43 Birthday Gifts for Her That Are Guaranteed To Win Her Heart

What is your loved ones’ love language? If you see their eyes sparkle every time they receive gifts from you, more than anything else, then you know it is their love language. Understanding what makes them tick and feel appreciated is a sincere way to show how much you care, especially when her birthday approaches. Buying birthday gifts for her can be a delight or a disaster. Make sure it’s the former not the latter. With that in mind, here are some unique birthday gift ideas that are guaranteed to win her heart.  

Birthday Gifts for Her

Butterfly Flower Bouquet

A well-thought-out gift can be the finest one. Birthday presents that are handmade and picked based on the recipient’s charm and interest are the best way to go. This 3D card is one of those birthday presents that pops up and surprises her, leaving behind a smile on her face. Instead of the conventional 2D card from the bookstore, get her 3D butterfly flower card. Made from laser-cut design, the butterflies and flowers will literally pop out to throw your girl a surprise. Opening the pop-up card will send butterflies to her belly, making her feel loved on her special day.

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Birthday Party Scented Candle

A personalized gift can never replace an expensive generic present. When your lady prefers to come home with dim light, soft sound, and a fragrant room, a personalized birthday candle is the best fit for her. Write a handwritten letter on the packet so your girl would know it came from you. Each time she lights up the candle, she’ll think of you.

Candles aren’t only for adorning a place. It works best when your girl wants to treat herself to a spa-like experience. Candles with a warm bath, by the dinner table, and/or while listening to soft jazz are other ways to put them to good use. Not to mention, they can also use it during a power outage.

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Movie Night Popcorn Set

When celebrating your girl’s birthday, it’s always best to consider their kind of birthday bash. She might not fancy throwing gigantic parties. Instead, they may prefer an intimate movie night with the one they love. So, make her wishes come true with a memorable birthday gift.

Bring the Movie Night popcorn gift set to complete the celebration. For a popcorn lover, sometimes one bucket is not enough for one movie. And having four choices will make everything delightful and amazing. Let her pick among the distinct flavors; Buttery Caramel, Chili Lime, White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn, and Sizzling Sriracha. This is the definition of a gourmet snack on the go.

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Umbra Two-Tiered Jewelry Tray

Girls love collecting accessories and pieces of jewelry. However, there are too many and they can easily get lost. Provide a solution to your girl’s habit. Send her an Umbra jewelry dish for her birthday. Umbra is charming two-tier storage where your girl can drop her jewelry, keys, and other accessories on a whim. It is the best dish to put her daily accessories on.

Umbra makes glamming up in the morning a whiff. She can simply pick the accessory of her choice and dash off. Also, the chic design will blend well on any shelf or vanity. Other than accessories, she can also use this to organize her office supplies on her workstation. Or, as a dish for keys and coins in the hallway.

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Happy Birthday Wish Jar

Break the stereotype that birthday gifts need to be huge or expensive. Often, the simplest handcrafted ones hold more meaning and love. A wish jar is one of the most memorable birthday gifts for women that will never be forgotten. Buying a cake at the bakery or shop may look great, but it is nothing compared to writing 100 different birthday wishes for her. Cakes can be consumed and flowers will wilt, but the messages remain for years to come. It is the thought and effort that is put into every wish ticket, which will bring joy and tears to her eyes.

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Sony Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Music lovers will automatically fall in love with a Sony mini Bluetooth speaker. If your girl is a music lover by heart, she knows that music is best when shared. The wireless speaker is the best birthday gift that she’ll most probably use every day. Have her open up the gift on her birthday to blast off her favorite playlist for everyone to hear. Hype the celebration and make it really about her.

Music shouldn’t only stop at home or in the office. With the wireless speaker, she can blast her favorite song in the car or at the camping ground. Bring the beat everywhere to turn virtually anything into a non-stop party lasting for 16 hours or more.

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Forever Flowers 3D Crystal Ball

Flowers wilt but not when it came from Miss Li Garden. Find out what her favorite flower is and find one here. Unlike other flowers, they encapsulate fresh-cut flowers in polyresin prolonging their natural beauty for about 5 years. No need to trim, fertilize, or water as it is completely preserved. The crystal ball of natural flowers makes a unique and beautiful decoration in your girl’s room. Four led lights are found at the wooden base, which means it can switch the simple decor to night light. It can last up to 10 hours and can be recharged with a USB charging cable.

