29 Best Multitools That Are Sure to Make Your Life Easier

Finding a great multi-tool is like finding gold in a stream of gravel. A precious tool can make things easier in your daily life. Function and portability take precedence above all else. The usage may vary from person to person but it all boils down to the inclusive tools in one shell. From the MacGyvericus built in the Roman empire, the multi-tool has had transformations throughout the centuries. A very handy tool that can save you even from the toughest situation just like MacGyver. With the world shifting to a more dynamic lifestyle, people seek lightweight and compact tools that can help them in a variety of ways.

Best Multitool

UST Tool-a-Long Multi-Tool

Breakout from the usual butterfly or clamshell style of multitools. Go for an ape-shaped one that can be clipped to any backpack or outdoor gear. Made from stainless steel, it can be used as a can opener or bottle opener when stuck in the wild or at a camping site. For mechanics, the cord cutter, screwdriver, butterfly wrench, and hex wrench can fix anything. If you are looking for a gag gift for someone who loves the great outdoors, this is also a great find. Make anyone laugh with the unique design. Happy to have a tool that includes everything he needs in one go.

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Armbar Drive Multitool

One of the best features of a multitool is its ability to operate with only one hand. The Gerber Gear armbar drive multitool is not just a pocket knife but has other functions such as a hammer, scissor, bottle opener, and pry bar. Tools are meant to help in any state that you are in whether you get stuck by the highway or up in the mountains. With it, handle anything, even the hardest job, and get it done in a snap. Bicycles can be fixed without a fuss, even without a mechanic in sight. Slide one in your pant’s pocket or backpack to have a handy sturdy tool wherever you go.

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S-TEC 7.5" Folding Knife Wrench

When searching for a pocket knife with a classic feel, the wrench knife fits the description perfectly. The stainless steel blade has one end made into a wrench and another side a socket. Unfold the knife to get three functions in one. The best multitool can often only include three tools in one, specially made for individuals who love to tinker around. Basic tools are all they need to make things happen. This is the best fit for the ambidextrous because of its double studs. The 7.5” size fits in a belt bag or a mini tool kit perfectly for life on the go.

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Nite Ize Fixed Blade

Nothing is ordinary with the Nite Ize fixed blade as it is something made for the tough adventure seekers. The skull design on the keychain sets the bar high for the extraordinary who want nothing less for their tools. The 5-in-1 multitool keychain makes it the perfect companion for those who travel far and wide to trek mountains and discover new places. With a handy tool, they know they can braze anything without worrying about Airport personnel confiscating their SkullKey. Open bottles, fix loose screws, and unbox packages with ease anytime anywhere with a simple mini tool clipped securely with the rest of your keys.

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Gear Infusion EverRatchet

Have you ever thought of owning a multitool that’s as small as your fingers? If yes, then consider yourself lucky because the Gear Infusion defies the stereotypical size of multitools that can more than open a box or a bottle. The world’s first ratchet keychain tool does amazing things a pro mechanic will be proud of. It comes with a #2 Phillips Bit and fire flint tucked in between the two rubber bands. With the Philips bit, you can unscrew or tighten the screw through the dynamic ratcheting feature. In the camping ground, the handy fire flint makes creating fire easier even without a lighter or match in sight.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

One can never go wrong with the classic Swiss army multitool. This is the perfect all-around tool for a first-timer. You can never be greedy with it within your grasp. Why settle for 5 tools when you can have 33 functions in one? Victorinox goes above and beyond what other multitools offer, with its 33 functions. Men and women who are fond of repairing things will feel secure having one in their toolbox. Conquer anything from removing the cork of wine to peeling the skin of an apple. Fix anything from loose bicycle tires to sharpening pencils at home. Anything is possible.

