Bug Vacuum Spider Catcher Traps Pest Control

If you are anything like those people who have a bleeding heart that loves nature, then you must have trouble even killing the lowest, most evil, tiniest animals in creation (e. g. mosquitos, horseflies, and the Queens of all Evil: wasps). And instead of kill them yourself, you must prefer to return them to their natural habitat (the outside) peacefully and without harm. However, at the same time insects terrify you, right? (how do you help a wasp to the outside without it trying to kill you!?). Do not worry anymore, friend, we have the perfect solution for you: the Bug Vacuum.

This amazing contraption has been carefully engineered to provide a suction strong enough to trap insects inside but not enough to kill them. It is incredibly easy to use: just aim and suck them into the bug vacuum pipe and later release them by unscrewing the chamber where the insects are. 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly, this bug catcher not only does not pose a health hazard but it will help you keep your house clean from chemical sprays, bug traps and squashed insects.

Moreover, It’s USB charged and coming with an LED light that increases visibility for the nighttime environment, so as to catch dark insects or crawlers easily.

All in all, this neat and cool bug vacuum would be the perfect addition to the life of bleeding heart hippies, nature conscious people that understand the importance of insects in an ecosystem, people that want to keep their house chemical and trap free, or just anyone who would prefer not to have to squish and kill the rogue insects that get into their manor.

6.5Expert Score

Keeping your home insects free is no longer an overwhelming job.

NO Chemical
LED Flashlight
Easy to use

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