17 Best Notebooks That Perfectly Fit Your Writing Style

If you love collecting notebooks, even if you still have a gazillion of unused journals in your possession, you are at the right place. Digital journals can never replace the touch and smell of newly opened note pads. And every writer and diary lover knows that you can never have too many notebooks in your possession. The truth is there is one for every occasion, from doodles to diaries to note-taking pads.

With the rise of individuals going for DIY diaries, the normal notebook has taken many shapes, sizes, and formats. If you ever find it difficult choosing the unique one, check out some on the list to find one that best fits your needs and writing style.

Best Notebooks

Behance Dot Grid Book

For some diary lovers and note-takers, the size of the journal, the type of paper, and the type of writing pad play important roles in their purchase. Behance Dot Grid is the most suitable choice for people who love to write and doodle at the same time. The format of the pad allows creativity to flourish.

Customize your entries to create your personal journal, adding sketches, graphs, or doodles to add an element of fun. The suede-to-the-touch cover and 8.5″ x 10.5″ size give Behance an edge in its flexibility and quality. Also, 30% of what was used to manufacture this product came from recyclable materials, a plus point for environmentalists.

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Thinkers Smart Notebook

The changes in technology have driven tons of people to make the digital switch. However, a few people still prefer the feel of pen and paper while writing or sketching. Taking things the traditional approach may put a toll on their work-life, having to transfer all of the notes from the notebook to their laptop.

Thinkers make it possible to achieve both with one stroke. Look cool and be smart with THINKERS’ premium notebook. For optimal results, download the INTELLIGENT iPhone app to organize and transfer everything you wrote on the pad to the app. Works like the normal pad where you can still use your favorite pen but with a digital transformation.

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Rite In The Rain

Don’t you hate it when the rain washes away all the words you have written carefully in your notebook? If yes, the Rite in the Rain is here to save your day. The weatherproof paper is the answer to the prayers of people who are constantly in the field. It works for everyone and is not limited to weathermen, reporters, fishermen, and field technicians.

Braze the weather with full confidence knowing your notes are intact. Your bag can get drenched in the storm or your back pocket wet because of sweat, the Rite in the Rain notebook remains unbothered. Creative ideas born in the shower will be captured, thanks to Rite in the Rain.

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Rekonect Magnetic Notebook

Have you seen your notebook fall apart because you tore some pages? People who love to tear pages because they want to rearrange their notes will fall in love with Rekonect. No need to clip the pages together because it is falling apart. The Rekonect magnetic notebook lets you store and organize your notes with ease.

The magnetized margin is its unique charm. It allows for multiple refills and removing the pages in a quick and easy way without damaging the actual notebook. Rekonect may look like your ordinary journal but as they say, do not just use a notebook by its cover. Because inside, you have an innovative design that is the dream of many.

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Vintage Leather Journal

For those unwritten memories in history, this vintage notebook is the perfect place to unravel stories. These are stories meant to be told and shared with future generations. Artists can store their book or song ideas to inspire them when their creative juices run dry. The scent and feel of the leather journal alone can send them to a world of endless possibilities. Some may call it Book of Shadows or Witch Journal due to its eccentric details. But it is only the owner who can work the magic to pen memories in the 240 pages of Antique paper.

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Suck UK Tab Notebook

Are you tired of getting our notes mixed up? College students who had to deal with multiple subjects will benefit a lot from the UK Tab notebook. It is a school essential that’ll organize their notes and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Aside from students, this also comes in handy for neat-freak adults or parents managing an entire household.

Categorize subjects, office works, or household expenses through these Tab notebooks. Each set comes in 4 pieces of A5 writing pads in various colors – pink, blue, green, and yellow. Get rid of the bulky binders and go minimalist with the slim, lined paper pages of the tab notebooks.

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Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Save tons of trees while storing your handwritten notes efficiently. The Rocketbook is a game-changer in the world of traditional note-taking. No trees have been cut on the 36-page dotted grid journal. Write with the Frixion pen that came with the Rocketbook. Save everything that was written to the cloud service through its app. And wipe the pages clean with the microfiber cloth, looking new and fresh every single time.

The set includes the reusable notebook plus the pen and cleaner to provide the best writing experience. You will never buy a new notebook ever again. Plus all your notes are scanned and stored automatically. Never feel behind in the digital age and make this a journal you can use for life.

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Field Notes National Parks Series

Celebrate nature and life through these unique nature-inspired Field Notes. Track down trails and write down your itinerary for the day as you wander around the world with the Field Notes journal on hand. The cover features pictures taken from America’s National Parks. Store the memories in the memo books while preserving the natural resources.

Five percent of the purchase price is donated to the National Parks services for the protection of wildlife and everything in the park. Each pack includes 3 notebooks that showcase the beauty of the park. Rather than picking something from nature as a souvenir, bring home this item plus all the wonderful moments written in the pages.