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Survival Axe Elite

An emergency kit cannot be complete without a first-aid kit and an off-grid survival axe. No one can beat a man, even in a zombie apocalypse, who comes prepared with a survival kit. This is a must-have to cut, demolish, or pound away objects. Mountaineers or camping enthusiasts know how multitools that are handy and lightweight can make everything smooth and efficient. Setting up a tent is a basic skill one needs and with the multipurpose axe, the process is easier even for beginners. Only 11 inches long and 1.5 pounds in weight, this power tool can be squeezed into the backpack without a fuss.

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Keychain Case & EDC Screwdriver

Whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, or just someone who gets things done your way, the BitVault is a tool that’s worth investing in. Owning the most efficient pocket tool gets the work done as if you are carrying a regular toolbox in your possession. BitVault is the size of your palm but doubles as a compact screwdriver with all 6 Hex Bits included. It can be customized to fit your needs too. Change the items inside and just keep one Hex Bite that you need. Slide-in small items such as a sim card, pills, a USB adapter, or a toothpick to match your lifestyle.

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The Muncher Reusable Utensils Set

Who said multitool is only for repairing things? The Full Windsor is the ultimate tool for a chef on the run. With one tool, you have the eating utensils plus cooking utensils to create sumptuous meals while camping or traveling. Gear up the home chef on the loose, wanting to break free from their comfort zone. The Full Windsor reusable utensils allow them to enjoy food wherever they are stuck, without using their bare hands. Open a can of beans in the wild for a quick dinner, or cut some butter for your bread after peeling some fruits for your breakfast while watching the sunrise in the mountain.

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Geekey Multi-Tool

Having a separate gadget for tools can be a nuisance. Often, you should have one that’s handy and compact that can even fit with the house keys. The simplest design can also have the most functions such as the Geekey stainless steel multitool. Both men and women wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a key in their pocket. The key-shaped power tool is art and engineering combined. In one simple tool, you have 16 features jam-packed to handle various tasks. Bring the tool with you anytime, anywhere even when you have to board a plane.

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SOG Money Clip Pocket Knife

In times of emergency, having tools and cash within your reach is a blessing in disguise. Rather than getting two separate tools, a wallet and pocket knife, get the SOG cash card money clip instead. The foldable knife is an EDC with a blade that can cut through fruits, boxes, and other things. It goes beyond what a pocket knife can do as it has a slot to squeeze in some bills, ID, or a business card. Whether you stash it inside your pocket or wear it around the neck, you won’t even notice it because it’s lightweight. Plus, it secures everything well so your money and knife don’t slide off.

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Crab Multi Tool

The ladies in the house deserve to have their own multitool. Look no further because you can give them a functional item with a cutesy design. The Mr. Crab multitool checks both requirements, which can help her to perform her daily tasks with ease. When your mom or wife needs a helping claw, she can count on Mr. Crab to turn things around for her. Get meals and snacks prepared by the beach or park without a fuss. Those claws are not made for pinching but for cutting fruits and opening soda or beer bottles. Scissors and screwdrivers are also included for other tasks.

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Raptor Rescue Emergency Shears

A must-have for the emergency response team or medical practitioners on the go is the leatherman emergency shear. No one can predict when a disaster happens. With the help of Leatherman, come prepared at all times and respond to emergencies quickly and easily. Gear a medical professional up with necessary tools such as shears, cutters, oxygen tank wrench, and glass breaker.

The leather raptor rescue multitool is small, compact, and portable enough to carry every single day. It even has a utility holster for easy storage and handling. A correct mindset, calm demeanor, and a Leatherman power tool are what can save lives in life-threatening situations.

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LighterBro PRO

To have a good time everywhere you go, you have to be equipped 100% of the time. Get the most out of your experience camping, sailing, or trekking by coming in prepared. More than the food and clothes, gear yourself up with the best multitool to deal with any unexpected scenarios.

LighterBro is a light in the tunnel that can break boundaries and fix anything that may come in the way. It creates fire to cook from and heat to warm your body on a cold night. Aside from this, it came with a multitude of other tools that may come in handy when you least expect it. Scissors and knives are stapled tools that can be used anytime. Cut cords, repair mini items, and trim nails as you please.

