19 Best iPhone Accessories That’ll Suit All Your Needs

What makes an iPhone powerful is when it is connected to the right accessory to suit your needs. Your lifestyle dictates the best auxiliary to complement what your smartphone can deliver. Music lovers go to AirPods or get the best speaker in the house, while social media influencers lean to the ring lights and lenses to make their photos look like it was taken by a Pro.

In looking for the best iPhone accessories, it is crucial to pinpoint what you need daily to improve the quality of your work and life. Drill down on the features that speak to you the most plus portability, durability, and versatility. Here are some of the best iPhone accessories to choose from:

Best iPhone Accessories

Pocket Tripod Pro

For the self-reliant folks who love to make their own videos and pictures, this pocket tripod is for you. When you can’t rely on anyone to take the shot, use the tripod to stabilize the camera. Whatever it is, from selfies to vlogs to group selfies and live videos, using a tripod will save your phone from falling down and several mishaps.

In general, tripods are huge, often bigger than your smartphone, and can be a hassle to bring with you wherever you go. Choose a tripod that is foldable to card size, which can be placed in your pocket like your credit card. It is also adjustable and can be tilted to your preferred angle like a regular tripod.

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Phone Assured Phone Tether

Retractable lanyards are convenient to have. Imagine getting one for your iPhone – one of the most innovative ways to keep your smartphones close by. Phone Tether Retractable Clip is here to save the day.

The anti-theft capability of the phone tether retractable clip is unquestionable. Prevention is always the better solution rather than searching for it. No app is required as all you need to do is attach it to the phone case. Clip the phone tether to your purse or belt, securing the phone in place – a smart solution for people who travel a lot and lose their phones in the process.

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Native Union Night Cable

One of the accessories that get easily damaged other than headphones is the charging cable. Rather than purchasing a new one time and time again, invest in a high-quality cable such as Native Union night cable. Compared to others, it is 10x stronger due to the O-flex strain relief design. Withstanding up to 10,000 bends makes it a durable partner to pair with your smartphone.

The night cable is 10ft long which makes charging comfortable even if the electrical outlet is under the bed or couch. Don’t break the bank having to change the cable multiple times or break your back from having to reach for your phone while charging.

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Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

Level up your gaming experience on your iPhone through the Backbone One mobile gaming controller. Stop smudging your phone screen with your fingers. Get a nostalgic vibe from playing using a controller that functions on any controller-supported game. Click the thumbsticks and push those tactile buttons to get ahead on your game.

The Backbone One can be connected through the charging and headset jack of your smartphone. Unlike the old consoles, this one is wireless, making it portable and easy to handle. Play anywhere and anytime, and share your stats with friends.

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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

To live a fully charged life, you have to have a battery pack all the time. In this day and age, you should always have a power bank on standby. Apple MagSafe levels up their game by ensuring you won’t forget to bring one when you are on the run. Simply attach the Magsafe battery to the back of your phone case so you can use it anytime. The pack comes with a magnet that can be easily attached to the phone. Recharge wirelessly and never run out of battery ever again.

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PopSockets PopWallet+

What is better than a PopSocket? Then, it is having a PopWallet with 2 benefits in one. When you are the type of person who wants to go to the bare minimum, the PopWallet is a valuable item. No need to bring a separate wallet from your smartphone. Carry your cards securely with your iPhone. The PopWallet features the classic PopSocket that makes using the iPhone convenient and comfortable. Attached to the PopSocket is the pop wallet that can carry up to 3 cards. Stick it to the back of the phone case and you are good to go.

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CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

Never worry again about your iPhone taking a dip with you in the pool. Protect your gadget in the safest way possible through the CaliCase waterproof case. You don’t need to get a separate waterproof camera. With the Calicase, you can take videos and capture photos of the creatures under the sea.

All you need to do is put your iPhone in the PVC plastic case before taking a swim or even riding a boat. The PVC plastic provides 2 layers of protection which ensures 100% resistance to water. Worry no more as the phone will float as long as it is inside the CaliCase.

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Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Safeguard your iPhone from any scratches and falls with the Spigen tempered glass. This is a must-have accessory for all iPhone users if you want to ensure your smartphone is safe and sound. The tempered glass, unlike others, is rated at 9H hardness.

Install it by yourself without any hassle. This is made possible through the auto-alignment installation kit. The tempered glass protects your iPhone from breakage and from dust and smudges. If that is not enough, the phone responds in real-time as if there is no tempered glass in between.

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Nano 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

When your love for Apple products goes beyond an iPhone, the UCOMX 3-in-1 wireless charger is a must-have. Never have to worry about having an octopus connection to charge all of your devices in one go. UCOMX makes it possible to charge three of your devices at once. Wirelessly at that.

Simplify your way of life with the QC charger and cable that can be folded 180 degrees to transform into a stand or holder. Rotate UCOMX 360 degrees for charging with ease. Safely recharge all your devices simultaneously without damaging any of your gadgets. Also, it is not only for Apple products but any Qi-supporting device.

