Best Waffle Maker Keyboard Waffle Iron Maker

Do you love waffles? I sure do, and to be honest, who doesn’t? Crunchy, sweet, chewy, they go great with both sweet and salty foods… What’s not to love about them? And if you are also a hipster and into new ways of eating foods, you know waffles are great for experimentation: put toffee or chunks of sugar in the batter. Pair them with Starbursts, with Haribo Gummy Bears, or with tuna, avocado, and paprika. Make them in a Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse shape. If you are looking for the best waffle maker, then you might be pleasant with this keyboard waffle maker, have them look like your computer’s keyboard.

With a die-cast non-stick aluminum design, this keyboard waffle maker is easy to use and easy to clean: put the batter in, chuck it on the fire, get a fun shaped crispy, fluffy waffle and then chuck it into the dishwasher. Not only that, but the portable, lightweight, thin design allows you to take this waffle maker with you anywhere: take it to a barbeque, take it to a brunch, take it camping…just heat up the grill or an oven stove and you are ready to go!

All in all, this keyboard waffle maker is a great gift for the computer nerd that loves waffles, for the hipster that loves experimenting with food and giving it new funny shapes or just for anyone that really, really loves waffles this fun pan will have you making crunchy yet fluffy waffles that will make you want to use it again and again!

8.3Expert Score

Make your computer nerd friends say WOW at you with the keyboard waffle maker.

Easy to use
Easy to clean

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