19 Best MacBook Pro Accessories That’ll Keep You More Productive

Let’s admit it, even if you’re not in the Apple ecosystem, MacBook Pro is a good investment if you need a powerful laptop, and a perfect companion that will stay with you for the long run – all the software and other features included make every penny’s worth. Once you are shelling out such a hefty amount, the best way to enjoy the laptop is to accessorize it. And when it comes to the best MacBook Pro accessories, it boils down to its durability, accessibility, and versatility.

Accessories for MacBook Pro should be trimmed down to what is necessary to keep you highly productive. People on the go may require a different set-up from those who usually stay in the office all the time such as keyboards, a mouse, etc. And then you have accessories that are a must for everyone such as screen protectors, bags, and the like.

Best MacBook Pro Accessories

Smatree Business Laptop Backpack

You can’t go around without protection for your priced laptop. The Smatree business laptop backpack is a must for MacBook Pro owners. The slim backpack provides a safe haven for the laptop and all its accessories, including cables, mouse, charger, and the like, for people who are always on the go. Don’t just pack your laptop in any backpack, provide the best protection through the special hard shell. It also has anti-scratch and water-resistant features perfect for people who treasure their electronic gadgets.

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EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Protector

Safeguard your eyes from blue light through the EyeJust screen protector. Nowadays, you don’t need to go out under the sun to be exposed to harmful UV rays that electronic gadgets such as mobiles and laptops emit. How does EyeJust work? The orange tint on the protector when applied to the screen will block the blue light and save you from overexposure. Aside from this, it ensures that the screen remains brand new, free from scratches plus wear and tear.

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SideTrak Swivel 12.5” Attachable Monitor

Dual-monitor is a plus for people who have to multitask to get things done. Having a portable MacBook dual-screen gives anyone the ability to work in any space at any given time. No need to be stuck in the office to get access to a second monitor. The Side Trak swivel made this possible for you. Thanks to it, you can attach the portable monitor securely to the back of the Mac. The best part? It is lightweight and convenient, eliminating the need for a table to set it up properly.

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iRoller Screen Cleaner

Whether you are a clean freak or not, keeping your gadgets free from dust and smudges is a must. Instead of using anything, like water or ordinary cloth, the iRoller Screen Cleaner gets you the best result. Unlike any other cleanser, iRoller doesn’t have any chemicals and performs better than microfiber cloth. It is an easy investment due to its reusability and durability. Slide it into the laptop backpack and use it anytime anywhere.

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Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

If the keyboard on the MacBook Pro is not your cup of tea, a Logitech wireless keyboard can be a good fit. You have the best features of a regular keyboard yet portable and wireless. An external keyboard for laptops can be a hassle if you need to connect it via USB. Logitech makes things easy and convenient. It even comes illuminated, which makes it a perfect accessory for night owls or gamers. Put some characters on your MacBook Pro.

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Apple Magic Mouse

A touchpad is convenient but it is not for everyone. For people who prefer to hold a physical mouse to navigate their laptop, the Magic Mouse is the best solution to satisfy your need. Best of all, it is Bluetooth-enabled, thus no fuzzy wires included. The wireless mouse is a plug-and-play device that is rechargeable and easy to use. You can use it for about a month before the battery dies down. Recharge as needed using the USB-C cable, and when the work is done, simply put it inside the laptop pouch ready for another day of work.

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Sticker

Is there anything that you never thought you needed until you got one? The answer is a shortcut sticker. Whether or not you are a pro at using the MacBook Pro, elevate your skill using this handy sticker. It has everything you need to work magic into your laptop. The shortcuts sticker features all the essential commands to make typing or using the laptop a breeze. Learn while you memorize all the functions to get things done without a fuss. Stick it next to the touchpad and you are good to go – visible and readily available in times of need.

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iVoler Auto-Resize Vertical Laptop Stand

Do you have limited storage space for your laptop? Worry no more because the iVoler vertical laptop stand is here to the rescue. You heard it right! It is a vertical stand that allows you to save space and store your device securely and safely in place. Made from aluminum alloy, it is durable and long-lasting.

Create a clutter-free space that even Marie Kondo will be proud of. Bring joy and warmth to your working space with a fully functional and versatile area where your devices are neatly tucked in place. Free your hands and let it work its magic as a phone holder and laptop holder.

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MacBook Hard Shell Dual Layer Cover

Accidents can happen any time of the day, thus, adding a layer of protection to your MacBook Pro is a must. Rather than putting the laptop back in the box together with all the styrofoam layers, use a ProCase instead. The shockproof protective case cradles the MacBook Pro in a heavy-duty armor shell.

It has been tested and proven to absorb shock and safeguard your MacBook Pro from falls, scratches, and other damages. No complicated installation is required, simply snap the protector to the laptop to start using. Plus, it’s heat resistant which makes it a safe accessory to use for people who are on their computers all the time.

