Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife

If you have ever tried to speedrun cutting a potato, and if you have ever tried to chop an onion as fast as possible so you wouldn’t cry, or if you have ever had to cut a carrot in tiny pieces… it is highly likely that you have suffered a knife accident. And if you do, it is really likely that you have thought “there’s got to be a better way”. Well, you can start chopping up your vegetables slowly and carefully and treating knives with respect and admiration (we know you aren’t going to do that) or… you can use the Clever Cutter.

This neat, amazing, innovative invention is the mix between some scissors, a cutting board and a knife. With the knife on top and the cutting board on the bottom, just place the veggie to be cut between them and go to town! The combination of the razor-sharp “knife” side and the hard, sturdy “cutting board” part makes cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing really fast, simple and efficient!

It can cut almost any type of food too, including meat, cheese, veggies and fruits. And the safety latch always keeps the Clever Cutter closed for no accidents and nasty surprises! On top of that, the Clever Cutter is also dishwasher safe to save you time both in cooking and in cleaning, how marvelous is that! 

This creative, amazing gadget should be a staple in any kitchen, but it is especially necessary for those that are always in a hurry to make food, in those that cook very often, in the kitchen of those who are clumsy or for professionals like cooks or chefs! (Disclaimer: keep the Clever Cutter away from those that have no respect for the different types of scissors and regularly open plastic packages with the special scissors for cutting hair)

8.1Expert Score

Replace all your kitchen knives and cutlery to slice and chop food in seconds.

Easy to use
Value for money

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