19 Unique Book Stands for A Pleasant Reading Experience

No matter who we are and what stage we are in life, there’s no denying that books will always open new worlds for us. No matter what we are interested in, they are more than capable of transporting us into other worlds and dimensions that help us expand our way of thinking. Don’t let the back and neck pains hinder you from discovering worlds, and even skills unknown from looking down into books. These unique and functional book stands will make sure that you get to quench your thirst for knowledge and adventure whether at home or elsewhere.

Unique Book Stands

Deli Book Stand

If you think you do not need book stands because you are reading e-books, the Deli book stand will make you change your mind. This ABS material-made stand can hold your tablets, phones, or kindles for you and make your reading hands-free. It can even hold traditional books that are 5 to 16 inches wide steadily.

If you like playing the piano, this will also help keep your piano sheets in place as you read through the musical notes to play your favorite music. Best of all, you can easily stash this in your bag for work because of its foldable design.

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Pad Shape Collapsible Book Stand

Forget about those book stands that rival the thickness of your college reference books! This pad shape stand will be the sleekest and thinnest one you will enjoy using. When folded, it can easily insert into any small space in your bookshelf like a thin music sheet book.

However, don’t let its width fool you because even though this is thin, this can adequately carry and support your devices and books. It gives stable and adjustable support at its back that will allow you to comfortably look at your devices and books at the correct angle to prevent eye and muscle pains.

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Guidecraft Tabletop Book Stand

Knowledge does not only come from sheets of paper. They can also be found on screens. When you find yourself reading frequently from your tablets, it is time to get yourself the Guidecraft Audio tablet book stand. It is multi-functional because it not only holds your tablet to free your hands but also stores tablet accessories for you, making it accessible to you when you need them. With a special compartment that is wide and deep enough to fit in your headphones and other small accessories, it can even hold additional learning materials, such as small notepads, in its rear compartment.

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The Book Seat

Give your books a relaxing vibe by propping them up on the Book Seat. This lounge-worthy book stand will make your hands, neck, and eyes relax as you spend your me-time poring over your favorite novels. Unlike others, it does not come in a rectangular board design.

Instead, it comes in a cushion that allows your books and tablets to sit on it for easy viewing – not only a functional item to be included in your office or room but it will also be a great desk decor item to give any space a cozy and soft vibe.

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Acrylic Book Stand

Don’t let the antique feel steal the spotlight from your favorite modern books. Give it the love it deserves by displaying them in your living space through this open book stand. This modern and minimalistic book stand will hold even the heaviest book in your library without any trouble.

Its black design makes it look elegant and will highlight the pages that are open for everyone to see. You can also use it in your kitchen to hold your recipe books open while you bake muffins for the whole family or in your office when you want to showcase your company’s product brochures.

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Acacia Wood Easel Desk

Never settle for less when you have the option to have everything within your hands. The Rossie Home book stand will give you just that. It does not settle only as something you can place your gadgets or books on.

With this, you will also have an organizer where you can keep stationery items like pens and notepads in it. You can even place some photos to help you remind yourself of your loved ones. Plus, it can serve as a laptop holder when you place it on your lap with a cushioned back to make your laptop comfortable.

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Two Sided Rotating Book Stand

Two will always be better than one – even with book stands. Now, you won’t have to choose what book to place on your book stand because you can place both books in just a single one. The SKLaserDesign book stand will allow you to prop 2 books back-to-back for easy reading and save you more desk space whenever you study.

Whenever you need to read from the book on the other side, you can simply twist it because it can rotate on its own. It also comes in a Birchwood material that gives it an academic vibe in your office or your bedroom.

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Wiztem Clover Book Stand

Get that classic wooden look without the additional weight by using this bamboo bookstand. Made from lightweight materials, it is easy to carry around without sacrificing beauty and durability. It can hold hefty books well and will not easily give out from its weight.