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10-in-1 Boat Tool

Fulfill the dream of a fisherman or boater with the Boat Gadget. Create a wonderful experience in the vast sea by equipping these seafarers with a 10-in-1 tool to rock the boat. Declutter his space to allow other essentials such as food and drinks. The last thing you need is a boater lost in the sea because he can’t find his tools. With one gadget, he can maneuver the boat in the right direction, manage his crew, and fix things when necessary. It even includes a safety whistle and plug tools to address untoward incidents in the middle of the ocean.

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STEAM CLIP Multi-tool

Nomads, people who travel a lot for work or leisure, know the essence of a multitool. One that will save space in their luggage, avoid excess baggage, and, most importantly, be used in a hundred ways. Steam clips may not look like ordinary tools but their functions can make a huge difference for someone who is always on the go.

Never worry about creases on clothes when you can clip your coat in the shower. Steam will help in getting rid of wrinkles to make shirts crisp and clean. Use it as a smartphone stand while listening to music or talking with friends and family members. Squish one in your luggage and watch how it can improve your trips in the future.

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Klingon Bat'leth 6-In-1 Multitool

For Star Trek fans, the best multitool to ever exist is the Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth 6-In-1 multitool kit. They can wear or carry this like a badge of honor to save the universe and explore planet Earth. More than being a souvenir item, it is functional and handy, perfect for those who would love to save the universe one day. Compact and lightweight, it can be hung as a keychain or necklace. Whether it is given as a stocking stuffer or birthday present, this will make any fan shoot for the moon and back.

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All-in-one BBQ Multitool

Make your man proud and happy with the stainless steel 7 in 1 BBQ multitool. Fire up the grill and let your man take on his throne with his powerful baton. It is all he needs to cook perfectly roasted protein and vegetables on an open fire. The 7-in-1 tool is the queen of the fire that can move from sausages to burgers to greens in a swift. He doesn’t need to switch tools all the time only to end up with burnt meat or veggies. Make grilling efficient and fun with just one tool which can be a spatula, tong, fork, and even a bottle opener in one go.

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7 in 1 Tech Tool Pen

Imagine gadget man getting an upgrade after being introduced to the world of computers and smartphones. Convert the techie geek to a reliable geek who can fix anything through the Atech multifunction pen. More than a pen and stylus, it comes with a bottle opener and screwdriver. Atech proves that the pen is mighty, especially when it has added features such as a phone stand. It fits in the pocket of your pants and polo shirt which makes it an ideal buddy whether you are working indoors or outdoors. Even an individual who has everything will not refuse such an innovative item.

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3Coil Puna Multitool

An item’s sentimental value is often not based on its functionality, but on how it reflects one’s interest or personality. However, if it represents both, it becomes extra special to the owner such as the Puna 3Coil. A scalpel, bottle opener, and keychain are meticulously put together in the shape of a mini assault rifle that is a sight to behold.

It is a dream multi-tool kit for anyone who is fond of guns or plays shooting games all the time. Small enough to fit in their palm with a case to put in the backpack. Some may not end up using it every day but it is still a handy tool when the need arises.

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Wowstick 23 in 1 Screwdriver

Screw all those manual screwdrivers. Save time and energy with the Wowstick mini electric screwdriver. Mechanics and carpenters can benefit a lot from it. They can carry this together with their other power tools to make work effective and efficient. Wowstick includes 23 screw drills to cater to their every need. A pen to use for the drills, the shadowless LED light, and a case for protection makes it a complete set. Never miss a bolt even in the darkest corners with the built-in LEd light. Repair with ease in less than the standard time, whenever, and wherever with the mini screwdriver.

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Leatherman Tread Bracelet

One can never go wrong when you give a wearable and functional multitool kit to a repairman. For the handyman who is always on the road, a tread bracelet is a must-have. It can save him more space for other essentials and stay efficient all the time.

