Chipolo Ocean Edition : A New Way To Remove Plastic Pollution From Our Oceans

Daily life is full of its own stressors, and at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is step back and consider the major concerns that haunt our planet. The Earth is home to vast ecosystems and complex life forms though, and manages to provide for us and our animal brethren day in and day out. The least we can do is take care of our home.

Chipolo Ocean Edition

Chipolo Ocean Edition seeks to protect our planet through its vast water systems. Water pollution is a real threat to the marine life that resides within, both in the form of chemical and physical waste. The Chipolo is an eco-friendly tracker designed specifically to identify and remove the physical debris. By attaching one of these trackers to hazardous plastic waste, such as discarded fishing gear, collectors are able to track the location of the pollutant and remove it from the water, helping to preserve the beautiful habitats within.

Once retrieved, Chipolo makes good use of plastic waste. Each piece is broken down into small, plastic pellets which, in turn, are transformed into the simple blue covers of new Chipolo trackers. Through this process, not only is the planet cleaned up for future generations, but sustainable solutions can continue to grow and improve the state of the natural world. Because of this commitment to preservation, Chipolo donates $1.00 to Oceanic Global for every Chipolo Ocean Edition purchased, contributing to the organization’s efforts to clear the oceans of waste.

We all share this planet. As such, we all have a role to play in preserving it for future generations. While there is no quick solution to pollution, products like the Chipolo Ocean Edition contribute to the ongoing fight to protect the environment, making this one of the most important purchases you can make from the comfort of your own home.