Stylish, Secure and State of the Art: The Very Best Wallets for Men

A stylish, sturdy wallet is essential for every man. It’s not just a cool accessory – a wallet needs to hold and protect a man’s most valuable possessions. The trouble is, as the internet marketplace continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to find that ideal wallet that is equal parts convenient, secure and fashionable. To help expedite your search, we’ve crafted a collection of the best wallets for men in one single, easy-to-navigate list. Below, you will find an assortment of high-quality wallets designed to accommodate every lifestyle, every schedule, and most importantly, every man.

Best Wallets for Men

Trayvax Element Wallet

The Trayvax Element Wallet is a rough, rugged wallet ideally suited for the adventurous outdoorsman. Leather and metal construction ensures that your cards and cash will be protected from whatever extreme conditions are thrown your way, an essential for those whose work or hobbies can get messy. The wallet additionally and uniquely integrates a bottle opener, a money clip and attachment point all into its slim form, so next time the boys invite you down to the river for some drinks and some fishing, the Trayvax Element Wallet has you covered.

Though built for intense environments, the Trayvax is also suited to a calm day about town. The stylish leather wallet can house about 10 cards and 5 bills, more than enough for a day in the office or a night out with a special someone. The slim design makes it easy to slip the wallet into your pocket and get going, no matter the destination.


Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Pen Wallet

If the Trayvax Element Wallet was the wallet for the outdoorsman, the Dango D01 Pen Wallet is the one for the creative soul. The most unique feature of the Dango Wallet is the notebook and pen that it houses alongside your cards and money. The 48-page notebook is a valuable bonus for the writer, the artist or the designer often inspired by his world; when the lightbulb lights, just pull out this handy wallet and jot down your bright ideas. When the notebook is filled, simply switch it out with any other miniature notebook and continue to observe your world.

Other than the notebook and pen, the Dango D01 Pen Wallet can store 8-12 cards as well as several bills within an appealing, water-resistant bifold wallet. A variety of classic color options ensure that your wallet is always stylish, always chic, and always perfectly you.


Leather-Bifold Money Clip Wallet

The Money Clip Wallet is built for the minimalist man. This extremely slim wallet slides comfortably into the front pocket of your favorite jeans for easy access, and a transparent exterior pocket makes it quick and easy to present your ID. Inside, the wallet can store 6 cards and a few receipts; outside, the silver clamp secures your bills to the wallet’s face. The Money Clip Wallet isn’t for the cluttered, hectic mind – its simple design and limited pockets are built to accommodate the careful, calculated mind that carries only what he needs. For the man who values his time and his style, the Money Clip Wallet in either brown or black is the wallet you’ve been seeking.


Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet

This wallet is for the innovators. The individuals. The forward-thinking, modern man who appreciates the attraction and the charm of the road less traveled. The Contour Minimalist Wallet prides itself on it’s unique, an entirely-original design that does away with all the excess. What remains is an eye-catching accessory that truly appeals to the senses. Despite its minimalist design, the slim wallet can store an impressive 8-10 cards and all of the bills a man could need for a day about town.

The Contour Minimalist Wallet is certainly a style piece. A range of metal frames and leathers, all built from durable, high-quality materials, are available to suit any taste. If you want your wallet to make a statement, the Contour Minimalist Wallet speaks volumes to a man’s eye for fashion and his adventurous spirit.


Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

The Slim Leather Wallet is the smooth, suave wallet for the smooth, suave man. Do away with awkward fumbling through messy, over-packed wallets; the Slim Leather Wallet utilizes the latest technology to keep you organized and looking fresh. A card-slider mechanism keeps 10+ cards only a button-press away, a pocket strap neatly secures your crisp bills, and quality leather material makes the entire package a fashionable, eye-catching affair. Whether you go with a classic brown or black wallet or decide to rock a flashy red, blue or green one, the Slim Leather Wallet ensures that you always turn eyes.


MKC Minimalist and Smart Key Wallet

What’s the point of a slim, convenient wallet if a bulky keychain is still jangling in your pocket? The Smart Key Wallet aims to effectively eliminate all of that excess bulk in your pockets, keys and all. Unlike most wallets, the Smart Key Wallet features a bonus pocket within specifically to store keys and additional accessories, keeping your pockets clean and neat. With this wallet, you now have a designated spot for your house keys, your car keys, USB’s and more in addition to 6 cards and cash.

Worried that a key pocket might be inconvenient? Think again! The Smart Key Wallet integrates a swivel feature, an easy mechanism for selecting a key without needing to fumble through a crowded pocket. This mechanism genuinely makes the Smart Key Wallet a practical alternative to the bulging, bulky pockets with which we’re all too familiar.


Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

As convenient as they may be, cards can quickly take over your wallet. Credit cards, ID’s, gift cards and more clutter your wallet and take up precious space. The M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is the perfect solution for men who find themselves getting lost in their cards. This one-of-a-kind wallet puts your cards on a rail system, making them incredibly easy to slide in and out of the modern metal frame. No wallet more efficiently stores and organizes your cards.