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Tie Dye Rainbow Sneakers

Women who prefer rubber shoes over high heels will get head over heels with rainbow sneakers. The colorful sneakers are practical but fashionable birthday gifts for ladies who love comfort over anything in this world. The rainbow sneakers are a great way to say that even athletic girls can be trendy. With the midsole design, it’ll enhance her performance on the track or in the gym. The thick sole adds height while the elastic blade sole makes running and walking a breeze because of its flexibility. From the gym to the road, it is the best travel buddy she could have. She will definitely go further in life.

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Slip Silk Face Covering

Face masks have become the trend. Unfortunately, the generic color and design make some girls feel out of fashion, unable to flaunt those beautiful smiles. Let her know it is still possible to look fashionable and stay safe at the same time through the Slip face covering.

Cotton face masks can irritate the nose. Get your girl a Slip Silk mask for her birthday. Made of silk, it’s soft to the skin. And the double-sided feature still gives the protection she needs from the deadly viruses. On top of this, it is comfortable to use as it is breathable and reusable. She can adjust the nose wire to ensure it fits snugly and has no space in between the nose and mask. It’s their safety and protection that matter the most.

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PMD Smart Facial Cleansing Device

Let’s face it. The first thing that caught your eye is her face. This is the reason why a lot of women take care of their faces more than other parts of their bodies. Because the face is what can draw someone closer or shove them away.

One thing that everyone must start complimenting girls about is their natural beauty. You can see a woman who takes care of herself on her face as her skin glows. This starts with cleaning the face properly every day, especially after putting on some makeup. PMD is a facial cleansing device that will brush off all impurities. It also provides a facial massage for younger-looking skin.

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HiMirror Smart Makeup Mirror

Ladies can either create or break a good first impression of how they present themselves. This is the reason why she spends so much time taking care of the skin on the face as much as the body. Don’t let your girl be insecure all the time, shower her with praise. HiMirror evaluates your girl’s skin to find out which area they need to work in. Instead of guessing what treatment to use, with the analysis, it would be easier to get the right treatment. It can detect everything, like wrinkles, dark spots, and dark circles.

After going through the skin treatment, it can also show the improvement or lack of on your skin. On top of it all, instead of experimenting with makeup, it will help them check how they look with certain makeup through Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. Best of all, it even has access to entertainment channels like YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.

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14k Gold Love Knot Stud Earrings

After all the recommendations and research, if you are still not sure what are the best birthday gifts for her, go for the classic. One surefire answer would be a timeless 14k love knot earring. Tilo creates beautifully crafted 14k yellow gold stud earrings that will remain elegant for years to come. They polished the handmade studs to perfection. It’s easy to wear every day and can go well with any outfit she wears. Gold jewelry will always be a staple birthday gift. No need to worry as it comes with an elegant gift box. You can mail it directly to her place. If in doubt, go for gold!

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Protective Bag Handle Cover

Designer bags are some of a woman’s treasure. Often, the bags even get their own seat in the restaurant. That is how precious they are. Can you imagine what will happen if the bags get wet from the rain? No. And so, don’t let that disaster happen to your girl’s precious bag. Get her a rain slicker for her birthday. The waterproof bag handle easily keeps your girl’s luxury bag protected from the rain. Pair it up with a waterproof cover for the bag too. The transparent film includes a PVC pouch where the rain slicker can be stored when not in use. She can put it inside the bag, ready to use when the rain drops.

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PortoVino City Wine Tote

If your girl is a certified wine lover, get her the Portovino wine purse. The pouch can carry 1.5L of her favorite spirit, ready for the party at a friend or picnic at the park. It has an insulated pocket that will ensure the wine stays cold for hours. Not to mention that the pouch is reusable. Save big bucks refilling the pouch to have wine on the go all the time.

PortoVino isn’t only a wine pouch, though. It can also function as an everyday tote. Without the wine, she can use it to put her daily essentials. The stylish design of the bag makes it possible to blend with any outfit from casual to corporate. She will never go out thirsty and fully loaded ever again.

