blue for wet), which will take approximately 2-4 weeks(the manufacturer says so but i’m afraid not that long, the time may vary depending on the specific conditions).

Once the crystals have changed to green (manufacturers like to call this progress “recharged”), plugged-in it in a well-ventilated area for 8-10 hours, after that, it is ready for use again! (Note: it will require 45 mins to cool down the Eva-dry E333 dehumidifier since it may emit some heat during renewing.)

Meanwhile, it’s quite simple to have the Eva-dry E333 “charged,” When the beads turn pink, pop out the plug in the back and stick it in a wall socket overnight. Then toss it back in the safe. Another advantage to this is the built-in heater. I have another gel pack dehumidifier that I have to put in the toaster to regenerate. This one renews quickly by just plugging it in without taking out the beads or heater.

I’m pleased to see that the E-333 uses a renewable silica gel technology that works without batteries or power. Meanwhile, even at full capacity, the E-333 will never leak or spill a single drop of liquid. It captures moisture vapor from the air and keeps it contained within the beads until the unit is ready to renew. Since the E-333 is renewable, it will not require any expensive refills.

Different from the other dehumidifiers, I’m pleased to find that Eva-dry E333 will silently absorb moisture. Especially when you have too much humidity and too tired to sleep, the noises can be more than a nightmare. The E-333 packs a safe and silent punch to get rid of excess moisture for the whole night, and for up to ten years.

However, there also might be something you need to consider it.

This mini dehumidifier specializes in absorbing moisture and protecting clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mold/mildew and moisture rot in small enclosed areas up to 333 cubic feet (maximum area:10’x 10′), such as a safe gun, a closet, bathroom, and so on. Honestly, if you want to dry the whole room, it’s definitely not the right choice.

Another concern is that the Eva-dry may emit some heat (as I mentioned before) when “charged,” so each time after renewing, you’d better spend around 45 minutes to cool down the dehumidifier. Nonetheless, I cannot create a fuss about it, especially not with the price tag this dehumidifier carries.

All in all, if you want to find a great dehumidifier that specializes in a safe gun, or a closet, a bathroom, and doesn’t cost a lot of money, Eva-dry E333 will be a fabulous option. I really can’t think of any other reasons that people have said it doesn’t work at all – but maybe that’s just my own experience. I would recommend this to anyone!

  • A super competitive price
  • Simple & small-sized
  • Work up to ten years
  • Requires no batteries & cords for use
  • No noise & toxic, child and pet safe
  • Not nice for a large room
  • Emit some heat when "charged"

Frigidaire 30/50/70 Pint Dehumidifier

Our choice as the best dehumidifier for a large room from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture.
Best For large rooms

Frigidaire is famous as the US consumer and commercial home appliance brand, for years Frigidaire’s series of dehumidifiers have been dominating the market for all right reasons. Even though Several of these are not for everyone because some carry a hefty price-tag, these dehumidifiers are outstanding enough to make themselves first choice in the market available.

Opening the box, Frigidaire Dehumidifier shocked a lot me since it broke my consistent idea that dehumidifiers are both burdensome and ugly. In fact, the style and modern look are so attractive to me that I can’t wait to display it in my apartment without worrying too much about it looking cheesy.

Although it might seem a little bit big, I’m proud to tell you that it’s not cumbrous at all, since it carries four wheels, which makes Frigidaire dehumidifier easier to move around where they are needed.

The Frigidaire dehumidifier can make an entire house(as big as 700-4000 square feet) relaxed and comfortable, which is a good news for those who live in a big house. Besides, what astonished me most is that it has three types of capacity for your choice, 30 pints, 50 pints and 70 pints. Each comes with three kinds of speed, high, medium, low.

I’m so pleased to see another excellent feature: the smart humidity-controlling function.

In continuous mode, it automatically takes you to the humidity level you set and stops dehumidification (including fans). Nothing happens until the humidity exceeds your level (As long as the humidity exceed your level, and start dehumidification again). Meanwhile, there is an accessory for connecting hose for continuous draining. It is because of the auto-off feature and the accessory that you don’t have to worry about it overflowing and exploding 24/7.

However, just as a coin has two sides, there is still something you need to worry.

For example, if you are sensitive to noise or tends to sleep well under a silent condition, the Frigidaire may not be the best option. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t matter to me, a little regular sound makes it easier for me to fall asleep.

Another concern, however, is that Frigidaire dehumidifier might emit some heat when it’s working. So, to prevent it you’d better make sure to place it in proper circulation.

All in all, Despite the fact that it might cost comparatively higher than the other ones on my list, choosing Frigidaire is just what happens when you are taking a distinguish and an exquisite product to combine them. If you have struggled for a excellent cool living condition for your large room, Frigidaire is the one we recommend.

  • Elegant &amp
  • Exquisite design
  • Works for 700-4000 sq ft
  • 24-hour on/off timer and control lock
  • Digital humidity readout
  • No worries about overflowing
  • Not budget friendly
  • A little noisy
  • Emits heat when working

hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier

Our choice as the best dehumidifier for a Basement or a large apartment covering 4,000 Sq. Ft area.
Best For large rooms

The hOmelabs dehumidifiers hold the potential of being the first dehumidifier in the market.

However, that is not the only trick up its sleeve. If you are one of those who doesn’t want to drop money on something that later turns out to be a dud, this is the one for you.

Although hOmelabs dehumidifier is not inexpensive, it offers some extraordinary features for the price. So without any ado, let’s go into some of the most impressive features to see whether it’s worth the money.