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Syntech USB C to USB Adapter

Need to connect your printer or keyboard to the MacBook Pro? An adapter is the best solution to do that. Getting the most out of your MacBook Pro means staying connected with various peripherals or accessories. The Syntech adapter bridges the gap between these two devices. Featuring a simple plug-and-play structure, it’s possible to access files from the USB flash disk and use a keyboard or mouse with ease. All in all, a small yet powerful device that can power up your MacBook Pro.

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Anker USB C Hub for MacBook

Have you been upset because you don’t have enough ports for all your accessories? Worry no more because Anker Powerhub is here to save the day. With 9 ports readily available for all your needs such as HDMI, Ethernet, audio, USB-C, 2 card readers, USB 3.0, and a multi-function port, it is everything you need and more for your laptop to function to its fullest.

The latter can be used as a media display, data transfer, and charger. For the busy folks who need to do everything all at once without a hassle, Anker Powerhub is here to satisfy your needs in one go.

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Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder

In the world of technology and a dynamic environment, having two gadgets working at the same time is a norm. Using the laptop and mobile at the same time isn’t something new. However, not everyone has a phone holder to keep the mobile phone propped up while working. Be kind to your neck and shoulders, use the Laptop phone holder to set your phone next to your laptop’s monitor.

The Laptop phone holder makes use of a magnet which stabilizes the smartphone. Works as an extension arm that you can swivel to suit your preference and taste. Ergonomically tested to minimize eyes, neck, and body strain as you don’t need to look down on your phone all the time.

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SanDisk Professional 1TB G-DRIVE SSD

Not everything goes as planned, especially when you are relying on electronic gadgets to save your day’s work. Stay sane with the help of a backup plan to keep all your work and memories in one piece. The SanDisk 1TB G-Drive is your savior.

The last thing anyone wants is to see all their files disappear right before their very eyes. Let not this be your story and save the important ones in SanDisk. Save up to 1TB of files in ultrafast lightning transfer speed in the most durable and water-resistant external hard drive you can find. That is the SanDisk G-Drive.

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MOSISO Keyboard Cover

Look cool while keeping your precious gadget protected through the Mosiso keyboard cover. It may be the last accessory on your must-have list but it is as equally important as other paraphernalia. The cover keeps your laptop in tip-top shape while adding some pop of colors to brighten your day.

Mosiso keyboard cover is made from engineering-grade silicone material, making it resistant to heat and water. It doesn’t add any strain to your typing as it is ultra-thin and actually feels comfortable against your fingertips. Never worry about spilled coffee or drinks on your laptop as the Mosiso cover will keep it water, rust, and dust-free.

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Woolnut Leather & Wool Sleeve Case

Ditch the bulky hard shells and backpacks with the 100% natural wool sleeve case for your treasured possession. Go minimalist with a timeless case that will stand the test of time. Tailor-made for your MacBook Pro, the Scandinavian leather will keep it in tip-top shape for a long time, giving it a character like no other. Use it as a laptop pad to avoid skids and for extra protection on any surface.

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Parblo Two-Finger Glove

Let the artist in you shine forth, creating art masterpieces on your MacBook Pro through the help of Parblo Artist glove. The two-finger glove is an innovative product that makes a lot of difference in the life of an artist. It works wonders due to its versatility. Not only does it work on drawing tablets and lightboxes, but it can also be used when the artist works on an actual canvas.

What it does is reduce the friction between the surface of the gadget and your hands, making art easier and faster. Whether you are right or left-handed, its free size can be used either way.

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Epessa Stick-On Carrying Case

For the busy body who tends to forget an item or two, gear yourself up with the Epessa stick-on carrying holder. Get organized as you slide your stylus wireless mouse, earphones, and cables into the external hard drive case glued to your laptop. The reusable adhesive makes the storage stay in place and it doesn’t leave any residue on your gadget.

The elastic lycra sleeve makes it a great choice to integrate into your device. Keep everything ready whenever you have to transport it from one place to the next. Stay in control while keeping your cool.

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Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank

Laptop charging cables can be a nuisance to bring especially if your work requires you to be on the road all the time. Power up without a fuss with the help of Omnicharge. Thanks to its portability and versatility, it can charge up all your smart devices from laptops to smartphones. Its all-in-one feature sets it apart from others which explains why it is called the Omnicharger. Want to travel light? Don’t forget to bring with you a battery capacity of 70wh or 200,000mah.

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havit Laptop Cooling Pad

Unlike regular CPUs with internal fans, laptops are prone to overheat when placed directly on the table. Avoid overheating and stay cool while using your laptop with a cooling pad. The Havit cooling pad is slim and lightweight, making it portable and easy to use while on the run. Aside from its cooling feature, it keeps the laptop in place through the anti-skid board. It also has an ergonomic feature that allows adjusting the height of the laptop.

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