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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Women who are busybodies or home buddies may not have the time to go to the gym to burn some calories. Staying fit and healthy is what you would always like for the love of your life. Ensure she stays that way with a Keiser exercise bundle.

The bundle includes several items to help her stay in shape, such as a floor mat, media tray, stretch pads, heart rate monitor, and Keiser Indoor Cycle. With the indoor cycle, she can join online classes or watch videos online to follow and get into the routine. She can also connect it to a fitness app to track her progress. Regular exercise will make her stay healthy and happy.

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Kayla's Cake in a Jar

Birthday celebrations will never be complete without a birthday cake. For the special girl in your life, why give one when you can give more? Kayla’s Cakes are celebratory birthday gifts that she will remember for a lifetime. Rather than the typical tiered cakes, send her cakes in a jar. The birthday care package she deserves from miles away. She has the option to choose among 4 flavors: Rich Chocolate Cake, Traditional Vanilla Sponge Cake, Moist Red Velvet Cake, and Classic Carrot Cake. Eat one and save the rest. Or, share with family members or friends for a festive feel. Made from all-natural ingredients that will bring a smile to the birthday girl’s face.

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Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

A princess in real life, maybe not on title, deserves an enchanting gift. If your girl is an epitome of a Disney princess or just loves fairy tales, the crystal rose will sweep her off her feet. The magical element of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is wrapped in a box. Bewitch your girl with a rose made from Swarovski crystals encased in a mouth-blown glass bell dome. Let her imagination run wild throwing her into a magical world of princesses in fairy tales. Unlike the rose in the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, this enchanted rose is designed to last a lifetime. Reminding the birthday girl of your undying love and care.

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Premium Floating Drink Holder

What’s a birthday pool party without the booze? A surefire way to level up your girl’s next birthday party at the pool is to serve drinks on the float. The celebratory birthday gifts she will never think of getting for herself. Surprise her with the floating drink holder. It is a premium product of Diverblast where beverages are placed in an inflatable tub. Built to last as it is made from the best quality PVC materials which will grace hundreds of pool parties. From the pool to the beach, it’s the in-demand swimming buddy to get the water off her favorite spirits and hold other things such as tablets, smartphones, or books.

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Softies Marshmallow Hooded Scarf

Upgrade your girl’s daily outfit with a Softies cardigan scarf. Fashion comes first for most girls. Often, they end up not getting any pocket to keep essentials. Or, the fabric isn’t thick enough to keep them warm. The hooded cardigan scarf will change everything for them. A warm birthday gift will surely make her heart flutter. With the scarf, they can wear anything they want and layer them off with the hooded cardigan scarf. It is knitted which makes it warm and cozy. With the hood, she can cover her ears from the chilly wind and stuff all her necessities in her pocket. She can walk around feeling like she’s wrapped in her favorite blanket in style.

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Women in Science Puzzle

Challenge your girl’s competitiveness with a 500-Piece jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. Designed especially for puzzle collectors and women who love challenges, the Women in Science comes with colorfully illustrated images and features 15 trailblazing women who changed the world in the field of science and technology. It is a splendid present to celebrate women’s empowerment for a lady who has shown impeccable strength and courage. Inspire your girl to be the best version of herself as she dives into the puzzle. The kit also includes an 18 x 24-inch poster she can prop on her wall to constantly motivate her every day.

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Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

Nature has healing properties and they are free. Vitamin D can be accessed free from exposure to the sun. However, excess sun exposure can also damage the skin. What if you get the benefit of sun exposure without the after-effects? Light therapy does that and it’s the most suitable birthday gift idea for the lady who doesn’t like to be sunburned. The UV-Free therapy lamp provides the Vitamin D that your girl needs indoors. Admittedly, although free, the sun is not up all the time. The fact is she might spend most of her time indoors depriving herself of the much-needed daylight. Even in winter, she can get 10,000 lux of brightness to boost her energy, improve her focus and sleep habit. Don’t let the sun go down on her.

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VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel

Girls love wrapping their hair after every bath. What they don’t know is that toweling their hair dry can damage the hair. As the hair is brittle when wet, adding friction can result in breakage and frizz. For a change, instead of the usual chocolates and flowers, send her a Volo hair towel for her birthday. Volo is super absorbent, reducing the time spent drying hair by 50%. Your girl will wrap her hair in a turban just as usual.

