26 Best Fidget Toys to Play Until All The Stresses Roll Away

Fidget toys are here to stay and will not go anywhere soon. Why? Because it is the solution for people who get anxious easily and can’t remain focused without fidgeting with something. The tools used to satisfy this urge have evolved from clicking on a pen or playing with a paperclip to spinners and other toys.

The ones who benefit the most from fidget toys are people with autism and attention deficit disorders – stimming or fidgeting is a way for them to release tension and cope with sensory explosions. These toys help them to calm down so they won’t result in a melt-down. This is how fidget toys were born, to serve as coping mechanisms to address restlessness.

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are self-regulation tools created to alleviate anxiety and improve focus. From how it started as a spinner, it now comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each one aims to aid in the reduction of stress and also improve learning ability.

Fidget toys sprouted into existence after the fidget spinner became a fad in 2017. However, the fidget trend dates back to the 90s, started as a spinning toy, invented by Catherine Hettinger. Although similar products have been created that can be traced back to the 10th century. These toys were made for children as recreational toys which were found to also benefit kids and adults with special needs.

Do Fidget Toys Work?

When fidget spinners were on the rise, schools started to ban the products as apparently they were distracting. If it is distracting, will it help people who get easily distracted?

What researchers have found out about fidget toys is quite the opposite, especially when played by those with special needs. Children who suffer from ADHD couldn’t sit still, thus, impeding their learning. With the fidget toy, they can sit still while their hands are busy playing with the toy, keeping them in the same space. For kids with autism, fidget toys, such as stress balls, are the recipient of all their anxiety and nerves. Thus, helping them calm down in any given situation.

With the many benefits, find one that suits you best based on your preferences or interests. Here are some fidget toys that you can choose from:

Best Fidget Toys

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Shape-shifting is no longer just from the fictional world as it takes form in the real world. Make this fascinating transformation come to life with the Shape-Shifting box. What was once something that can be seen on the big screen or in books comes to life with a toy that can change its shape in 70 various ways.

Mesmerize anyone by altering the shape of the puzzle box. Stimulate your senses, feeling the sensation of creating a multitude of transformations. Surprise yourself even more as you connect your box with others through its magnet system. The entire process provides a sense of accomplishment that is both therapeutic and exciting.

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Magnetic Rings

Individuals who are fond of playing with their rings or miniature wheels to let off steam will love the magnetic rings. These spinner rings can fit in the fingers to curb harmful habits such as smoking and nail-biting. Lightweight and small enough to put in the purse or in the pocket.

The magnetic multi-colored rings come in a set of 6 that are safe and can be used in multiple ways. Prevent anxiety by simply rotating the rings with each other. Reduce the tendency to give in to distractions with the game to increase focus and attention. The magnets ensure they stay together, a perfect toy for both kids and adults.

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Infinity Cube

Cube toys can be boring but not when you have the infinity cube. Rather than scrolling mindlessly on your phone or fiddling with your fingers, let the cube give you infinite delight. The handheld fidget toy relieves stress as you flip and roll each cube in various ways only to return to a cube in the end. The secret” magnet system that holds each box together like magic.

If you have trouble staying still in a class or long meeting, the infinity cube will save you from sleepiness and increase attentiveness towards the task at hand. Its addictive nature will let you play with the game for hours without even noticing that time has passed you by.

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ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top

Bring back the games from your childhood with the spinner that is here to stay. When attention is fleeting, use the spinner to reinstate your focus on one object. A simple twist of the wrist and you’ll get twice or more the length of spinning time.

Memory blocks or creative slumps happen at times. But with a spinner, you can narrow your thoughts to what matters the most, thus, increasing your creativity. During break time, use this opportunity to challenge your numbers. Create record-breaking spins to beat your record. Keep toys fun and easy with the ForeverSpin.

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ONO Roller Jr Black

Play with your fidget toy without distracting your neighbors with the help of an ONO roller. Not everyone likes the clickity sound of pens and disturbing spinners. The ONO roller is quiet yet effective enough to calm the nerves and improve focus.

It keeps the hand busy but quiet enough not to disturb anyone else. Squeeze your frustration as you let the roller massage the nerves and muscles in your hands. Let it roll all over the body for instant massage. Don’t be confined holding it and explore different ways to use it. The size fits even the hands of its younger audience.

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Karmagami “Boho” Sensory Toy

Flipping is fun especially if you are playing with a Karmigami Boho sensory fidget. Hold the kaleidoscope world in the palm of your hands. Let the explosion of color on your hands stimulate your creative mind while having fun.

The Karmagami “boho” is made of plastic pyramids that are hinged to each other which makes it rotate infinitely. Turn heads while playing with the colorful sensory toy. It’s perfect for children with autism or with attention deficiency who need a toy in their pocket to play with anytime. Flip without distracting anyone else and at the end of it all, both you and your neighbor will be fixated on its unique design.

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Fidget Dodecagon

Go beyond the cube into a fidgety dodecagon to cure your restless mind and body. The 12-sided stress reliever keeps the hands occupied while the mind calms down. Each side features a different game that you can flick, roll, or click.

