29 Best Friend Gifts In the World to Celebrate Your Bond

A best friend that you can count on through thick or thin is a rare breed. In a competitive world that moves at breakneck speed, it’s important to step back now and again to appreciate those who have been through it all with you. Your best friend deserves a gift that celebrates your powerful bond. But what do you get them? For the BFF that deserves the very best, these best friend gifts on this list are sure to humor and amaze.

Best Friend Gifts

Friends TV Show Cast T Shirt

In the ’90s and the early 2000s, the cast of Friends were the faces of loyalty and friendship in America. Even today, many of us continue to laugh at the antics of these 6 20-somethings as they search for love, career and another cup of coffee. For the Joey to your Chandler, the Rachel to your Monica or the Ross to your Marcel, the Friends T-Shirt is just the gift to say, “I’ll be there for you.”

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Diversion Safe Water Bottle

Friendship means looking out for one another. When your best friend is out and about, running errands or going for a run, you want to be sure that they are safe. Fortunately, the Diversion Safe Bottle does more than keep your pal hydrated: with its pop-off secret bottom, it securely protects their valuables. Now when they are working out at the gym, they can keep their cash, cards, and keys out of prying hands. Nobody spends your best friend’s money but you!

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Smart Jump Rope

As kids, you and your friends jumped rope on the playground to the chants and cheers of your classmates. Now that you’ve grown up, jump rope is more than a fun recess activity – it’s an efficient cardio routine that makes staying in shape fun. With the Smart Jump Rope, you and your BFF can recapture the childish delight of skipping rope at the gym. The rope does all the hard work of counting jumps, time and calories burned, allowing you to focus on keeping track of Cinderella’s steadily increasing number of doctors.

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Hitch and Timber Leather EDC Wallet

If your best friend is more of a minimalist, then their ideal gift should be fun but also useful. Random clutter, even if it’s funny, is ultimately just going to end up in the trash. Instead, you need to get your friend something like the Leather EDC Wallet, a well-crafted accessory that makes prepping for a trip into town easier than ever. This minimized wallet is just large enough to store the bare essentials for your friend’s day to day life, including cards, a pen, and even a small notebook. It’s a tiny gift for a truly larger than life friendship.

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Eco-Friendly Plantable Graphite Pencils

Like a flower, every friendship starts from a small seed and grows from there. Just as years of care and compassion have made your connection with your best friend what it is today, the Plantable Graphite Pencils could one day sprout into a beautiful blossom with the right love and patience. Each pencil contains a seed within it; when the pencil can no longer be used, just have your friend plant the pencil and see what sprouts. These plantable pencils are an ingenious gift for those most concerned with sustainability, recycling and the future of the planet.

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Coldwave Beverage Chiller

What BFF’s don’t enjoy the Saturday trip to Starbucks to drink iced coffee and spill the tea? But as important as the routine is, your wallets are probably begging for an immediate change of pace. With the Beverage Chiller, ice-cold drinks are never more than 2 minutes away! Even a steaming cup of coffee becomes a delectable iced treat in a matter of seconds. No more brewing your iced coffee the night before, and no more pricey trips to the local cafe; give your best friend the right gift and you’ll have iced coffee in your hands before you know it!

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Yamazaki Tower Deskbar

Organizing a great dinner party? Easy enough. But organizing their new house? That’s where many friends can use a helping hand. The Wood & Steel Organizer is the gift for the best friend that loses their phone while talking on it or loses the glasses that are perched on top of their head. While you love them despite their absentmindedness, your best friend will be grateful for an elegant, refined organizer that keeps all of their valuables in a single place.

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Native Union Dock Marquetry Wireless Charger

We live our lives plugged into our tech, and that comes with its own benefits and consequences. Whether or not our dependence on the computer is for better or for worse, there’s no denying that it fills our spaces with unsightly wires, chargers and like devices. You and your best friends are likely all fed up with the same old cords taking over your homes – that’s why your friend needs the modern new Wireless Charger. Beautiful and slick, this geeky gadget provides a glamorous way to revive your room (as well as your phone).

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UFO Plant Holder

The idea of other life hiding in the depths of space is an exciting one to be sure. The UFO Plant Holder is a unique gift idea for the friend whose head seems to be lost in the clouds, cleverly combining the concept of life in space to that of the life most intrinsic to our own world. If your best friend can’t get enough of the alien emoji or has watched more X-Files than any human should, this out of this world gift might be perfect to make them feel right at home.

