Chairless Chair Wearable Ergonomic & Comfortable Sitting System

With the world population becoming older and older, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we need mobility aids to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Not only that, but it is always nice to have a wider range of mobility aids for disabled or differently-abled people. The mobility aid we are about to introduce you to was originally created to help the aging population of Japan put less pressure on their joints, but it was soon noticed that it is something that can help just about anyone in their daily life: meet the chairless chair.

The chairless chair is a structure made mainly out of plastic and aluminum and that you can adjust to your lower body to be able to sit without having a chair. This incredibly neat gadget is ergonomic, comfortable and will prevent plenty of backaches for those professions that need to stay standing for long hours without taking a break: doctors, nurses, day labourers, bakers…

Its simple and lightweight design will not impair your movement at all, and it allows you to switch between walking, standing and sitting simply by using your motions! In addition, this neat gadget can fit just about anyone no matter their height or weight, which makes it very inclusive.

Pretty much anyone could benefit from having this contraption in their lives: people that commute a lot and often are left without a seat in the metro, the elderly, people with joint inflammation or damage, people with professions that involve standing around a lot… so if you know someone that suffers from their joints, this Christmas make them joyous as can be by getting them this neat little chainless chair.

8.6Expert Score

No matter your weight or height, this chainless chair is beneficial to help you sit comfortably.

Easy to use

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