Now, with Volo, she won’t have to worry about the wrap falling off. Hence, she can freely move her hands and multi-task while waiting for her hair to dry. As it is made from microfiber, it’s soft to the hair reducing hair damage. Not the typical birthday gift but it’s a present that will keep her crowning glory sturdy and shining all the time.

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Send a Cake Explosion Box

Is your girl expecting “another” cake from you for her birthday? Of course, a birthday cake is a must to celebrate a special occasion. This time, put a twist on it. Instead of sending “another” birthday cake, send an explosive one. Don’t worry it is safe but she will definitely be blown away. Flying butterflies, faux roses, and gold-foiled confetti explode as soon as she opens the surprise box. A festive way to open a special cake for the extraordinary lady in the house. Watch her smile from ear to ear as she gets over the initial shock to receive a mini bundt cake with sprinkles and choco chips. Her stomach is full of butterflies with your surprise.

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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Bring out your girl’s detective prowess. For her birthday, send her Da Vinci Code mini cryptex. It’s a clever and unique way to say I LOVE YOU. Like the movie Da Vinci Code, she has to decrypt the password to open the package. Put a bonus and add a piece of jewelry inside to make decoding worthwhile. The mini cryptex’s default password is ILOVEU. But you have the option to change it as you wish. Make sure it is something you both use all the time. The essence is for her to uncover the hidden message. It can actually be one of the most creative ways to propose. She has to decode your life to get the ultimate gift.

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Spectacles 3D Camera Glasses

For the special girl who sees the world differently, give her a pair of spectacles that will make her love the world even more. The special 3D camera glasses don’t only let her see things in 3D but also capture them in video format. The world isn’t 2D, it is 3D. Capturing these moments will make each birthday a memorable experience for her, recounting how beautiful the world is. The spectacles also come with a built-in microphone to capture the entire experience. Never worry about going on an empty battery because she can recharge it with the casing that they came with. Each time she watches the video or uses the spectacle, she will remember how blessed she is to be walking on this magnificent planet.

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Under Armour Hi-Rise Capri Leggings

Fitness buffs are picky with what they wear when working out. For your girl who loves to stretch their muscles, ensure they are all geared up. The women’s hi-rise Capri leggings by Under Armour are practical gifts for her who is always hitting the gym or the road. Made of super-light fabric, it almost feels like her second skin. It dries fast and its stretchable material makes moving easy and comfortable. With the right outfit, she can go further and move better. At the end of the day, all you want is for her to be healthy and happy all the time.

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invisawear Smart Jewelry

Girls are susceptible to danger from the outside world all the time. So, if your girl gets caught up by herself at night or in suspicious places, keep her safe with Invisawear. Her safety will always come first before others. For her birthday, make sure that she gets protection through it. Invisawear is a keychain that could save her life. What it does is when pressed, it automatically sends text messages to at least 5 people about her whereabouts. The keychain is connected to a free app that lets her select five people to contact when she’s in danger. In addition, the app can also connect her to 911 by letting them know of her GPS location during an emergency. Get her one to keep her safe.

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Loungefly Disney Mickey Mouse Wallet

If your girl loves Mickey Mouse, then the Mickey & Minnie Mouse wallet is for her. Let her relive her childhood memories with the zip-around clutch wallet. The design makes it cute and practical to use. Who can resist Mickey and Minnie Mouse when they are smiling ear to ear? Loungefly goes beyond the aesthetic. It makes sure that beyond its cute interior, she has enough space to put her valuables such as coins, paper money, credit cards, and ID. The wallet comes with a zipper pocket and three slots for her other items. It is the perfect wallet for daily use.

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Dash Mini Maker Set

Waffle makers are the most suitable birthday gifts for women who love to whip out waffles and pastries for everyone. What better way to keep the party going with some waffles she personally made herself. This one includes a waffle maker, waffle iron, and grill griddle. They are designed to match her cute personality and will fit in any kitchen even the small ones like college dorms and RV. Even if she only knows one recipe, she can try to mimic other recipes with the guide that came with it. Easy to clean due to the non-stick surface creating perfect waffles every single time. Even on a busy day, it is still the best way to whip a healthy snack rather than going outside.

