CleverMade 45 Liter Collapsible Storage Bins

Not a lot of room in your apartment? Like to be room-savvy yet big bulky gadgets take you too much room so that you can’t fit anywhere once you are done with them? You may have trouble finding a way to optimally keep your stuff organized and gain some extra space. Well, the collapsible storage bins may have an answer.

The cool collapsible storage bins can quickly be put together or collapsed into a tiny square when you aren’t using them anymore. Take them to the supermarket, keep them in your car or take them camping for a small, easy to carry solution! This basket features a sturdy, strong bottom base so you can be sure it won’t break, and also open-air grated walls to make sure that you can always see what’s inside (you might forget that you just bought grated cheese and buy another bag again. Happens to me all the time).

The easy to grip, comfortable handles make holding and carrying the basket a walk in the park, and they won’t hurt your hand and cut into your skin like some plastic tote bags do! This basket is easy to clean too, in case you made the mistake of putting your tomatoes under the rest of the groceries and they ended up getting squished and making an absolute mess out of your car, yourself and your house. Anyone that realizes that it’s better for an object not to take up a lot of space when you aren’t using it absolutely needs the collapsible storage bins! (I mean, isn’t that common sense?)

9.9Expert Score

It offers big storage when you need it, and folds down flat when you don't.

Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Storage Capacity

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