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Kids love wrestling. Kids REALLY love wrestling. And no matter how many disclaimers they put before wrestling shows, kids are going to imitate whatever they see in the shows, fight, play rough and generally ram and bump into each other. If you want to keep accidents to a minimum in your kids’ inevitable fights to the injuries, we have found an amazing solution: the Sumo bumper balls.

This bumper balls that go around your children’s belly will allow them to experience another type of wrestling (sumo is just as cool, if not more; than regular wrestling) without harming themselves or each other! Help your kid put it on, inflate it and they can go to town! Completely safe for kids and really fun, these Sumo Bumper Boppers don’t have any small parts that could be swallowed and are quite hardy: be sure they won’t get pricked or pierced even if your children play rough.

On top of that, it could be a fun activity for birthday parties, barbeques, outings to the beach and overall any other day where a lot of kids are going to be reunited. Letting them play pretend sumo with this bumper balls is not only great exercise but it can help them get better coordination, reflexes, agility and even better their balance !

And hey, if they get bored of playing wrestling, you can always let your kid put one on and tumble down a hill like in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Chase (Disclaimer: we are joking. There’s always injuries in the Cheese Chase, and there is absolutely no need to tumble down a hill just so you can eat cheese)

8.7Expert Score

Put your Sumo suit on and belly bump your way to fun!

Easy to inflate

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