Giant Bubble Wand and Mix

Oh well. No matter if you are a child at heart that loves to chase and pop bubbles or a deep thinker that loves to marvel at them, or are looking for gifts for kids this holiday season, the Giant Bubble Wand is for you.

Bubbles made from the giant bubble wand are truly a tiny wonder of nature. It makes you marvel at the world to think that naturally, without human help, such a phenomenon could exist.

Perfectly symmetrical, round, reflecting the colors of the light, trapping air inside… and here we are, humans, using them as a fun dumb evening entertainment instead of as an object of admiration.

This bubble wand comes with a special bubble mix allowing to create bubbles that are much bigger than habitual and that don’t pop as easily for hours and hours of crazy fun, and the bubble mix is also non-toxic and really safe and easy to create so even kids can do it: just add hot water and dish soap and you are ready to go.

Get ready for hours of endless fun with your children, your pet or by yourself by creating gigantic bubbles that you will love chasing and popping and that might make you marvel about the beautiful, mysterious nature of the world, the universe, and everything!

8.4Expert Score

"Entertain a Whole Backyard of Neighborhood Children"

Easy to use
Value for money

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