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Genuine Leather Journal

Show your appreciation and love for the writer in your life through a journal made from leather. Everyone knows that when something is made of leather, it is meant to be a durable and stunning accessory. Customize it with the receiver’s name for a personal touch to render them speechless.

The quality craftsmanship of the Lifetime Leather can be seen in every nook and cranny of this journal. Built to last for a lifetime as the pages are refillable. It comes with 2 large pockets for important documents and 1 card sleeve for ID or business cards. Travel around in style with a genuine leather notebook on hand.

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Self Journal by BestSelf

When people journal, they learn more about themselves compared to when they talk nonstop. Keeping a diary helps in releasing pent-up emotions, setting goals and tracking them, and instilling an attitude of gratitude. The BestSelf Self journal is the best gift you can give yourself and someone whom you love or cherish.

It is a productivity journal to crush those goals in the next 13 weeks. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves but it is only those who commit to the hard work that succeeds. The journal is like a treasure map, a tool to navigate life towards achieving your best life.

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Nu Board Memo Size

Water paper no more with the NuBoard whiteboard notebook. The perfect present for entrepreneurs, teachers, or children who need a way to communicate and express their thoughts in one go. Plop it next to the workstation to put a reminder for yourself or someone else. A quick doodle or memo can save a spur-of-the-moment thought.

NuBoard provides access to a whiteboard on the go that’s convenient, portable, and environment friendly. The erasable notepad is ideal for brainstorming, memos or reminders, or even games for kids and teachers. Use only whiteboard markers to ensure that the ink isn’t permanent.

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Word Notebooks

Mini journals are heaven-sent for individuals who love to document everything from planning their trips to jotting down their daily routine. The Log pocket travel journal is a perfect choice for photographers, wanderlust, and tourist guides. But it is not limited to these folks as its usage is endless. The to-do list bullet points and dotted journal system makes it convenient to log your day’s worth of adventure or activities.

Each package comes in a set of 3-3.5 inches x 5.5 inches notepads. It fits comfortably in the back pocket of your jeans and the front pouch of your knapsack. Never lose a day of fun adventure by filling in all the 48-pages of your trip.

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SUCK UK Table Tennis Notebooks

Keep yourself and your kids active while studying. A legendary notepad like no other, the best one to encourage table tennis enthusiasts to wack their stress away in school. The Table Tennis notebook comes in a set of 3, which includes 2 bats and 1 net cover.

Children, even adults, who are fond of playing Table Tennis will find themselves appreciating their notebooks for the first time. Like other writing pads, inside you have 100 pages of lined paper. Outside, the cover features a professional, grade rubber bat. Any flat surface will do as long as the owner has a partner to play with after the school is done or during recess time.

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Grids & Guides

Get ready to be amazed at a notepad that doesn’t fall short of surprises. Warning, while others might find it overwhelming, architects, designers, and creatives may think otherwise. Each of the 144 pages in this journal showcases a different grid design from the previous.

The Grids & Guides diary is the best journal for individuals who love charts and infographics. No one will stop them from filling in all the pages that also include trivial information such as knot tying to logical expressions. Get those pens ready to wrack those brains to create artistic designs and write beautiful words on the Grids and Guides.

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Triangle Notebook

Make writing fun as heads turn as you turn the pages of your Triangle Notebook. When being ordinary isn’t your thing, why settle for a rectangle when you can have a triangle? The best notebook for cool people who want to be different is the triangle journey. Its cover is made from fabric. Open the notepad to reveal 160 pages of lined sheets. Without the division, it would look like any regular writing pad with a twist. If there are people who believe that the earth is flat, don’t question individuals who say notebooks are triangles. Celebrate the uniqueness in everyone with this one-of-a-kind journal.

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Harry Potter Gryffindor Journal

Muggles can now open the wizarding world, not through platform 9 3/4s but with the help of the Harry Potter journal. Shout “abserto” to unleash the magic behind the mysterious writing pad. Don’t worry, it is not the diary of Tom Riddle but a merchandise a pothead dreams of.

The outside cover showcases the logo of the House of Gryffindor. Make Hermione proud by filling in all 240 pages of your sweet memories from the books and movies. Or, be inspired to draft your magical world of witches, muggles, and wizards. Its vintage feel makes it look like an actual notebook used by the wizards.

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Wellspring Flip Note

Stenographers, reporters, writers, and artists have a small pen and paper in their possession all the time. Huge clipboards are a bit too much to carry, so opt for the Wellspring flip note. Not your ordinary writing pad as this is slim and small making it travel-friendly. The cover is reusable while the papers are refillable. It even has a slot for a retractable pen. A spring-loaded case is what makes writing handy while standing. For reporters, they will never forget the details when written in the journal. Writers can reinvent or create something new when they are around each other.

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