String Driven Chainless Bike 21 Inch Frame

Pretty much everybody knows how to ride a bike nowadays, and they can provide an amazing, fast, cheap transportation method if you live in the city. However, they also have some disadvantages: easy to fall from, drivers don’t respect them…and the chain. If you’ve ever used a bike on the regular, you probably have had problems with the chain: either it caught on your clothing and made an oily mess, or it detached itself and left you stranded. Worry not: here comes the chainless bike to eliminate chain problems. 

The chainless bike uses a cord instead to replace the chain which is much less problematic: no oil, fewer chances of it popping out, less noisy and messy rides and it helps make the bike much more efficient. Compared to the conventional gears and chains, the maintenance requirements of this chainless bike is pretty much less, thus it can be kept for a long period of time until a second use.

On top of this, this bike comes with 19 speeds to allow for easier pedalling or going up hills, and it features Magura hydraulic brakes for amazing braking problems. If you use your bike on the regular, consider replacing it by this chainless bike to make your life easier and less messy.

8.8Expert Score

A clean, quiet and creative vehicle that’s what a bicycle lover would like to have.

Driving efficiency
less mess

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