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TokyoMilk Dark Eau de Parfum

There are three birthday gifts for her you can never go wrong: bag, jewelry, and perfume. And if you are looking for something close to your girl’s personality, TokyoMilk Eau de Parfum might have the answer for you. Girls don’t need complicated gifts, it’s often drilled down to how the gifts are close to their interests or hobby. The safest way to go in choosing a perfume is a scent that is flowery and citrusy. TakyoMilk’s Everything and Nothing perfume gives off a romantic and optimistic feel to their selection. Nothing can beat giving an enchanting experience with every whiff of the perfume. Encased in sophisticated, elegant packaging, it’s a foolproof present to impress your girl.

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Portable Bracelet Hip Flask

If you are searching for uncommon birthday gifts that will blow off her mind, consider giving your girl a bracelet flask. When you are tired of reminding her to stay hydrated, this is the quick fix. The bracelet flask looks like a regular thick bangle made of stainless steel. But there’s a twist, it comes with a hollow middle that she can fill in with the beverage of her choice. Safe to drink as the bracelet doesn’t rust and is corrosion resistant. With the flask, your girl can sneak in a drink in her class or work without even anyone suspecting. This is what you call “drinking with style.”

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Chapstick Party Favor Lip Balm

For your girl’s birthday party, give her a hand with the party favors. Bring some Chapstick lip balm, she will be touched when she discovers that you went out of your way to bring gifts not only for her but her family and friends. Chapstick is a sure hit for the ladies in the house. The lip balm comes in a unique birthday cake flavor that will throw them back to your girl’s birthday with each application. Girls who can’t live without their Chapstick will always have this in their purse. The surefire way to melt your girl and everyone’s heart knowing how you thought about all of them.

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Gravity Weighted Collar Fleece Robe

After a hard day’s work, hitting off the shower or dipping in a warm tub is the best way to wrap the day. Level up this experience for your darling with a fleece robe. This extraordinary fleece robe has a three-pound (3lb) weighted wrap inside the collar. What this does is add pressure to her body as if someone took her in their arms in a warm embrace. In your embrace, this will soothe her tired body and relax throughout the night. In the morning, she can unzip the weights from the collar so she can walk freely. Also, an easier way for her to put in the laundry.

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elago Peach Case

Your girl bought her new Airpod a while ago. You also know she has a knack for misplacing items. And that she loves peach-colored items. In this case, compliment her new toy with an elago Airpod case. elago has a peach-shaped case that perfectly suits her taste. The one-of-a-kind case is stylish and fun, she can hang it on her bag or purse. It is durable enough to endure normal tear and wear, ensuring her expensive toy is secured and safe at all times. She can charge the device through wired or wireless charging. A nice accessory to complement her bubbly and sweet personality.

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Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Some days can be rough and tough. On those days, it is always pleasant to have a good massage to ease the tension. The sad truth is time isn’t always in everyone’s favor. Driving down the spa at night is not always the best option. If you can’t be with your girl to give her that much-needed back-rub, surprise her with a Shiatsu massager. It is a heated pad your girl can drape around her neck and shoulder. It provides a deep tissue massage to loosen up the tense neck, shoulder and relieves back pain. The heat coming off from the massager promotes blood circulation and deep tissue relaxation. It’s a quick way to get the spa experience at home.

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Garmin Vivosmart 4

When you care for someone, their health and safety are your top priority. Monitoring them all the time may only annoy them. Instead, send her a Vivosmart. The smartwatch is one of those birthday gifts for women that is pretty and practical. Vivosmart has a fashionable design that people may bypass as a regular watch. In fact, the watch does more than give time. It can monitor her sleep, heart rate, breathing, and even oxygen level. The watch also notifies her when she receives a call or text message from her phone. This is a proficient way to stay away from smartphones without being outdated.

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Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer

Girls who love taking pictures and making crafts will fall in love with a photo printer. If your girl fits this description, don’t second guess yourself and grab one for her. This on-the-go printer can print from her smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other devices with wireless capability. To get the most of the pictures, your girl can download the free app to edit the picture before printing. Every print comes in full color as if it was printed from a studio. Another bonus feature of this camera is it comes with a built-in speaker and microphone. It allows her to record gifs and videos to share on social media. Compact, light, and powerful — that’s how you can describe this printer.