If policemen have guns, repairmen have their Leatherman tread bracelet as their weapon of all time. Unscrew extra links to alter the size til it sits comfortably on the wrist. They can wear loud and proud, and be reliable handymen wherever they go and in whatever circumstance. It’s a new favorite multitool that’s TSA compliant with a 25-year warranty.

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Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays

When a multitool becomes chic and fashionable, even executives wouldn’t mind rolling their sleeves with the multitool collar stays. No more droopy collars and get ready for action when the need arises. No one can even tell that they have tools tucked away in between the crisp and clean tuxedo and dress shirt.

The collar stays come in a set of 4 or 2 pairs that integrate various tools such as screwdrivers, thread cutters, and bottle openers. For sure, there were several instances where they needed to magically whip out a bottle opener to get everyone some extra booze.

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ATECH Keychain EDC Carabiner

For people who prefer flat and slim multitools, the EDC carabiner is perfect for you. Compact multi-tool kits are fun to bring and travel-friendly. Clip it to the knapsack or use it as a keychain, you have a tool that has up to 10 features in one.

The Atech 10-in-1 multitool is the best traveling buddy, ideal for spur-of-the-moment tasks that need to be dealt with away from home. Repair your bicycle on the road. Or, open a bottle while camping and use the wire cutter to set up the tent. With a lightweight tool that’s only 2.87” tall, you can squeeze it into your back pocket until you need it.

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Holtzman’s Survival Kit Paracord Grenade

Just when you thought you’ve seen all types of multitool, you will be bombarded with a new and innovative design. Blow your mind with a one-of-a-kind Holtzman survival kit that has everything you need when disaster strikes.

It is not your regular first-aid box as it is designed like a grenade, a 48-in-1 kit that includes everything from an LED flashlight, needle & thread, fire starter, pocket knife, and the like. But, you don’t need to wait for doomsday to get one of these kits. In fact, it is an emergency tool that can sit with the first-aid kit or knapsack when you are traveling outdoors.

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Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool

Whether you are a casual bike rider or a bike packer, the Crankbrothers M19 is an indispensable tool in your backpack. Sometimes mishaps happen at the roundabout or corner street. Thus, having a handy tool in their possession is a bike saver and, at times, a lifesaver.

The Crankbrothers has 19 compact tools in a universal chain. Dismantle or repair the bike before an accident happens with one easy gadget. Have everything within reach for a quick fix from the wrenches, screwdrivers, and Torx. The tool flask makes it convenient to carry around or store easily in the workshop.

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edcfans Keychain Knife

Looking for the best EDC that will work for both men and women? If yes, the edcfans keychain knife is the answer. The stainless steel multi-tool is durable, rust-free, and functional, ideal for minimalists due to its simple, sleek design.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves using all 6 functions such as firing up the grill or campfire. Open letters and boxes with ease using the box cutter. The screwdrivers, wrench, and scraper are the perfect repair tools also included in the kit. Hand it over as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift for EDC users looking for all-around functionality.

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Silverhero Pocket Multitool Kit

Transformers robot may be a far-fetched gadget to own but you can have your own miniature version full of functions with the Silverhero multitool kit. Easily pocket a 23-in-1 multitool locked in place through its integral locking system. It comes with a black case that hides the power it holds within.

The polished SS 23-in-1 pocket multitool is the ultimate stocking stuffer or father’s day present that you can give. As sturdy and reliable as the man in your life, it maximizes functionality in every inch of the tool. Make a hero out of your man in every situation with tools such as a flat driver, wrench, bottle opener, wire stripper, box opener, and more.

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Multi-Functional Hair Clip

Who said ladies can’t have a multitool in their possession? Get ready for a hair flipping moment with the hair clip multi tool kit. Never underestimate the power of a woman with a clip to defend herself from intruders. For there is more than what meets the eye when this hair clip is involved.

Disguised as a hair accessory, it can perform various functions such as a ruler, screwdriver, cutter, and wrench. Each pack contains at least 10 hair clips, one she can wear every single day. Don’t let the ladies you know go out without these pretty, dainty clips that can save their day.

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