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Pixel Art Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A good speaker is a basic requirement of the modern home, but your best friend is one of a kind; they deserve a speaker that stands out amongst the competition! The Pixel Art Speaker is built for that exact purpose. With a customizable 16×16 pixel grid, this unique speaker gives you the freedom to express yourself through your art. Artists, tech nerds, or simply anyone in need of a reliable Bluetooth speak system is sure to enjoy using the pixel speaker for themselves.

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8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad

Video games are one of the most popular pastimes of this generation, yet many continue to long for the games of their childhood. Nostalgic gamers will particularly appreciate this gift: the 8Bitdo Gamepad, a Switch-compatible controller that resembles the familiar controller of consoles past. Incredible modifiable controls make using this gamepad an experience comparable to no other and will help your best friend rediscover their love for their favorite franchises.

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Kodak Digital Instant Print Camera

We all want to remember the days we spend with those we love. You and your best friend have a bond worth capturing on film and preserving. Pictures are uploaded and deleted from social media all the time, but the photo in a frame beside your bed is a constant reminder of those closest to you. The Instant Print Camera is perfect for capturing pictures with friends that you will hold on to forever; mere moments after snapping a pic, your best friend will have in their hands the gift of a memory that will never fade.

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Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

This fashionable wallet comes in a great variety of different colors meaning that there is something for every taste, on top of this the wallet is super functional and holds up to 12 cards. Your best friend will not need anything else to carry around their cash and bank cards. The wallet looks amazing and is made from the very best quality leather so that you can give a gift which is as special as your friendship.

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Two-person Backpacking Cookset

If you and your friend enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, an excellent gift to but them would be something that can make this experience even more enjoyable. That’s why we have included this camping quick-cook set on our list. The lightweight and attractive quick-cook set makes the perfect gift for an adventurous friend. The cookware is durable and will last the recipient for many years to come.

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Numark DJ Controller

Is your friend a huge fan of music? Perhaps they enjoy making their own music. If so, then why not consider giving them a gift that fits in perfectly with their favorite pass time? The DJ Controller is compact and works with a variety of devices meaning that no matter how your friend prefers to make their music, they will have a compatible device. The controller features a wealth of settings a mixer and your best friend will surely be singing your praises once they receive this gift.

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Celestron Elements 2-in-1 Hand Warmer and Charger

In this digital day and age, we all have so many things that require charging and it isn’t always convenient to do so at home. Our friends lead busy lives and often have the need to charge on the go, so a portable charger makes for a perfect gift, especially for the friend who is a bit of a tech geek. By giving the gift of power, you will be enabling your best friend to stay connected and full of charge no matter where they are.

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UPERGO Standing Desk Converter

Do you have a best friend who is focused on their work and who spends many hours on their computer? If this sounds familiar, then the standing desk converter could be the ideal gift. This handy device can be adjusted to allow your friend to choose between sitting and standing at their desk and this all happens in seconds. With plenty of space for all your friends’ screens or laptops, this modern-looking desk converter is an excellent gift for the workaholic best friend.

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The Habit System Life Goals Planner

Some people can be a little disorganized, does this sound like your best friend? Perhaps you could come to the rescue and solve their organizational issues with the three-month planner. Not only is this a super useful gift but it also looks suave and sophisticated. When it comes to best friend gifts, this is one of the most ideal for those who need to plan out their time or who simply love stationary.

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3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach

Let’s face it, we could all stand to be a little more healthy and this futuristic-looking fitness tracker makes an ideal gift for the best friend who loves to stay on top of their health and fitness. The device is fully waterproof meaning that it can be worn even for water based activities and will track heart rate, sleep and much more. On top of this, the fitness tracker comes in a variety of colors so that your best friend’s tastes can be taken into consideration.

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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Calling all coffee lovers, does your best friend need coffee on the go? Who has time to wait around at home for their morning espresso to be ready? With this brightly colored, space-age looking portable espresso maker, that will be a worry of the past. The device uses a pump system so that no outside source of power is needed, meaning that your best friend can take this machine with them to work, on vacation or anywhere else that they would like to make coffee.

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Shoulderpod Smartphone Handle Grip

Going hands-free makes for convenience, especially if you have a best friend who has a hectic life and needs to multitask. This neat looking smartphone handle grip allows the recipient to adjust the device in order to hold onto any model of smartphone and leaves them without the pressure of having to hold onto their smartphone. The grip is secure and durable meaning that your friend can be rest assured that their expensive smartphone will be safe.

