Color Changing Cups Liquid Activated Multicolor LED Glasses

If you are the type to go out at nights, enjoying parties and clubbing and attending the occasional rave, you might have fallen in love with the aesthetics of all of it: bright colours, loud music, flashing lights, sparkles and glitters… Would you love to add some of this to your at-home parties and step up your pre-game game? Then you absolutely need these color changing cups.

These fun, crazy colour changing cups have a capacity of 7 oz so you can fill them with anything you want: whisky, mojitos, water, tea, cola…you do you! For an easier drunk experience, you don’t need to press any buttons or touch any switches: the lights activate when you put liquid into the cups, and they turn off when it is empty.

In addition, the light up shots are absolutely safe and health hazard free: they are made out of organic acrylic glass and with 7 different light colours for a super fun flashing lights experience! They just need 2 batteries and to be careful with them: never put them in the microwave or the dishwasher, or you could break the mechanism that makes it work.

These fantastic, fun color changing cups are perfect for in-house parties, pre-games before going out, raves, weddings, end of the year or Christmas party, bachelor or bachelorette parties… to be honest, it is kind of difficult to think of a time that couldn’t be improved by adding this super fun, flashy, crazy cups ! 

8.5Expert Score

Looking for a big hit at parties? These color changing cups could be great party item favor.

Value for money

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