Cat Bonnet Made from 100% cotton With Satin Lining

Is your cat interested in historical fashion? What about those Japanese street fashions that try to imitate European porcelain dolls? Is your cat a fan of Little Women? Would you simply like to annoy your cat to no end while making them look super cute and Instagram ready? We have something for you that is going to make you chuckle: this cat bonnet.

Turn your cat into a mighty fine lady with this high quality, 100% cotton, satin-lined cat bonnet hat. Featuring a lovely, modest, flowery design that will catch a moderate and modest, reasonable amount of eyes (we don’t want your cat to look like a salacious wench, and neither do you).

This cat bonnet fits most cats, and it features a ribbon instead of an elastic to hold it in place, so be careful when tying it so as not to hurt your kitty. Otherwise, it is made out of high quality, sturdy, completely safe materials not to endanger your furry friend’s health.

If your cat has ever wanted to look like a porcelain doll, recreate The Little House on the Prairie series. or is she not going to stop the Brontë’s sister stories while sighing and looking forlorn and melancholic, be sure that this beautiful bonnet will turn them from a Mary Bennet into a Jane just like magic!

8.9Expert Score

What could be more fashioned than a bonnet for your cats?

100% cotton
Fits most cats

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