The M1 Maverick Rail Wallet can accommodate up to 9 cards, leaving plenty of space for all those essential cards that have been hovering around your pockets. The Rail Wallet isn’t built for storing bills (though a clip is available separately if so desired), but if you’re someone who prefers credit and debit cards to cash, the M1 Maverick is definitely a cool and convenient wallet option for you.


Pelican Sport Wallet

The Pelican Sport Wallet isn’t necessarily built for day to day life. The Pelican is the wallet for the man on the go, whose adventures can take him to the edge of all that is familiar and safe. Come rain, sleet and snow, your valuables are protected; despite long drops, dings, bangs and crushing defeats, the Pelican endures. Durability is the primary promise of the Pelican Sport Wallet. Come what may, the Pelican will be by your side.

Inside its black plastic exterior, the Pelican Sport Wallet houses 2 mesh pockets. In these pockets, a man can store the essentials for his journeys, including a few cards, bills, and his keys and ID – all the vital pieces that you most want to protect. The Pelican Sport Wallet allows you to focus on the current task at hand, secure in the knowledge that your belongings are safe from whatever comes next.


Tactical Titanium EDC Minimalist Slim Wallet

A slim, lightweight wallet doesn’t have to be weak! The Tactical EDC Wallet is crafted from 100% titanium, perhaps the strongest wallet material on this list yet remains a fraction of the weight of a typical wallet. In addition to its durable crafting, the EDC Wallet is appealing to the senses: precise laser cutting and matte finish ensure the wallet is a feast for the eyes, and the smooth, solid metal is pleasant to hold or to slip into your pocket. There is nothing not to appreciate about the marvelous crafting of the Tactical EDC Wallet.

Practically, the EDC Wallet is a winner as well. The wallet can store up to 10 cards as well as your cash just as any wallet should, and does so in a smooth, slim package. And best of all, it’s high-quality materials guarantee that this wallet will be turning heads for years to come!


Nomad Tile Slim Tracking Wallet

Sometimes wallets can have a habit of wandering off, particularly in busy cities. The Nomad Wallet understands the frustration when your wallet goes missing and was designed specifically to combat this annoyance. While at first glance, the wallet seems to include only 7 card pockets and 2 cash pockets, in truth it hides a subtle sleeve. Within this sleeve, a Tile Slim.

The Tile Slim is a state of the art Bluetooth device capable of monitoring your wallet’s location. Did you leave your wallet on the bus? Find its location on the Tile app. Wallet get stolen during your recent trip to the city? Check the app. Your cards and cash are too valuable to lose – with the Nomad Wallet, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll always find their way back home.


ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder Front Pocket Organizer

Has it ever happened to you that you are trying to pay on the supermarket… and you spend roughly 10 minutes of anxious research trying to find your credit card amongst all your other membership cards, discount coupons, gift cards, driver’s license, etc, etc? Wouldn’t it be super easy and super comfortable if you had one of those cool wallets that give you the one you are searching for at a push of a button? Well, we have invented it: meet the ACM Wallet and credit card organizer.

This mechanical card holder and money clip selects, protects and organizes everything that you put inside it, and it’s sturdy finish also protects your cards from scratches, warping. and the static created from rubbing them together, which will make them last longer. In addition, you have different pockets for organizing, where different buttons when pressed will give you everything inside that pocket so you don’t have to spend any time rummaging through your wallet! Quite crazy innovative!


Roco Minimalist Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Money Clip

We all have the bad habit of keeping our wallet full of stuff: pictures, receipts from the last purchase, that gift card Mom got you over 10 years ago that you never used… and often it gets to a point where we can’t close our wallet. Would you like a wallet that will not only carry all the necessities while staying so slim and thin that you can keep it in your pocket, and protect your cards? Meet Roco wallet!

Roco is one of the most minimalist slim cool wallets for men, it is not only futuristic and good looking but its aluminum also blocks the chip readers that thieves could use to steal your money. The craftsmanship and materials used in this wallet are top industry-standard too, making it really high quality and sturdy; and the reviews say that while it looks like a tight fit to get your cards in, it is not a problem as they slid in and out easily and without falling out!


Ridge Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

It’s just natural that your wallet gets thicker and thicker as the years go by, happens to everyone: you start collecting VIP and gift cards and suddenly you can’t close your wallet anymore. That’s, of course, really annoying as it will very likely damage your cool wallets, making you unable to close them or easily carry them or end up with you searching through 30 cards trying to find your VISA. If you are done dealing with these issues, meet this cool ridge wallet.

The ridge wallet is really slim and functional, can hold up to 12 cards without stretching at all and it also has a money clip so you can access some bills easily. In addition, the aluminum it is made of also blocks all chip readers so thieves can’t get your personal information. and so this amazing wallet will last you a lifetime (really, it comes with a lifetime guarantee !). All in all, if you are looking for some really cool wallets for your dad, friends, or just yourself that will keep your cards protected and none bulky, check out the ridge wallet!