Unlike other stands, it will not only give you an 80-degree angle at most when viewing your book. It can give support even up to 90-degrees adjustment. Best of all, it has metal clips that allow you to hold the book’s pages easily for a hands-free reading experience.

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Fellowes Booklift Copyholder

Your planner holds all your dreams and goals together. Let the Fellowes copyholder hold all pages of your planner in place when you view your life plans. This unique book stand is the most portable of all because when you fold this up, you can insert this as one of the sheets of a binder.

It is durable enough not only to hold planners but also large manuals and other reference magazines as well. Plus, with a rubberized gripper on it, it won’t slide easily when it is placed on a smooth surface. It also opens up into an easel design at just the right angle to view any material comfortably.

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Adjustable Book Holder

The ZZWS will not only be your books’ next best friend but also soon to be yours because it will give you a reading experience like no other. Like an all-weather friend, it will be with you no matter what the reading situation is.

Got dim lights in your room? No problem! It will provide you with an additional lighting source that will shine the pages with a warm light that is bright enough but won’t hurt your eyes. Plus, it can hold any thickness your book has – from thin ones like musical sheets to big and thick hardbound reference books.

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SmartMe Portable Book Stand

Read comfortably no matter where you are by bringing the SmartMe stand with you. It will not make you sacrifice your comfort any longer when you want to read novels outside of your house. Thanks to its portable and smart design, it is very compact and allows you to easily slip this into any bag.

When in use, you can simply slide the bars sideways to open it up into a functional book stand that you can place on any surface. Plus, it comes with a clean white color that makes it look aesthetic and picture-ready when you feel like taking a selfie.

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viozon Book Stand

Studying can be a pain but you don’t have to actually feel it in your neck. The voizon book stand will make sure that all your books and other learning materials will be at the correct angle for your eyes for easy viewing.

It will also be at a height that is recommended to prevent you from constantly looking down, which places a strain on your neck muscles when you do it for prolonged periods. Plus, by propping your books on this, you will free up the space on your table to make room for your notebooks when you want to jot down important stuff you have read.

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wishacc Upright Bamboo Book Stand

Elevate your reading experience to new heights. The Wishacc book stand turns this dream into a reality. Say goodbye to back pains, myopia, and neck issues by adjusting your books at a height that you are most comfortable with. Made of high-quality materials, it ensures that your book will be held at your desired height without fail, and even rotate to different angles, thanks to its durable metal body. Your book will also be supported by the thick bamboo material that gives it unparalleled balance and stability.

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Ergonomic Multi Heights Bookstand

Why get an extra bed table for your books and laptop when you can just get yourself this adjustable book holder? Designed for heavy use, this premium aluminum-made stand will be able to support any book no matter how thick it is. Everything in this book stand can also be adjustable.

Its thin clips can hold the pages no matter how thin or hefty they are, without unnecessarily blocking the words on the page. The height of its legs can also be adjusted according to the height you want. At full extension, you can even convert this into a bed table to hold not only your reading materials but also your laptop or tablet.

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Foldable Bamboo Book Stand

If you have a passion for the old and familiar, this bamboo book stand will not fail to spark your love for reading again. Take a trip down memory lane and feel like a kid who can’t get enough of reading sci-fi books from the school library. It retains the design of the usual book stands that each of us is familiar with but added some tweaks to it to make it more functional.

The clips will allow you to retain the page even when it gets windy, and its stand also allows you to adjust its angle in 5 different ways to ensure that you will not strain your neck and back muscles.

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WESMART Book Stand

If you find that you have too much in your hands, maybe it is because you did not use the WESMART book stand. This wooden stand will allow you to read anything hands-free. No matter where you are reading from – books, magazines, phones, or tablets – it will be able to hold it for you.

When you want to get more out of your studying, use this to hold your reference book in front of you while you jot down notes. When you are cooking, place your table on this stand while you look at the video and follow the cooking instructions at the same time.

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