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Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

Music lovers know that each speaker or headphone is built differently, and there are some that are superior to the rest. For the person who can’t part ways with their earphones just to adapt to their new iPhone, the MOOU lightning adapter is the answer. One end of it is compatible with a 3.5mm headphone jack while the other end is made compatible with iPhone MFi. Get the best from both worlds with an adapter that bridges the two gadgets to give you immense joy. Not only that, this audio adapter delivers a clear and smooth quality of sound.

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Picture Keeper

Love to keep pictures from every event of your life but worrying about running out of space where to keep those beautiful memories? With Picture Keeper, you don’t need to delete old memorable pictures for the new ones. Save it in the 65GB portable flash drive to give space for any memories you create.

It can also serve as a backup USB for important files you don’t want to lose or delete. No more changing your iPhone or memory card to keep saving pictures or videos, transfer and retrieve them anytime through the picture keeper.

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Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Who says you can’t get high-quality pictures when you use an iPhone camera? With all the improved features of smartphones, now you can and even make it better through the Xenxo Pro lens. Capture every detail in crisp HD quality, as if you are using a digital camera, with the help of Xenxo.

You don’t need to bring a digital camera with all its accessories to capture captivating pictures. Xenxo has a set of lenses that includes a wide-angle lens, macro lens, Lens clip, LED light, and lanyard. Explore different ways to capture each moment with just your iPhone and be a Pro in no time.

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Official Google Cardboard

Experience a new world from a different angle. Ditch the plastic VR set that’s hazardous to the environment. Go green with the Official Google cardboard VR set that works with all smartphones. When you are tired of the usual 2D visuals from your iPhone, take things up a notch with the cardboard.

Fold it accordingly, following the instructions provided and you will have your VR in one go. Get immersed in a new world of virtual reality. Unfold a perspective that you have never thought you will ever see from cardboard and a phone. Download apps like games and theater from your iPhone to get the most out of it.

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UV Light Sanitizer

What was once neglected but is seen as a necessity in this era of pandemics and moving forward is the UV light sanitizer box. It is one of those iPhone accessories that we never thought we needed until we have one. Anyone who uses an iPhone will benefit from the Sanitizer.

The UV light sanitizer disinfects your smartphone without causing any harm or damage to the device. Once you come home from work, school, or anywhere, it is important to sanitize it. All you have to do is slide the iPhone into the box. Bring it with you anywhere you go for instant disinfection.

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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

If you are someone who loves to tinker around, the iFixit toolkit is highly recommended, because even smartphones break down from time to time. With the iFixit Pro tech toolkit, you can repair your smartphone and even other gadgets such as computers and gaming consoles without paying a handsome fee to the technician.

Go into the DIY mode, checking and repairing any damages to your smartphone. The toolkit has everything you need from 64 precision bit driver set to tweezers to an anti-static wristband. It comes with a magnetic case and foam insert so you can store and carry the kit in one go.

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Apple AirPods Pro

Stop limiting yourself from moving due to tangled wires. Switch to the wireless mode where you can move freely without restriction while still enjoying crisp, clear, and smooth audio from your iPhone. Cancel the noises out there through the help of the Apple AirPods Pro.

Immerse yourself into the world of music and set yourself free from “wirey” situations. The best partner for traveling where you are hands-free, and explore the world around you with arms wide open. Workout with ease as the AirPods Pro is resistant to both sweat and water. Enjoying music has never been effortless and easy with its in-ear detection feature.

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Anker iPhone LED Flash

Ring lights have become a thing in this modern world. Perfect lighting can make a huge difference even if you are only using a smartphone. From the regular ring lights, switch to the Anker iPhone LED flash so you can experiment with the various ways to use light to create superb and creative expressions.

The Anker iPhone LED flash comes with dual light modes so you can customize it based on your usage. Flashlight mode brightens the surrounding in an instant for up to 50 minutes. While through camera flash mode, you take several photos in one shot. It is perfect for social media influencers and bloggers who want to capture each moment.

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Cleaning your smartphone from smudges and dirt isn’t only for the clean freaks but for anyone who uses their iPhone all the time. Don’t use your clothes or just any fabric to wipe the screen, instead, use SmartKlear.

Made from carbon microfiber, it makes wiping out oils and fingers safe and effective. No chemicals are needed as SmartKlear does it all. It is a versatile tool that can be used for other devices too like tablets, iPad, and even your eyeglasses. Don’t leave your phone full of marks and dirt ever again with the quick and simple way to clean the screen in one swipe.

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Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Travel the world in style with a fully charged iPhone anytime. Hopping from one country to the next is a great way to live. What makes it better is when you get to capture all those moments with your iPhone that is charged all the time. Eliminate the hassle of letting the battery die before your eyes with the World travel adapter.

Including 7 AC plugs, the travel adapter is your lifesaver in ensuring that you are charged up regardless of the country you are in. Adjust properly to the electrical outlet available in every country.

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