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Urbanic Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee lovers would want to have a coffee maker of their own. But, if your girl wants to take it up a notch and become a barista, Urbanic coffee grinder is what suits her the most. Nothing can compare to freshly ground coffee brewed to perfection. Imagine the smell of ground coffee filling her apartment, that alone can wake everyone up. The Urbanic coffee grinder is automatic, not like the bulky ones in huge coffee shops that have to be manually operated. Urbanic has a power switch on and off making it easy to operate. With her grinder, she can even create combinations to suit her taste. Share them with family members and friends. Or, even sell them to coffee shops.

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Nintendo Ring fit Adventure

Who says working out can’t be fun? Luring your girl to work out has never been easy with RingFit. The RingFit comes with a ring-con and leg strap accessories to capture all the movements. A surefire way for a full-body workout while having fun. If she is into gaming, RingFit will be up to her ally as it’s an adventure game that will force her to move. She wouldn’t even notice she is working out while fighting off all the enemies and completing one mission after the other. In turn, she and the character level up at the same time. It’s a fun way to bring in her friends and family members to double the fun.

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Scala Remover Brush Mitt

One of the biggest insecurities of girls is cellulitis. In more ways than one, it can rob them of their confidence in themselves even if you tell them how beautiful they look. Don’t allow your girl to sulk crying over her cellulite. Offer scala cellulite remover to appease their worries. Scala is quick and easy to use. All she has to do is to use it to massage all her fat pockets away. The more that she is used, the faster it is for the skin to be stimulated, draining all the excess liquids and detoxifying. She can use the scala cellulite massager as often as she takes a bath. It is highly recommended to use scala while taking a shower with cream or oil. Again, don’t forget to tell her what matters is that she’s healthy and beautiful all the time.

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Gold-Tone Alphabet Pendant Necklace

Accessories give character to a woman’s outfit. To complement her day-to-day outfit, find her a timeless piece she can use any time of the day. The Kate Spade necklace is a perfect pick. The gold-tone necklace has an “alphabet” printed on the necklace. Find the letter of your girl’s first name to personalize it. At the back, it has the phrase “one in a million” on it which explains how special she is for you. She can also adjust it to suit her desired length. Comes with a pouch where she can keep it when she’s not wearing it. This is a unique birthday gift for her that she’ll keep for life.

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Say goodbye to the bulky pop sockets on her phone. Give your girl’s phone a stylish upgrade with a Case-Mate phone holder. Especially if you know she tends to drop her phone on her face. Or, worse on the floor all the time. Case-mate comes with a 3M sticker adhesive which means she will not be able to take it off her case permanently. But who would remove it when it comes with sparkles and colorful bands? With the enhanced grip, her smartphone or tablet won’t slip off her hands and cause major damage. It’s easy to change the casing but not the phone. Thus, it’s a good investment and a cute accessory to match her style.

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La Reveuse Frozen Dessert Maker

Your girl is on a diet but has been craving ice cream for a while. Don’t let guilt get the better of you. Give in to her craving and still keep her healthy. The most suitable birthday gift for women who are health-conscious is the La Reveuse frozen dessert maker. With La Reveuse, your girl can handpick the ingredients she can add to her frozen dessert. It’s so easy to use and serve. All she needs to do is freeze some fruits. After a day, she can take them out and dump them in the frozen dessert maker to whip out her own healthy dessert. Now, she can satisfy her cravings and still be healthy.

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PureWine Pourer, Purifier & Aerator

Wine lovers know the repercussion of drinking too much wine. After all the partying from the previous night, it’s normal to see your girl with a hangover and upset stomach. But not known to many, there’s actually a way to prevent this from happening. It’s not about stopping drinking. But, she’s still drinking her favorite beverage without the after-effects. The solution is PureWine.

PureWine removes all the sulfites and histamines that cause an upset stomach, headache, and other hangover symptoms the following y. What it does is purifies and aerates the bottle to remove these unwanted allergies and sensitivities while still keeping the wine’s taste and aroma. No harmful chemicals were added as the bottle was only aerated. It’s safe to use and effective.

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