Cat Costumes Lion Wig with Ears for Halloween Party

Have you ever had the inclination to dress up your cats in costumes? To most pet owners, cat costumes may be another big reason why they often get obsessed with the little kitties and can’t help but constantly take photos.

However, when it comes to cat costumes, the first thing coming to our mind is clothing. And of course, if you Google “cat costumes”, you will get lots of nice cat’s clothing or sweaters.

Cat clothing is cute, to be sure, but do cats really love to wear clothing? No, sir! In fact, clothes may cause some risks to cats, such as overheating, impeding a cat’s ability to move freely. And most importantly, your cats will get stressed while wearing clothes, which could lead to some problems.

On the other hand, this does not mean you can’t buy your cats a clothe, there are situations in which clothing could be suitable for a cat, the only problem is that you know how to safely put a clothe on a cat. Well, here comes the question,:

How Should We Dress Cats in Costumes?

Cat wig takes an answer. Every little cat has a ferocious, wild beast inside: you might have forgotten that your cat is a descendant of lions, but they haven’t. So, for fun, why not buy him a lion wig ?

Different from a sweater, your cats get used to the wigs really quickly and soon become the center of attention. Turn him at the same time into a prideful, strong beast and into a cute little baby (contradictory, we know) with this fun cat wig and get a flurry of Instagram pictures of their adorableness.

You might be a big fan of cat costumes, but we know your furry friend is probably not (don’t worry, they never are. But they are just SO CUTE in their costumes. SO CUTE. So it’s OK to make them wear it, don’t worry, that’s 100% how it works):

The wig has been made completely safe and easy to remove so your furry friend won’t get hurt when wearing or removing the wig. While your kitty is a little rambuctious, naughty furry goblin, it’s still important to take good care of them and protect them !

And for dog lovers, we know you want for your own, don’t worry, you can also dress your pooch like a lion. You are welcome!

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Crown your cat the king of living room with this lion headpiece.

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