Boyfriend Pillow Boyfriend Body Shaped Pillow

As the name indicates, a boyfriend pillow is a gadget that combines a pillow and your boyfriend perfectly (if only you do have one…) 

Ahhh… Boyfriends. What aren’t they good for? They are warm, comforting and reassuring, they are tall so they can shield you from the sun during Summer days and from the wind in Winter days, they take you in shopping sprees and carry your bags, they reassure you when you are feeling sad, bloated and mopey, they can open jars… but perhaps one of the best parts is being able to sleep in their arms, head resting comfortably on their chest as they wrap you up in their tight embrace. 

But sometimes, you don’t have a boyfriend. What do you do when you don’t have one? While you can hug your pillow, your pillow will usually not hug you back, isn’t it ?. Fret not, as we have invented one that does: the boyfriend pillow! This superior quality man pillow is as warm, strong and reliable as its name would imply and unlike some boyfriends, it won’t give up on you after a few uses.

Not only that, but this pillow is extremely soft and comfortable, so much it’s akin to a real hug pillow, and it is made out of anti allergenic materials, so it won’t give you any health issues (unlike some real boyfriends). 

What’s not to love about this boyfriend pillow? Soft, gentle, reassuring… the perfect gag gift for your friend that has been single for years or that can help wanting to get back with her ex because, and I cite “I need some human touch, you know !” (yeah, what’s mine then? Is mine animal touch, Tiffany? Is that what I am to you ?)

8.6Expert Score

A boyfriend may quit after a few uses, but a boyfriend pillow won’t.


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