Children will have fun playing with the mini buttons, joystick, and more to beat boredom and melt the stress away. The fancy offline activity will not only help kids but adults who need a stress reliever within an arm’s reach. It will help immensely in focusing on one item at a time, without having to expose yourself to multiple distractions online.

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Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

When the classic fidget toys aren’t your thing, open your eyes to the revolutionary Geode magnetic fidget sphere. The 12 pentagons included in the set seek to provide a therapeutic element while challenging your building skills.

The fidget sphere makes use of magnets to connect each pentagon together. Magically transform them in a variety of ways to over 100 combinations that will appeal to anyone. Stack as many as 12-pentagons and watch how geometry keeps you interested and entertained. They also come in vibrant colors that make them aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and make for a great desk accessory.

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Pop Tube

Capture the children’s attention with these pop tubes. Kinesthetic learners and children with special needs will find these sensory toys helpful in their development. Connect the bright colored tubes to form letters, shapes, and numbers or to whatever your kids want to create.

Giving them the freedom to design things on their own will help them release tensions and encourage creativity. The popping sound from the tubes can also be satisfying to the kids’ ears and will send them to endless bouts of giggles in between. Each popping tube is durable and thick which means they can play with them for a long time.

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Pop Switch Game Console

Why settle for one when you can have 3 in one? Detach and share or play as one, this pop Switch console is one of the best deals you can find. It comes in three parts where each part can stand alone on its own. But when attached, it looks like a Switch console with the bubble pop everyone loves. Don’t go walking around with the plastic bubble wrap and bring this bubble squeeze instead. It is made of silicone that sounds crispy when popped. Use this to relieve all your anxiety away with every single pop.

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Spyderco Heavy Duty Pen

Rather than the usual fidget toy people are familiar with, get a Spyderco heavy-duty pen as an alternative. For those who love to tinker with their pens while in a meeting or studying, this is the best toy to play with. Work some tricks as if you are playing with a balisong or butterfly knife.

Spyderco created a fun way to make pens that are unique and versatile. Rotate the handles like a pro twisting, flipping, and swinging. Pocket it in a snap and take it out in one swinging motion, surprising everyone within the perimeter.

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Orbiter Magnetic Orbit Ball

Defy gravity with the magnetic Orbit ball. Find a toy that relieves stress, improves focus, and calms the anxious mind and body. Help people going through any of these symptoms with a fidget sensory toy that makes science a fun game to play with.

The magnetic track orbiter holds and balances the ball while spinning on your hand. Make it rotate until you get rid of your anxiety and hyperactivity. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, no one will notice its existence until you start spinning with your hands. Roll and twist without making any noise, it is safe to play under the table until all the stresses roll away.

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Magnetic Slime Putty

It’s not a clay dough nor a slime that slides away. This is the magnetic slime putty. A sensory toy that can stretch the imagination and calm those nerves is highly recommended for anyone who is exposed to high levels of stress every day.

The slime putty is one of its kind as it has the feels of slime but one that you can model as clay. And its secret is the magnetic element that makes it soft, smooth, and dry. No sticky feel that others may not like. Create a sensory explosion in the hands that squeezes all those nerves away and triggers the creative juice to come forth.

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The Original Monkey Fidgetz

Calm those nerves by keeping your hands busy with Monkey Fidgetz. It is also highly recommended for people with Autism and ADHD to release tension when they are going through sensory overload. Something they can bring anywhere comfortably whenever the need arises.

The Monkey Fidgetz is a mesh-and-marble toy that is made from non-toxic materials. They are durable and fun to play with, especially for kids with attention difficulties. Safe to play as the marbles are inside the mesh and if they lose one, they have 7 more in the package. Share with friends or reserve the other toys for future use.

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Magic Cube Puzzle

Let those restless hands busy as the mind gets triggered to become logical and creative. This rotate & slide puzzle revolutionizes the usual fidget toy everyone is familiar with. It is an item that keeps the hand busy and piques the interest at the same time. Get into a game that doesn’t only kill time but stimulates the brain.

Rotate, slide, and create new patterns with the 12 movable puzzle pieces. Stretch your brain as you exercise those fingers to build new structures every single time. Restore it to the original shape anytime, or challenge yourself to create a new pattern.

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WowWee Untamed Radioactive T-Rex

Take on a world from the ancient civilization where dinosaurs are alive through the WowWee Untamed Radioactive T-Rex. Carry your miniature Jurassic world with you with an interactive T-Rex dinosaur lovers can’t refuse. When things around him get too overwhelming, his T-Rex friend will help with its glowing horn and roar. The Interactive T-Rex grips the finger like a koala to a tree. And it responds to any touch, motion, and sound. Children will giggle at the sight and adults will laugh at its uniqueness.

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Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings

People who have a knack for biting their nails or with fidgety hands will benefit a lot from Mr. Pen. The rings act as a stress reliever to satisfy the need of the hands for touch and stimulation. It massages the fingers which aids in minimizing the urgency to scratch or bite the nails.