Infinity Wallet- Men's Minimalist Wallet

Some people make their watches the focus point of their outfit. Some other love hats, sunglasses or earrings, and some others… really are into cool wallets. If you are a wallet lover yourself and are looking for the best wallets for men, get ready to have your world turned upside down: meet the infinity wallet!

This cool, ultra-slim men’s wallet only has room for what you will actually need, keeping it thin: it has 10 pockets and a “thru pocket” where to put your money. In addition, it is made out of super-resistant nylon so it won’t fray or break and it will keep your cards scratch-free, safe and protected. It also looks great, with a futuristic and sleek cool vibe. Perfect for just about anyone that is into minimalist wallets or simply needs a new one to keep everything they need without taking up a whole bunch of room!


GOVO Men's Wallet and Badge Holder

Some jobs require you to keep your identification handy at all times so you are recognizable by the higher-ups. In a lot of cases, they only provide you with a flimsy plastic covering that might end up damaging it or not protecting it properly. Wouldn’t you love a badge holder that is sturdy, protective… and also doubles as a small wallet? Meet the GOVO Badge Holder Wallet!

This badge holder is amazingly durable and lightweight, made out of polycarbonate and steel to be able to stay slim and sleek, and it comes with a clip to attach it to your belt, pocket or keychain so you can access it easily if you need to identify yourself! In addition, featuring a spring-loaded card holding system (that can hold up to 4 cards), you can always get your card with ease and no hassle. Simple, futuristic looking, this badge holder and minimalist wallet for men will make your pockets MUCH less heavy at work by forcing you to carry ONLY the essentials!


Thread Wallet Vertical Card Holder

We all hate when our wallets get big, bulky and full of cards and we need to rummage through 10 of them to find our VISA. It is not only an annoyance but it can prove an actual problem when the wallet starts ripping at the seams and falling apart, isn’t it? If you want a small, sleek wallet that will only carry the essentials and will keep your card mess contained, meet the thread wallet.

This cool wallet made out of leather and elastic can hold up to 8 cards plus cash while remaining slim, and it comes with an RFID blocking chip to ensure your money or personal information doesn’t get stolen away by thieves. In addition, the sturdy leather it is made off will not only protect your cards from the static created by having them rub against each other but also from scratches and wear! And this wallet features many colors and styles, from cutesy pink to rugged black so you can have a wallet that matches your style, how cool is that!


FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men

If you are one of those that carry plenty of gift and membership cards with them to the point you can’t close your wallet anymore, maybe it’s time to do a little wallet cleansing… or even better, replace your wallet for a better one!If you don’t want to deal with having to search through 10 cards ever again, meet the FIDELO Minimalist Wallet!

Featuring a 3 piece modern design with a money clip and a card ejector that will guarantee you can access all cards by simply clicking a button and a RFID blocker so no one can steal your personal information, this sturdy, sleek wallet is made out of leather and aluminum to ensure it will be lasting you for a long, long time and not only that, it looks incredibly cool, to boot! It also comes with a lovely, high-end gift box so you can give it away as a Christmas present or as a white elephant gift at the next office’s party!


Gecko Travel Tech Phone Wallet

It is impossible to go anywhere without our phone nowadays. They have become a crucial part of our lives and most of us always have it on hand, just in case. They are multifunctional tools that connect us with the world, but wouldn’t it be cool if they could do EVEN MORE stuff? For that, we would like to introduce you to the Gecko Phone Wallet, a sticker for your phone that will turn it into a hundred things.

With this little sticker, your phone will also double as a wallet, as a phone stand, an RFID chip reader blocker, an earphone untangler, and even a screen cleaner, how cool is that! This sticker will fit pretty much any phone or case model, and it can hold 2 or 3 cards and a bit of cash in the case of an emergency. In addition, it also comes in many, many different designs to fit any kind of style you might have so rest assured that you are going to find the perfect one for you!



When it comes to men, there are all sorts of collectors. Some men collect pocket watches, some collect earrings and some collect cool wallets and that’s completely cool: a wallet can be as much of a fashion statement as a tie or a belt and they always come in handy when your old wallet starts breaking apart because it’s too full with all kinds of cards. If you are searching for the best wallets for men, your dad, your coworkers, best friends… you have come to the right place!

We carry all sorts of new, fun, cool wallets, from the practical to the sleek and slim, to the fun and geeky, to the quirky and crazy. and we do our best to ensure that you find the best wallets for men with ease. So no matter if you are tired of those men’s wallets that always fall apart after a couple of uses, and eager for some really functional ones so you can carry all the stuff you need inside, and no matter if you are just into good looking and cool wallets to get people amazed, just get to browse and we can guarantee that you are going to find one that’s going to make you say “Wowza !”