Right out of the box, you can tell hOmelabs dehumidifiers is a dominant product. Measuring 15.4*11*12.4 inches, it looks massive but not objectionable at all. With sleek and smooth design, the hOmelabs comes with rounded corners that make it something which does not glaringly stand out.

On top of that, I’m pleased to see there are some considerate features on the hOmelabs dehumidifier that contribute to its inconvenience.

For example, the wheels allow me to move it around quickly on floors, the built-in handles at the top on each side make it portable for multi-room use.

It goes without saying that the hOmelabs dehumidifiers offer a robust, enduring capacity that is among the best I’ve ever seen in dehumidifiers. It can last almost all day, from to without requiring a constant change, the sizeable 1.6-gallon water tank is great for spaces up to 3,500 sq ft, and ideal for basement and large room, so you don’t need to worry about the place being soaked at all.

Once full, the removable water tank can be manually emptied, or continuously drained by connecting a hose to the built-in drain hole.

Another exciting thing I like about hOmelabs dehumidifier is the fact that it comes with a robust, intuitive control panel — functions such as auto shut-off, auto restart, 24 hours timer, turbo mode, and humidity level setting control are all included, which help bring maximum convenience and comfort to consumers.

I know this is a very bold statement, but I have to say, this is one of the best touch control panel I’ve ever seen. However, there are also some concerns that I think are necessary to be listed out.

The hOmelabs dehumidifier is not that quiet when you open the turbo mode, and it sounds as if there is a large fan moving very quickly in the room. Although it won’t stop a conversation, it won’t make talking easily,either. So I would recommend it for a basement or a large room, but not a small apartment…

Another thing that is a disappointment is the humidistat. It seems that hOmelabs don’t have a “downtime,” which means each time after it automatically shuts down, it restarts within a minute as soon as the humidity goes up by a bit. So I think it would be a perfect dehumidifier if it comes with a bigger trigger threshold.

All in all, in our point of view, hOmelabs is more like working for a basement, or a school classroom. However, if you are okay with these minor inconveniences, then I can tell you that hOmelabs is one of the best dehumidifier in 2018, especially for people who prefer simplicity and performance over anything else, since hOmelabs is undoubtedly the one who is engaged in keeping things more straightforward and more helpful.

  • Sizes for option
  • Designed for the morden home
  • Super easy to use
  • Robust intuitive control panel
  • Great for spaces up to 3,500 sq ft
  • Not that quiet
  • Not inexpensive
  • A bigger humidity trigger threshold is required

Pro Breeze MiNi Electric Dehumidifier

Our choice as the best dehumidifier for a bedroom, kitchen, and basement up to 150 sq ft.
Best For Bedroom

Pro Breeze is a company that has perfected the art of air treatment products, their electric dehumidifier has been around for years, and the 1200 cubic feet dehumidifier is known for being the best dehumidifier 2018 and perfect for small spaces like a bedding room or an office.

The good thing here is that you don’t cost a lot when comparing to other manufacturers. Pro Breeze is quite competitive, yet this is only one of the great features it delivers to you.

Undoubtedly, Pro Breeze is good at keeping things as minimal as possible. I’m pleased to see that Pro Breeze designs dehumidifier portable and lightweight, which makes it great for moving quickly and storing when required.

In addition to that, the dehumidifier comes with a built-in sensor so that it will automatically switch off as long as the water tank is full.

Another good thing about Pro Breeze is that the product comes with Ultra-quiet Peltier technology (thermoelectric cooling) instead of a compressor, the thermoelectric cooling technology may keep noise to a minimum level, which makes it a great option both in a small bedroom or office.

Nevertheless, there are other things to take into consideration, this dehumidifier will only achieve its optimal performance between 15-30℃, it will have limited performance and will not work under 5℃. so I would not recommend this dehumidifier for winter.

All in all, this is a brilliant dehumidifier which quickly and effectively removes damp, mold and moisture from the air. If you are looking for the ultimate dehumidifying performance for your bedding rooms or offices, while don’t want to spend the extra cash, then Pro Breeze is the best for you!

  • Small & Compact
  • Auto shut off
  • Ultra-quiet &amp
  • Efficient
  • A competive pric
  • Have limited performance under 15°C
  • Not best for large room

Why Don’t I Own That Already?

Although dehumidifiers have existed on the market through the years and today, their inroads into our daily life are only recent.

For one reason, most of the time we don’t give a moment’s thought to the atmosphere in our homes; why should we, it’s invisible! Not to mention buying a dehumidifier.

Also, choosing the best dehumidifier 2018 is a tough job for so many people, since you need to consider: Room where you’ll use it, humidity of air, size of space and temperature, and so on.

However, you may not imagine, there’s a huge amount of moisture around you — when you dry laundry inside your home or do a lot of stove-top cooking without proper ventilation, or when it’s rainy, foggy or hot, the humidity levels can be surprisingly high. Condensation on the windows (or, even worse, water dripping down the walls—as it sometimes does in my bedding room) is a sure sign of a humidity problem.

According to a latest scientific literature on Indoor air humidity, air quality, and health, by Wolkoff P in 2018, relative humidity is considered as a main factor of indoor air quality, it may affect the incidence of the allergens, pathogens, and noxious chemicals, and it’s suggested indoor relative humidity levels should ideally be between 30 and 50 percent. If you’re struggling to reach that range, a dehumidifier may come in handy.  

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