Each package includes 10 pieces of spiky sensory finger rings in a variety of colors. Promote blood circulation as you stretch the rings with your fingers. Reduce anxiety anytime by diverting your stress toward the rings rather than harming yourself. And when you calm down, it is easier to focus on the task at hand.

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Let science rest those anxious minds with a gravity-defying trick that will make those stresses float in outer space. Moondrop gives your finger the experience of walking on Mars or the moon without stepping on one. Reduce your stress with each flick of the finger as the Moondrop magnets try to oppose each movement.

The pocket-sized toy makes you feel like you have the planets in the palm of your hand. Ease your way out of the stress of the day into a gravity-defying experience right where you are. Turn it over, rotate, and slide the block to mimic gravitational forces around the planets. Relax while learning science uniquely and interestingly.

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Fidget Slug

Slugs may not be for everyone but for those who dare to touch them, they can be the best toy bug for you. This fidget slug moves smoothly in your hands and responds to every touch, emitting a slightly relaxing sound. Not everyone may enjoy it but it can be a therapeutic experience for others.

The articulating stim comes in a variety of sizes and colors, some glow in the dark, while others change colors with the heat – a treat for bug-loving individuals who wouldn’t mind having a creature crawl on their hands.

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Original Flippy Chain

When your hands are itching to scratch or move but you are afraid to make any sound and disturb others, Tom’s Fidgets is here for the rescue. Twirl the flippy chain with your fingers in silence. Let the stress for the day subside with each spin and flip. No matter they are students with ADHD who need to stay in their chair for an extended amount of time, or individuals stuck in a meeting that’s getting to their nerves, it has a calming effect enough to stop destructive behaviors such as smoking and biting nails.

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The Original Slinky

The days of the classic Slinky game are far from over. Gear up the children of the new generation with a 75-year-old toy that has wiggled its way to the heart of kids in their primetime. One can never go wrong with the classic metal spring that brings in the wiggly-jiggly fun.

Introduce the game to the younger generation for hours of fun and laughter while the spring jumps from one hand to the next, down the floor, and to the stairs. It will unleash youthfulness in any individual, regardless of age. Melt the stress away everything the metal spring falls down to the ground.

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Bouncyband Fidget Phone

People who are fond of fiddling with the remote control, analog phone, or manual calculator will find satisfaction with the BouncyBand fidget phone. Play in silence, while in school or office, to break the monotony and ease the tension. Unlock hours of focus, being able to shift your attention to the person in front of you and the task at hand while keeping those fingers busy.

Individuals with anxiety will find instant relief in having something to fiddle with, pushing one button at a time. It has the same size as an actual phone which makes it easy to slide into the back pocket and in the purse. Satisfy your urges to tap or scratch on something.

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Coogam Rainbow Puzzle Ball

Tired or bored with the usual stress ball? Rather than squeezing the ball, push the buttons on the Coogam rainbow puzzle that’s small enough to fit in your palm and play whenever you can. Adults can play even without looking, just pressing the buttons. Children will have fun solving the puzzle, and putting the balls in the matching color. Then, break it again just to start all over again. It is durable and colorful, making it a great toy for young and old alike. When not in use, put it inside the fluffy bag it came with.

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Tangle Relax Therapy

Playing with strings is therapeutic for some individuals. Get into a playful tangled mess with the Tangle Relax therapy that is made from toxin-free, elastic twisty puzzles that are safe to use even by the younger generations.

Exercise the brain as you move the fingers to create shapes of various sizes and lengths. Enhance creativity and cognitive ability by snapping and connecting back the tubes to make different works of art. Let those fingers move with the tube to build motor dexterity plus hand-and-eye coordination. Children, as young as 3 years old, can challenge their minds to solve the puzzle, distracting them from harmful habits such as nail-biting.

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Fidget Pyramid

Get into exploration mode with the fidget pyramid. The unique design makes it an ideal present even for adults who love Egypt or are interested in ancient architecture. No one will ever suspect that you have a cool toy in your possession since it looks like a paperweight. Get ready to amaze them as you spin the pyramid until it stops. Don’t tap your pen, spin your fortune and let the ancient gods direct you to the right path. Ease the tension as you watch the pyramid spin in its place, harboring good omens to come your way.

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Orbit Ball

When your mind is in a state of unrest, solving a puzzle often helps to realign your thoughts and get back to action. The Orbit ball is a not-so-cube Rubiks you can play with that will boost your brain cells. Children can also enhance their logical thinking by solving puzzles. Others can benefit from using it as a way to destress and restore their positive mood. Compact and smooth, it is an easy companion on every trip or even at home. Have fun twisting and turning the ball to get the metallic ball rolling with the use of inertia.

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Original Monkey Spiky Sensory Ring

Textured toys are great for children who need sensory input to appease their minds and calm their nerves. The spiky monkey rings are great tactile tools that they can twist, squeeze, roll, and grab any way they can. Made from 100% thermoplastic rubber, it is safe to play with and even bite. Kids can bring it anywhere as they can squeeze it into their pockets. Coming in a pack of three, it’s ready to be twisted and rolled while on the road, waiting in line, or to relieve any tension in their small bodies. 

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