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Friends Central Perk Building Kit

So no one told you life was gonna be this way, and no one told you that one of the most incredible best friend gifts is this Friends Lego set from which you can build your very own Central Perk! Fans of the show will love constructing this iconic scene and of course, this is a great activity that you and your bestie can do together, creating even more fun memories between the two of you.

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Skyroam Solis X Global WiFi Smartspot

No one likes being kept out of the loop, and when we do not have an internet connection, that is exactly what happens. Without connection, your best friend will not be able to check the news, update their social media or make their favorite online purchases. By using this innovative WiFi smart spot, your friend will have the ability to connect to the internet in over 130 countries – that’s pretty impressive. For the tech-loving best friend, this is the perfect gift.

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GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

Our best friends mean so much to us and choosing a special gift can make a friendship even closer. This incredibly crisp speaker will enable your best friend to listen to their music wherever they are. Not only is this device extremely useful but also looks amazing, with a design unlike any other, your best friend will be the talk of the town with their stunning speaker. Help your music lovers to do so in style.

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Cornhole Boards Game Set

If you have ever thrown a crumpled paper into the waste bin while yelling “KOBE !”, you probably have considered why throwing things into a bin is not a sport. If one of your best friends is “yeeting” (this means throwing in teenagers’ street language) stuff, or if you are a cornhole boards game aficionado, you might wonder how come it’s not an Olympic sport yet. Well, we ask ourselves the same question, but if you’d like to practice your throwing skills while the Olympic Committee decided to make it a sport, we have something for you! Meet the GoSports Cornhole PRO!

The full set includes the 2 regulation size cornhole boards, 8 all-weather beanbags (so you can be sure they won’t get damaged under the rain or harsh conditions). The sturdy construction of this set will not fail you, as the cornhole boards are made out of a resistant MDF surface in a high strength aluminium frame for durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Not only that, but the design is made to be folded up: if you’d rather put it back inside your house when you are done instead of leaving it in your yard.

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Money Gun

Do you have a best friend who has ever wanted to behave like a rich a-hole and make it rain as if there was no tomorrow, here comes the perfect gift idea: the “make it rain” money gun. This incredibly funny and cool gun can be fed over 100 bills of one dollar so you can make it rain without having to touch a single bill (and without breaking the bank). And for those that can’t really afford to make it rain, the gun comes with fake bills so you can practice for the day you are richer than Jeff Bezos! Thanks to the awesome invention, your loved ones finally don’t have to get their hands dirty touching the very same money dirty peasants like us might have touched.

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Lightning Reaction Game

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where they go to therapy to try to mend their failures as a family, solve their differences and strengthen their bond… but they end up electroshocking the life out of each other? Ever wanted to do the same with your best friends? Well, now you can with the lightning reaction game!

This amazing lightning reaction game will allow you to train your reflexes to be as sharp as they can while having fun zapping the other players! Just grab a handle from the base, press the centre button and wait for the red light to turn green… the last one to press the trigger gets shocked! However, be assured that this little lightning machine is going to add plenty of hilariously dumb hours of play to your life and make your friends trust you much less after you trick them into being the ones getting the electric shock!

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24K Gold Playing Cards

Ever want to help your best friend experience how it is to be filthy rich, like celebrating a 24k themed birthday party for him/her? Are they a big fan of obscene opulence and luxury but also of card games? Plated in 99% pure 24k gold foil, this set of gold playing cards is exactly one of the best best friend gifts you could ever offer. And they also feature the etching of a 100$ dollars bill on the back of every card. The gold plating makes these cards really sturdy yet flexible, resistant to skin oils and waterproof, so there are little chances they will get damaged. Shine and luxury do go together in this 24k gold poker.

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Desktop Horse Racing Board Game

If you are a fan of Derby horse racing, you probably know really well how prohibitively expensive it can get: the tickets, the betting… and watching it at home just doesn’t have that same excitement as you don’t get as involved in the race when you aren’t surrounded by people who are excited and emotion-filled just like you. Want to bring the same excitement of the Derby Horse race to your best friends but with much, much less money-wasting involved?

Well, get ready because this board game is about to change your game nights for the better. This unique gift will allow you to recreate the Derby horse race in the comfort of your own home (betting is not included, but you can always add that element if you want).

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Most of us have that one special friend who has been there for us through everything and with whom we have spent so many happy times. However, when it comes to buying best friend gifts, there are so many gadgets to choose from and it can sometimes be a mammoth task to decide on what to buy. How to gift a friend who has already everything? One thing you need to make sure is what we choose really shows how much this person means to us. In this article, we want to show you some of the most interesting and wonderful best friend gift ideas on the market right now.

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